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Whether there is God? There are no


Variety and complexity, diversity of paints and immensity of this world strikes inquisitive human reason. But even more strikes that in this immense world the vzaimoprignannost of all ­ layers of life is visible­. Harmony, an order, regularity, internal logic find themselves. All this can hardly be referred to category ­ of casual, without sinning at the same time against common sense.

cannot be harmony and regularity result of the casual movement of inanimate matter. Experience prompts to us that any material object cannot create itself, and in huge variety of things and events any object of experience does not comprise the reason of the existence. (­ Parents were an immediate cause ­ of our birth. ­ To exist, air, water, food etc. are necessary for us)

integrity of the world has to have for itself the uniform external reason. The Almighty God ­ who is the reason to all real is this reason­.

the Lord does not need the reason, It is not similar to one of the known objects, does not depend on this world, and, on the contrary, this world eats from It, depends on It. He created this world, possessing ­ Wisdom, Volya, Power.

Faith in the Uniform Creator, in his outlines and laws is rescue for the person. In our century when disbelief corrupted ­ human society, opposition of science and religion ­ is perceived as something self-evident. The first in this ­ knurled phrase put, as a rule, science. Mean at the same time that science - the highest form of public consciousness as it is based on experience, experiment, reliable knowledge and so forth. And the religion, you see leans only on trust. That relyefny ­ to shade “ muscles “ sciences, in quality “ religions “ ­ the set of primitive fairy tales, legends, utter superstitions, ­ pagan imaginations is presented­, as a rule­.

In all this tendentiousness is dismissed the ­ obvious fact that the vast majority of provisions, concepts, ­ theories of science undertakes on trust. When we are shown the ropes of so-called scientific constructions, by itself it is meant that we have to ­ believe in what live in itself arose from lifeless that ­ multicellular occurred from monocelled that the person occurred from a monkey that the offered atom model really correct that the spiral of DNA looks exactly as drew it Watson and Shout, but not differently. Therefore we can say

that the religion and science lean on the same basis - belief. The difference consists only that the science often changes the belief. In science what was considered ­ as indisputable truth still yesterday ­ is presented as delusion and a mistake today.

In religion on the contrary - all latest opening of science only ­ confirm truth which she stated always. the Outstanding physicist Calvin told

: “ If well and deeply ­ to think, then you will see that the science forces you to believe in GOD “. Exactly! It is necessary to think “ well “ and “ deeply! “ Importance of this party is noticed by other thinker - Francis Bacon: “ Superficial and elementary philosophical knowledge leads the person to atheism and godlessness, and profound, full and comprehensive philosophical knowledge does the person devout and pious “.

Belief and disbelief - two conditions of human spirit, between which a huge abyss. The believing person sees infinite number of signs of Allah in world around, He Is great and Is mighty. For ­ the non-believer any proofs of life of God “ are failing to prove “ ­ because in it disbelief sits.

In the Koran is told that Iza - the son Maryam - came to ­ Izrailev`s sons with signs clear (with Allah`s permission cured blind, leprous, recovered the dead).

“... Also told those which did not believe from them: - “ It is only obvious sorcery! “ “ (Meal, 110).

of the Millennium did not change descendants of those, “ which did not believe “. Persistently clinging to the disbelief, ­ those superficial thinkers who were described by Bacon make senseless ­ experiments. They pass electric discharges through so-called “ ­ primary " broth; (water with the amino acids dissolved in it), ­ trying to prove “ self-generation of life “. With obstinacy, worthy the best application, they torment a monkey, trying to teach her ­ to speak.

of Research of geneticists proved that all races and people of the Earth occurred from one woman! But it ­ does not convince the non-believer­. At best, disbelief is willingly transformed to ­ different types of idolatry. Constantly pulls the person to make God tangible, to physically feel him. But if God ­ existed in such look, then the free will would not take place. Allah wants to leave us free. It is impossible to speak: “ I did not see God, ­ did not perceive him sense organs, therefore, he is absent! “

by means of material feelings and devices we cannot ­ obtain directly non-material information. God Allah told


“ Do not comprehend his looks, and It comprehends looks. It - ­ Acute, Expert! “ (Cattle, 103).

