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Criticism and self-criticism of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Criticism perception

of C we agree With an undeserved praise - we challenge fair criticism.

and When the person for something is praised, he believes at once that he deserved

it, and only over time in it can begin to doubt. If kr -

tikut - all on the contrary. p If the person does not suffer

to the critic - people begin to tell the truth behind his back.

and Wise about itself listens to the truth, silly - collects.

z the bad person is not able to sustain all criticism which is due to it - therefore he avoids it, does not allow and rejects.

and the good person looks for criticism, analyzes, adopts - and it becomes better.

p the bad person should be criticized carefully and gradually, since what is more clear, indisputable and better points to advantage of criticism.

z not to lose weight in society, silly people, I do not understand -

shchy what criticism is fair and what is not present, and those who not mind -

et or do not wish to prove case do not allow itself Crete - to forge


z At the birth all people not to be belittled, Nadj -

of Lena an instinct of negative reaction to criticism. And only

the reasonable, understanding advantage critics wishing and able

to prove the case, disconnect this instinct.

z the Silly person from misunderstanding is forced by

to react to any criticism disagreement and not to enter in obviously proig -

early discussion - to state discontent. At such re -

of an action at attendees who it is not aware of events or not

are capable to assess a situation without discussion, it is not created vpechat -

the line of his fault.

p to the Critic from - for benefits is sense to force itself to fall in love.

p the Person handling fair criticism, deserve -

howls not indignations, but gratitude.

and Some people pretend that they agree with criticism,

lulling these people around, and all continue to do on -


yu People are never tired of laudatory speeches in the address - but

from a small portion of criticism at them at once begin go -

lovny pains.


of l At each person is imperial manners, and to it the clown is necessary for


and the negative truth about it - seems to the Person slander, and

laudatory lie - the truth.

and More attentively and frostily listen to criticism those - who does not deserve it. p Criticize

- in eyes, praise - through acquaintances.

pzv Authority, knowledge of psychology, tactfulness allow the person speaking about shortcomings, to influence positively people and to be dear.

p over someone - should prefer to Criticism criticism over itself.

p Who begins to try to discover at others shortcomings and mistakes - will already hardly notice the.

and Self-criticism - honor rescue.

z If criticize the person, so he rose by some level from which the criticism tries to lower it.

z Criticism and delight in the assessment are not amicable with the middle, and adore an extreme.

z the Critic - the girlfriend of truth and the enemy of lie.

and the Criticism stated by the enemy - is more expensive than the friend`s praise.

and the Criticism makes active - the praise weakens.

and Criticism does not harm the truth, good, true talent, common cause

and the biggest advantage from critics - to people who want to hear it


p Traditional criticism to young people is a view of itself with

delay for several decades. p The one who never blames himself - will learn nothing


p People badly know themselves, and especially negative side.

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p Inept criticism - only harms.

p Lack of self-criticism - a barrier to development of the personality.

p If you want to help criticism to the person, choose a convenient

moment and make it on - kind, confidentially.

d Silence of criticism - is not lack of bad.

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