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What for an animal such - the home theater?

Now when videos in excellent quality are easily available on a network, the Internet and in shops for small money, there is a wish to watch movies more and more at home, without losing at the same time in feelings from viewing.

The TV with support of HD, comfortable for viewing of movies, DVD - a player or the computer and, of course, the good speaker system is for this purpose necessary. The home theater just also includes these things. " technology; home theater allows you to feel in whirlpool of events, proiskhodyakh on the screen. That it was - football masts to feel at stadium. Or Useless notes to feel the magic atmosphere of easy France or a severe face of Siberia. And, maybe, a new action with the favourite actor together with whom you jump from the helicopter, you shoot bandits or you find the fatal beauty.

At once it is necessary to tell that the speaker system is quite expensive acquisition, but what functional and useful - it is possible to forget the road to usual movie theaters.

It is good if the room is prepared at installation of the equipment. It is the best of all to carry out installation with small repair as somewhere it will be necessary to hide wires and to build in the bulky equipment. And also, if you in the course of repair already conceive to make movie theater in the room, it is necessary to think of sound insulation of the room and, on the contrary, of finishing by the corresponding materials, the equipment of windows (usually do in general without windows) and doors, the organization of ventilation for improvement of quality of sounding in the apartment.

For small rooms it is possible to use a sound projector - the speaker system intended for imitation of a five-channel sound. For creation of effect of five-channel sounding instead of five sources of a sound, one is put, containing several loudspeakers. Loudspeakers which imitate frontal columns are directed to the viewer. Other loudspeakers, imitate sounding of rear columns, the sound from them is reflected from walls and creates illusion of rear effects. It is an exit for good sounding in small apartments. The Sdrugy party, it costs expensive, and the sound is worse, than in systems 5:1.

In the standard option the speaker system consists of five columns and a sabufer. Two of columns rapolagat on the parties from the TV, one under or over the TV and remained two behind the viewer. Therefore the room has to be quite big that it was possible to remove sitting of the audience from a wall. At such arrangement the volume sound and feeling " just is also created; in a shot . Therefore again - carefully choose the room. It is necessary to avoid rooms with multiple lengths of walls, square and, especially, cubic rooms. It is also problematic to place columns in the room with an irregular, not symmetric shape. Also you should not forget about a large number of the wires interfaced to such arrangement of columns.

The place for a subwoofer is looked for in the last turn: put it in different parts of the room and listen to high-quality record with good basses, being, it is natural on spectator seats. The most comfortable and legible sounding sign of the good choice of the place. And it is possible, on the contrary, to seat the subwoofer to seats, and most to stamp on the room, listening to sounding. As it will suit you - transfer a subwoofer there.

So it is possible to organize movie theater with friends and relatives at home.