All Universe of immensity, myriads of processes and events in all its corners proceeding with a certain regularity, ­ the harmony, harmony and beauty reigning in the world say that the Creator and the Owner of the worlds - one. In everything the will and power of the One God is shown. It has no associates and He is Absolute Mister of all real.

of People - the highest creation of Allah - is on the special place in hierarchy of its creations. Allah chose the person as the ­ deputy on Earth, allocated him, unlike other creatures, with reason and a free will. Thereby the person was given the chance of the choice ­ of a course of life and object of worship. God Allah told


“ We led it on the way either grateful, or ­ incorrect “. (Person, 3).

All human life, all changes in its destiny is a continuous chain of tests. The person is created for tests and worship of the Tvortsu:

“ I created genies and people only that they ­ worshipped Me “. (Disseminating, 56). Allah gets nothing

From worship of the person, from ­ rebelliousness of the person - loses nothing. Worship of God Tvortsu is the greatest benefit for the person. To worship ­ Allah - means to follow all instructions Its, to be careful of his bans.

As soon as the person will evade from Allah`s commands both in personal, and in public life, it will negatively be reflected in destiny of the person and society. All defects, shortcomings, wars, ­ the conflicts, observable today around the world, are ­ a deviation consequence ­ from the laws ordered to the person by Allah there is a result of evasion of the person from the mission assigned to it by Allah.

of People - the Christian created by Allah, who is fed from It, destroyed Of. And everything that occurs in the world and in an organism of the person, is strictly subordinated to Allah`s laws. Never and under no circumstances the person not in forces to come off Allah and to live beyond his laws.

“ Slavery “ - the word which causes rejection in the person as something shameful, humiliating, unworthy. And it is valid, it indeed in that case when the person voluntarily becomes the slave ­ to the created things (the slave to other person, the slave to material ­ riches, the slave to own passions).

But when the person acts only as Allah`s slave, it ­ involuntarily causes respect of people around, it gains ­ nobility, strength of mind, quiet confidence in life.

By consideration of human nature we see that in ­ the most intimate corners of his soul there lives the feeling of worship.

of People can deny God, belief, truth, but at all this it cannot get rid of that property of soul which demands ­ worship something. In the person the addressee ­ of worship is genetically put ­ - it is the Uniform Creator. If the person correctly realizes what in him is put, correctly directs the worship, then he gets true freedom and is among those who carry out the mission assigned to it by Allah.

But very often the person falls into delusion and begins ­ to worship the created things, the thought-up ideas, far-fetched ­ deities - and by that becomes the pagan (idolater).

can act as idols not only the wooden and ­ stone sculptures representing various people and animals, but in their quality both the theory of communism, and science, and parties, and leaders, and Saint sheikhs, and culture, and art, and own passions act. by

A in what worship of Allah and how it ­ looks has to be shown­?

Many understand commission of the Mohammedan prayer, observance of an uraza, reading the Koran, reading mavlid, shuffle ­ of beads etc. of

as worship of Allah ­ to Simple people it seems that the person who devoted all the time of above-mentioned activity (having thrown work, a household, needs of a family) and is the real Muslim. Those people ­ who call themselves scientists, mullahs are highly esteemed among ignorant inhabitants­, read the Koran over ­ dead men (for money), hang on themselves amulets, gain excess weight from frequent circulation on mavlida.

Thanks to their efforts to people took root opinion that degree of piety and fear of God is defined by quantity of the Mohammedan prayers made during the day. This ordinary opinion presented by his adherents is also the reason that people jump aside from Islam. It causes in them, especially in youth, ­ absolutely fair bewilderment and vigilance. “ If I devote the life to worship of Allah, - the young man thinks, - when I manage suit the life, to get a family, to be engaged in economy? “

This position is result of the wrong presentation ­ of essence of Islam to people those mullahs who prefer ­ to read the Holy Koran to dead men and to hide its contents from ­ live. It became one of the reasons that the Koran ceased to serve ­ as the management in human lives and societies.

