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And you were adjusted on health?

Each of us is capable to help himself, - the candidate of medical sciences, the coauthor of the book " claims; Road to youth and health Larisa Fotina. - I do not know such disease which would resist forces of nature, and is sure that there is no such person who could not master the system founded on natural methods of improvement .

The system of natural improvement developed by L. Fotina ENT SPECIALIST ( Lyubov Osveshchayet Reason ) it is constructed on the principle of involvement of the person in work at all levels: bodies, reason, emotions, soul. It gives key by means of which the person will be able always to help himself. This system is available to everyone regardless of age, duration of an illness or degree of its weight, the main thing - desire to recover and readiness to work for the sake of it.

So if you decided to be engaged seriously in the health, begin with these Precepts :

- Meet every day with feeling of pleasure of life, happiness, sincere flight and support this state throughout the day, extending it on all people around. Of course, such state not always, especially in the first days, arises spontaneously, but try to create and support it artificially, overcoming if it is necessary, bad mood.

- Gather internally, be adjusted on an absolute recovery and rejuvenation. The success accompanies that whose consciousness is ready for its achievement.

Remember that even in temporary failure there is a deep meaning: means, your intuition prompts to you that it is necessary to change the direction of thoughts.

- Exclude the word illness from the consciousness. As often as possible mentally and aloud convince yourself: I am healthy, I am happy, I am young, I am impregnable, I can do everything...

- Represent yourself always it what to you would like to feel internally and to see externally.

- You treat yourself with love and respect. Never abuse to yourself, do not humiliate, even in thoughts. You praise yourself for the slightest success. Try to feel as the lord of the destiny and the body, but not the passive person waiting for the help from others.

You remember, your main goal - finding of youth of soul and a body, realization of all spiritual powers put in each person Prirodoy that in turn leads to finding of the lost health.