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How to observe etiquette in electronic commerce?

Are unclear why, but many businessmen, support services and managers ignore simple rules, than summon disgust. For example, I under no circumstances will not order goods or service, without having communicated to a support service, and the decision will depend on the answer. For some reason businessmen do not understand how communication with the potential client, the partner etc. is important. Having proved badly at communication, you will lose the potential client, the partner, the buyer.

we Will consider simple rules which at least need to be observed.

What contact information needs to be specified

The more the better. Specify only a real contact information if ICQ or Skype you start once a month, then you should not specify it. At least it is necessary to specify:

Full name. It is necessary that people addressed you by name. If you are known more on a nickname, then specify a nickname by a row, but the full name is obligatory.

E - mail. to be protected from spammers, cipher e - mail, avoid a look support dog of mail ru " point; it is ugly (and there will be clients who will not understand).

ICQ. If you do not use ICQ, to begin that time, the majority prefers communication on ICQ.

Real phone. Phone is necessary to show that you the real, serious person. Phone is necessary real, it is better mobile. Specify full number, with a code of the country and city. It is ridiculous to see in the Internet - shop phone without code of the city and the country (saw even shops in which it is not specified at all, to what city or even the country the shop belongs).

Still it is possible to specify contacts of Skype which gains popularity more and more.

If your goods or service can interest real businessmen or the enterprises, then it is desirable to specify your data as legal entity ( the name of the enterprise , of INN ). The matter is that the enterprises are preferred to be paid on a clearing settlement to the same legal entity. Such clients will want to receive the account and the act of the performed works, and for this purpose it is desirable for you to be the legal entity and to openly show it. If you do not want, openly to show your legal coordinates then you report that you have them, and all documents will be processed correctly. For example, many small studios a web - design because of absence of the legal entity lose solid clients.

Physical or the legal address needs to specify the Internet - to shops or if there is a real office.

Etiquette at communication in ICQ

It is desirable for b to answer

no later than in a day. Even if the person who asked you, offline, it is all the same necessary to answer. If you established the active status, then be not late with the answer more than 5 minutes. If you are busy and will not be able to answer questions at present, then establish the status in a state It is inaccessible or Departed .

40% of potential buyers and clients the second time can not knock, without having received the answer. The competition is high therefore if the potential client or the buyer does not receive the answer, then will just find what is necessary in other place.

Etiquette at communication on e - mail

under letters specify your full contact information In the signature. Adjust in an e-mail client templates for letters that all letters had a standard appearance. Specify alternative e - mail.

Always fill a letter subject. If you respond to the letter, then it is better if the subject has an appearance RE: a letter subject with the question so your answer will not get lost.

Be not late with answers of more than a day. Days off and holidays can make an exception. If were late with the answer, apologize.

Answer any, even silly and indistinct questions. If it is necessary, ask to specify a question, having reported what is not clear. Many buyers and clients specially before paying money, check a support service, asking silly or obvious questions.

Check spelling in letters.

Use quotes to remind the client what question you answer.

Use an answering machine only if you are really absent within several days. In the message of an answering machine specify date to which you will be absent an expanded contact information, and additional useful information. Messages of the " type; I am absent now, but I will surely answer look lightly.

Etiquette at the address to a support service

to you anyway should address other businessmen or in support services, and at the same time too it is necessary to follow some rules.

Before addition of contact in contact - the sheet ICQ ask a question or report the addition purpose. It is necessary to show that you not spam - a boat.

Specify a full contact information in messages on e - mail, including alternative e - mail.

Do not begin the message with claims. Perhaps, the support service is not aware at all that you have problems. A problem of a support service - to help you to solve problems. And problems - not an occasion that to state to a descent claims. It is not necessary to be rude too, it is possible to receive the similar answer instead of a solution. Just accurately formulate your problems, having specified information maximum.

In a support service people, but not robots work, and they not always manage to answer questions. It is not necessary to send 20 identical messages an hour. If your problem requires the urgent solution, then call or in a different way to accelerate a solution.

If in a support service it is obviously not told that support 24/7 whether then it is worth calling in the middle of the night or during week-end?

Conclusions to

In everything needs common sense. A support service it is possible or to incline buyers and clients in the party, or forever to lose them. There will be clients who, without having received a prompt and definite answer will go on forums and all to shout of your incompetence.

Still a couple of words about already taken place sale. Buyers and clients need to be accompanied not only before order / purchase commission, and and after it. It is a pity, many forget about it Remember

, good customer reviews can be more effective than paid advertizing.