Creating the person and appointing him the deputy on the earth, ­ God Allah Sam issued laws, established the norms covering and regulating all aspects of life of the person: political, ­ economic, social, legal, moral etc. ­ Allah granted these laws and ­ instructions to people through the prophets elected from the circle of people. Allah made them people of ideal character, with ­ high moral culture, taught them to all shades of the correct ­ behavior in private, family and public life. They were ­ an example for many generations.

I people need - to follow one the example of prophets, to study all laws and Allah`s instructions which by means of prophets ­ are informed Them people, both precisely and strictly to execute them. with

the Prophet Mahomed also will bless it Allah and welcomes, ­ the last from prophets, the full and final Islam sent by Allah, brought to mankind. with

the Prophet Mahomed also will bless it Allah and welcomes, - the press of prophets: on it the poslannichesky chain comes to the end and up to the Doomsday of act of people will be verified with the laws and norms brought by the Prophet Mahomed and Allah will bless it and welcomes. And all these laws and norms are signed in the Koran - Allah`s speech and in Sunnah - the practician Proroka of Mahomed and Allah will bless it and welcomes. with

the Prophet also will bless it Allah and welcomes, told: among you I leave to

Ya two things: Allah`s book and Sunnah of his prophet. If you stick to them, then you never ­ get lost.

If the person in the actions is guided ­ by the laws which are foreordained by Allah if the person ­ strictly observes borders legal and forbidden, specified by Allah, then such life will be an example of service to Allah, or big ­ worship of Allah. It is also the mission assigned by Allah to ­ the person. Undoubtedly, this mission includes both commission of the Mohammedan prayer, and ­ observance of an uraza, and reading the Koran (it is natural not to dead men, and live, and not to earn by reading, and for the management in life). But also this mission includes both housekeeping, and meal, and creation of a family, and education of children, a dream and rest, and even intimate relations between spouses - in a word, all parties of life ­ of the person.

Of course, all this makes sense if it is carried out on ­ Allah`s command­, in strict accordance with his laws and for the sake of it. And if ­ any activity is put into practice as end in itself, but not for the sake of Allah, then it loses meaning for Future life whatever ­ useful this activity seemed.

Proceeding all from the same wrong idea of Islam, many young people think so: “ While there is opportunity, ­ will use all pleasures of life, and in old age when I am unable to use them, I will be engaged in the Mohammedan prayer, urazy, in shuffle ­ of beads... “ What naivety! In - the first, from where confidence that life will not be interrupted at young age? In - the second who forbade us ­ to enjoy the benefits of this world? Enjoy yourselves! But within ­ Allah`s laws ­ and the ways specified Of

God Allah told:

“ Tell: “ Who forbade Allah`s decoration which He reduced on the slaves, and delights from destiny?. “ “ (Barriers, 32).

“ Tell: “ My Lord forbade only nasty things, obvious of them and hidden, a sin and crimes without the right... “ “ (Barriers, 33).

Numerous parables which like to give some “ experts “ Islam where it is said that this world and the future world cannot be combined and that if you grasp one of them, by all means ­ you will miss another, - an obvious contradiction to spirit and an essence of Islam.

On the contrary in the best way to execute the mission ­ assigned by Allah to the person the last has to ­ pay attention to both worlds in certain ­ proportions, put them to one yoke and ­ derive the maximum benefit of everyone.

In the Holy Koran is told:

“ Also aspire in what was granted to you by Allah, to housing ­ to the Last! Do not forget the destiny and in this world... “ (Story, 77).

“ It is The one Who made to you the earth obedient, you go on its ­ ramena and eat from his destiny. “ (Power, 15).

This world - an arable land for the future. When the person neglects ­ some side of both worlds, he as a result reaps bad ­ consequences of the act.

realizes All laws and Allah`s instructions of people, ­ starting with itself; then he has to address the family, the tribe and people around. Also it is impossible to calm down until exists where - nibud on Earth the idolater.

