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What our ancestors in a post ate? Let`s revive old customs!

I became interested in the Subject when I tried to observe posts, at least some and at least relatively. Then I from time to time found out that I do not know, than to eat, and it is even more difficult to think up, than to indulge itself

I let all deeply believing people will exclaim now that a post - not time in order that to humour myself corporally, I all the same (you understand, flesh is weak!) got out of the situation. And as well as our grandmothers century - another earlier. And it was more difficult for them. Many products were not in those days in principle. For example, hotly favourite potato.

What were soups?

Most of all our family liked such perversion as perlovo - pea soup. Sounds frightening, but if to wet pearl barley on all night long, and to use peas tinned young, then also employees at work are not a shame to surprise. As seasoning it is generously flavored with dry fennel, and other seasonings - to the taste.

Cool first course - peas and vermicelli soup.

Both soups cook without potatoes.

The lack of these soups is that they lose tastes if a dish to leave unfinished. How many welded - it is necessary to eat at one go so much. Otherwise soup becomes similar to paste and a post with it it becomes even easier to observe - does not getting hungry in general.

In days of more strict post the use even of vegetable oil was forbidden and forbidden now, then soups filled not with subfrying with onions and carrot, and grated garlic. I will be honest - I did not apply such severity to myself, I will not advise others. It so, information to reflection.

As as it was already noted, was not at Slavs of potato until when it was delivered from America, various porridges and mashed potatoes were second courses. Juicy taste has, for example, pea puree with which remains it is possible to fill pies. For improvement of tastes and more appetizing aroma in mashed potatoes added garlic.

Buckwheat cereal and mushrooms pies became one more phenomenal opening hotly favourite not only me, but also all my employees. We even some time idea had a business on such pies to form, but in the end result we understood that such business will be pernicious for our figures. And as there are in the recipe no company secrets, share generously it with everyone.

We pass mushrooms, fried with onions, via the meat grinder with the buckwheat cereal which remained after some lunch, we salt, we pepper, we prepare yeast dough, we mold pies - and in an oven. As well as other products from yeast dough, such pies it is better to consume not hot. Personally for some reason the stuffing in such pies reminds me a liver, and feeling at a table on which buckwheat and mushrooms pies, it as if also a post - that any is not present smell sweet! With a bang also there were always in our company pies with cabbage and mushrooms.

Now very few people use wild-growing mushrooms, but I can assure that they - are far more tasty. Earlier preparation of mushrooms meant drying, now personally I prefer to boil thoroughly and put mushrooms in the freezer or to pickle. By the way, mushrooms, marinated with vinegar, are suitable for this recipe too - to soak, fry with onions - further on a compounding.

Easy post!