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Consumption: how to limit


and - the beginning new to nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Consumption to limit informative

to reduce it is necessary to constrain

harm value norm superfluous minimum below the aspiration to allow is superfluous a consequence the aspiration increases there have to be material benefits

and From excessive consumption not only the stomach - but also soul spoils.

in Excessive consumption destroys morality of the person.

p Excessive consumption - corrupts.

to What more people consumes - the becomes more insatiable.

and our grandfathers - did not consume so much.

pv not seeking for excessive consumption, working at

society - make elite of the nation.

pv the Highly moral person is not able to afford to spend much for himself personally - when so much poor around.

pv aspiration to consumption - changes Spirituality for desire to give.

pv the Fair person, the patriot, having reached middle-income, does not afford excess consumption, understanding that all members of society cannot live in luxury.

pv the Person has to involve consumption of cultural wealth more.

in Excessive consumption increases production, in turn - worsens ecology.

in At invariable situation to a doomsday mankind will be given not by(with) war and not collision of the earth with a great comet - and the environmental disaster caused by growth of the industry from - for insatiability in consumption.

p From excessive consumption constrains - modesty.

and At socialism advertize work, capitalism - consumption.

and Advertising on consumption - discourages to work.

and Ban on consumption - only strengthens desire.

p Filling a stomach - do not forget to do good.

p increases Consumption - a facade.

p increases Consumption - boasting.

p warms up Consumption - passion.

d are consumed important and vanity by people More.

and Consumption increases - fashion.

p Conscience does not allow the person excessive consumption - when so many persons in need around. pv All superfluous that you consume - belongs to

hungry, naked, poor.

p The before people will pass a barrier of excessive consumer insatiability - the earlier it will begin normal life.

and Excessive thirst for consumption does the person by the slave - depriving of it all human.

and All superfluous that the person consumes - it and consumes.

pzv Consuming what it is possible to do without, we doom ourselves to

the additional expenses, cares and loss of time connected with

purchase, operation, maintenance, storage, protection

p the Wise man - thirst of excessive consumption leaves before all.

and the Poor receives more pleasure from consumption small - than the rich man from much.

p Excessive consumption - generates envy.

p the Person first of all has to seeks not for consumption - and to ability does without it. pv do not consume

necessary - so far it will not become extremely necessary.

p Many consumption - no more than joy for self-love.

and Nonsense does not understand that it is necessary - and consumes that sees.

pv to have an opportunity to consume necessary - it is necessary to refuse consumption minor and furthermore unnecessary.

pzv Than ours is lower than consumption - that we more favorable to relatives, society, the nature pv Than inquiries of the person are one consumption more than

- the more difficult to become it happy.

pvk is Less consumption - life is more carefree.

p Consumption have to be below opportunities.

and On the one hand our course of life - requests for consumption, with another - reason, the law, conscience, will power, call of duty, duties...

p The more the person consumes, the it becomes worse, and his inquiries increase.

pzv When the person grows financially, his requirements to consumption increase, spiritually - decrease. pz the Best way to satisfy with

requests for consumption - to reduce requirements.

p the Person has to strives not for wealth - and to the minimum consumption.

pz Any money cannot meet desire in consumption - this problem can be solved only suppression of inquiries.

and Than is higher than people - that consumption at it lower. zp If the person has

conscience, reason and will power, it is easier for it to resist to excessive consumption.

to Thirst of consumption - the person burns.

and On excessive consumption - advertizing, on premature - the credit pushes.

in Insatiability in consumption pushes the person on earning money in any way, and even on a crime.

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