Certificate (shahada) “ la ilaha Llah silt va Mahomed, - Rasoul of Llah - does not have a deity, except Allah, and Mahomed - his envoy “ distinguishes the believer from the non-believer.

Word “ ilah “ designates literally “ deity “ “ worthy ­ worship “ “ worthy prayers “ i.e. That whose greatness, the power, wisdom and the place in the world are worthy that they worshipped it. ilaha Llah silt we have to say

of La with full ­ understanding of sense of these words. When we mechanically repeat these words, we do not differ from those who do not say them at all. If the person does not feel all power, comprehensive character of these words if he does not feel their great value for himself if he does not try to penetrate into them if in the person the desire to follow them in life if it is not careful of all that ­ is incompatible with these words does not flare up­, - this person did not understand Islam. Simple repetition of these words, without following them as to the law of life, does not put the person in number of those who carry out the mission assigned by Allah, therefore, will not bring it benefit in the future. It is all the same that at an inflammation endlessly to repeat the word “ " penicillin; - it is easier from it not a campt.

All sense in activity. That from penicillin there was an advantage, it is necessary to make work - at least, to enter it into an organism.

of La ilaha Llah silt means that we deeply also ­ are consciously convinced of Allah`s Unity, i.e. only we recognize Allah as the ­ God. We recognize that our life and death depends only on It that only He (as our Creator) knows that for us it is good and that ­ it is pernicious. Only we can worship and submit to It, we can hope only for It, only we have to be afraid of it, only we have to ask it and to It only have to appeal about the help, and only with his name and for the sake of It we have to start any business.

of La ilaha Llah silt means that we deeply recognize that the board and the power belong only to Allah. Only He has the right to be a Legislator and to establish the norms and rules regulating human life on Earth.

It follows from this that all laws which are thought up by the person and introduced in public life are not ­ of any value for the Muslim ­ and do not make sense. All philosophical concepts and theories, being guided by which people try to construct ­ human society, finally lead the last to crash.

of La ilaha Llah silt means that we have to observe those ­ borders legal and forbidden which Allah for us defined.

of La ilaha Llah silt means that if we are firmly convinced of sense of these words, then by all means we will come to a conclusion that the Koran (Allah`s Book) and Sunnah (a course of life of the prophet Mahomed and Allah will bless it and welcomes), - the only basis and the management for creation of the prospering, happy human society.

Each Muslim can measure the belief by the words “ La ilaha " Llah silt; and at the same time can find many acts not compatible to these words in the acts. Each of us can remember cases when we told a lie, were frightened of the mighty of this world, gave in to anger, made the act dictated by anything, only not love to Allah, and many other things. Formally we recognize by

Allah`s power, his wisdom and ­ power, and in practical life often we are contrary to its ­ outlines. We if we do not approve the rules and customs which are contrary to Islam, then we do not oppose to them. The best of us, being afraid ­ of condemnation of people around, would not dare to make those acts which ­ were made by the Prophet Mahomed and Allah will bless it and and ­ welcomes.

to help the person to carry out mission of big ­ worship to warn him against delusions and ­ at the same time to test it, Allah assigned to it a certain minimum of duties which five pillars (rukn) of Islam are:

1. The strong belief in belief and reduction of the certificate that there is no deity, except Allah and that the Prophet Mahomed also will bless it Allah and and welcomes, is a slave and Allah`s envoy.

2. Commission of a fivefold Mohammedan prayer in days.

3. Allocation once a year wealthy people of a community ­ of a certain share from the property (zakyat) in favor of the poor ­ needing and battling on Allah`s the way.

4. Annual observance of an uraza in sacred month Ramadan.

5. Commission of the Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca to Allah Kaabe`s House once in life in the presence of an opportunity.

Execution of these five pillars of Islam is that minimum which is the cornerstone of that big worship of Allah about which we spoke above. Without execution of this minimum of people ­ will not be able to make big worship. If the person ­ is content with this minimum, without seeking for big worship, it ­ will be among those which did not understand an essence and spirit of Islam.