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Small weaknesses of the stronger sex: how to change its eating habits?

All men believe that they make independent decisions. Besides, they are convinced that they operate own life. I will tell you, my dear that it is the biggest delusion which can be, considering notorious male features.

Even their food addictions are under our, female, control.

years Go. The man becomes wiser, in his life scenery change, people, the social statuses, but remain the same of its habit. For example, to eat what is pleasant if something grandiose happens on scales of experiences.

You jam the stresses too?

Is interesting, than?

Probably, chocolate, rich roll, frozen or sweet mousse? Your man can have the same habits, harmful to a figure. The endured unlucky day pushes it to a sofa where it is possible, without any cautions on circumstances, to taste a drink - another of beer, to jam chips, smoked fish and nutlets. Then this phenomenon becomes a resistant habit; on the growing tummy we habitually wave a hand, referring on objective vital difficulties and notorious man`s image according to which, the real man has to be able and drink and has a snack.

Then that we deal with old, old and serious enemies - its habits! However, it is possible to cope with any habit if If it is correct to push the man, to motivate him to changes, to light in him desire to see itself other, to derive pleasure not from food, and from life in general.

That we, women that they, men - at all at us the mechanism of formation of eating habits is uniform. What can force the man to change the habits and addictions? If for women a question of an esthetics of own appearance - one of main, then for men - not for all and not always. The woman is constantly busy with a pursuit of an ideal, a beautiful figure, well-groomed smooth skin, but as for men In spite of the fact that davny - long ago there passed times when a saying - the man has to be slightly more beautiful than a monkey lost the relevance, to us it is still far to understanding that the man`s image is not settled by aromas of stale linen, yesterday`s libations and the started caries.

Let`s wait a little to saw the man for its old, but very expensive to heart and a stomach of a habit we will also analyse - why from where and how long both of you got them. Most likely, if to be up to the end honest and frank, a habit to jam stresses or to have supper belyashes appeared at it or at both of you long ago, and it has old and deep roots. But, dear women, I assure you, not everything is so bad. We have to and, the main thing, we can exert impact on adoption of decisions by the man as as it was already told above, only it seems to men that they independently operate own life.

So: as men, generally beings with the big and developed logic though it is argument in some cases it is very doubtful, it is necessary to put constantly and surely to them in the head the facts, capital, strictly verified and significant for them. Let`s tell, the fact that excess weight does not promote maintenance of the desirable sexual tone at the man of any age at all. Fatty deposits - a thing interesting, as it not only remarkable folds on a waist and other places, it is endocrine body which can exert impact on the content of men`s hormones in blood, in particular, of testosterone. And testosterone is a key substance for commission of feats in a sexual field. Besides, men`s hormone is capable to increase metabolic rate. Thus, if it is good to think and weigh prospect of further building of excess kilograms, leaves that this process reminds a vicious circle. The more the weight, the more fatty folds, the is less content of precious men`s hormones, the it is more, eventually, than fat on a waist.

And so - on accruing. In of course account, the man loses everything - a courageous figure, courage in a bed and a manner to show the emotions. Yes, hormones also influence a way of expression of emotions as a fact of common knowledge that high level of testosterone promotes maintenance of fighting spirit, competitiveness, feeling of a tone and optimism, a shortcoming - irritability, depressiveness and fatigue. Testosterone - the best antidepressant as the level of a sexual inclination also depends on it.

Without pressing in a psychological jungle, it is possible to claim - all habits and flavoring addictions are formed at the man in the childhood. Whose pies, cakes, salatik with maniacal persistence your darling remembers all conscious life, despite your efforts, culinary persistence and staunch enthusiasm? Of course, grandmother`s or mother`s. All the best, light and tasty was already prepared once. Alas, not you. It is not necessary to become angry about it as if to rummage in your memory, it is possible to get from its thickness sweet and trembling memories of that apple mother`s pie, the chicken baked on holidays in an oven or classical family pelmeni. You will always keep these memoirs. Memory is arranged so that taste, the smell, feelings and the experienced emotions were weaved into a uniform color ball. There your children`s pleasure and those impressions from endured, eaten or seen are inseparable. And your man. He is convinced that the most tasty is a superhigh-calorie volume cheese pizza or an impressive piece of cake. They remind him of the culinary masterpieces seen and tested in the deep and happy childhood.

To explain to the man the " mechanism; vicious circle - it is not enough, important gradually, but steadily to create conditions for a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. And its way of life, and yours. Imperceptibly, as child, the man it is necessary to carry away new lifestyle. Instead of vodka - white or red dry wine, instead of the chicken fried with mayonnaise - the fish steamed instead of fresh pastries - slices, small loafs. Evening - a trip by bicycle, a foot walk or intensive sex.

From you, certainly, a lot of things will be required. Eventually, we need to understand that the thoughtway dictates a way of life, and your desire to grow thin - an action for a long time with considerable expenses of efforts. But that, in comparison with your efforts, there is prolonged youth and beauty, the revived libido and sexual opportunities.