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What is electronic textbooks and grants? Available to beginners of

the E-book - it is the text and graphic information distributed by means the Internet.

E-books happen several types:

Full or partial copies of paper editions. Often similar things extend not absolutely lawfully, authors of the edition wanted to sell the paper book, and did not plan to do charity work at all. Even it is difficult to present the person who is scanning the textbook on 800 sheets and free of charge posting online it, but such is. It is possible to find the scanned textbooks, magazines and other literature in the Internet in electronic form.

Free e-books and magazines. Most often authors let out them for creation of a virus traffic.

the Essence of a virus traffic in brief is as follows: users download e-books in which there are references to the website of the author and advertizing of the author. If the book is pleasant to users, then they give references to the book at forums, in blogs, on the websites and by that promote distribution of the book. Thus some flow of visitors on the website of the author and a response to advertizing in the book turns out. Examples of books for creation of a virus traffic can be downloaded at the link in the bottom of article.

Usually is books, small on volume, though also big meet. If to take sellers of e-books and grants, then they or do the translations of books of foreign authors, or do collections of articles.

Paid e-books. Authors write them for the purpose of the subsequent sale. These are various grants and the managements, often in one way or another connected with earnings. On book volume most often fall short of paper editions, but can be considerable informativny.

As protection against copying:

the Unprotected books in open formats, available to editing and change: DOC, HTML

the Unprotected books in specialized formats: not encoded PDF, DJVU. In such look most often there are electronic copies of paper editions.

Formats of books with protection against editing and copying of the text in a clipboard: EXE, PDF. It is most often applied in books to creation of a virus traffic though not a rarity and in paid e-books.

of the Book with a binding to the computer, an individual code of activation or activation on the Internet: EXE. It is applied in commercial e-books.

Advantages of e-books.

Printing books have large volume. It is good for art books, but it is often bad for technical and practical grants (a lot of water which is added by authors for achievement of the necessary volume why it is possible to lose an essence).

The Internet quickly changes, information quickly becomes outdated. If it concerns books, then information needs to be corrected and updated. So far the author will add reference 300 - 600 pages for the printing edition until he finds the publisher until the book is modified, start in the press until the book gets to retail network, the part of information can already become outdated (similar often happens to textbooks on to " iron; to software etc.) . E-books are published quickly, and easily updated. One more good property of e-books - a possibility of receiving updates. Many authors of commercial books send to buyers of updating and addition for a measure of a release of new versions.

The edition of e-books and creation of copies of books do not cost practically anything. It is good for authors and publishers, nearly 100% of profit leave to the author and the publisher.

Right of resale. A controversial issue, but all - many e-books are on sale with the right of resale. It means that, having bought the e-book, you can resell it on the conditions determined by the author or the publisher.

Very fast delivery. Most often the e-book can be downloaded right after payment in electronic currency and to start already in a few minutes reading.

It is easy to fill books with hyperlinks on useful resources, and it is possible to read with ease additional materials on a subject.

It is possible to build in video books - and audiomaterials which do the book more interesting. For the training books it is big plus.

Instruction to the buyer of e-books.

Beginners in search of earnings in a network and information on earnings constantly encounter colourful advertizing and substantial pass - the websites of e-books. Let`s try to help with the choice not to be mistaken.

1. Do not buy outdated books. Often the book became morally outdated, but it still with success is sold at the same price. I will not call concrete books, but there is a lot of them. Business - packages and the managements which were actual about three years ago and already lost relevance, still are on sale. Not to be mistaken, you watch points 2 and 3.

2. Buy books of the famous people. Known become the publications, regular mailings, notes in the blog and many other. Those who regularly write and develop the website, business and mailing, usually care for maintenance of the books in an actual state: update books, clean obsolete information. They care for the reputation and do not deceive the buyers. There is a question: And really unknown authors do not write good books? here also you watch point 3.

3. Buy books from official sellers. Normal practice when books are on sale under partner agreements. It can be the partner program, the rights for resale, otherwise you risk to buy the outdated version of the book. Also many less famous authors give the books to the better known and untwisted authors (publishing houses) on realization. All the matter is that the famous authors and publishing houses do not undertake to sell low-quality or irrelevant books. Thus, the publishing house the reputation guarantees quality of the book that helps also little-known authors and buyers.

4. Do not buy the book at gray sellers. Often at forums or ICQ suggest to buy the same book at lower price. Do not buy: unethically, you will not receive updates, you risk to buy the outdated version of the book, you lose support of the author which can be more valuable, than the book.

5. Buying the book, be precisely convinced that is that it is necessary for you. Attentively read the description of the book, passing kopiraytingovy dregs. Often authors too are fond of the description of benefits and forget to give an idea of book contents. 90% of refunds are the result of inattentive reading of the description.

6. Specify a format into which the book is packed. If you the user of Linux, then are necessary to you books in the PDF format. If you like to read paper books (you protect eyes, you like to allocate important places with a marker), then specify whether it is possible to print out the book.

7. Learn conditions of obtaining the book, updates, bonuses, etc.


E-books allow to save time and to obtain actual information, and it is not necessary to neglect it. Often it is possible to find more concentrated and useful information in e-books, also the price in that case will be justified. It would seem, the cost of the e-book can exceed the cost of paper books, but you can simply not find paper analog, or find, but not absolutely what is necessary. E-books can become an important source of information.