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What dishes can be prepared from bananas? Tasty and useful!

Bananas are recognized very useful to health for a long time. These sweet fruit promote production of hemoglobin and lowering of blood pressure. They help an organism to be loaded with energy and even to cope with a stress.

Besides, by means of bananas it is possible to keep a fine figure. Bananas not only perfectly satisfy feeling of hunger, but also stimulate a metabolism. From these tasty and useful fruit prepare various, sometimes very exotic dishes. In India from bananas even cook beer, and do tobacco of their skins.

Most of people prefer to consume bananas just in the raw. Also very often they are used for preparation of cocktails and desserts. Especially for fans of these exotic fruit I want to list several recipes which are capable to diversify the menu of banana gourmets. All recipes are tested by me personally, but it is necessary to notice that best of all they will be suitable for those who want to try something new and unusual.

the Banana garnish

This rather sharp garnish perfectly will approach

fish, chicken or a pork dish. For its preparation it is necessary to peel two bananas, to cut them on cubes and to powder with a coriander. Here to add a little red pepper and two teaspoons of grated onions. To mix everything, to salt, add to taste of sugar and lemon juice. Taste is very atypical, but

should be tried. Fried bananas

It is a dish it is possible to meet practically at each Chinese restaurant as a dessert. The Chinese cooks train him on quite difficult technology, but if to simplify everything, then it is possible to regale on fried bananas and at home. It becomes approximately so: banana needs to be peeled of a peel and to cut lengthways on dvepolovinka. Both parts to sugar and put on a frying pan with hot vegetable oil. It is necessary to fry bananas within 2 - 3 minutes then it is possible to strew them with cinnamon and to water each half with rum or liqueur. It is very tasty and sweet! Bananovo`s

- coffee cocktail

This drink - the real delicacy. Besides that tasty, it also incredibly invigorates. For its preparation we need one peeled banana, a mug of milk, a half-mug of cold black coffee, a sugar tablespoon (sweet teeth can put two spoons) and two tablespoons of ice cream. To mix all this by means of the mixer to a creamy state. After this cocktail cheerfulness and freshness are provided for all day!

Tropical salad

Tasty and useful salad perfectly will be suitable

as a dessert or for a fasting day. It is very easy to prepare it: it is necessary to mix only the bananas peeled and cut on cubes, a kiwi and mango. It is possible to add to salad a little bit some lemon juice. This dish improves a metabolism and supplies an organism with necessary vitamins.

Summer already not far off. In anticipation of a swimming season more and more actual is a question of reduction of a figure in an appropriate look. Many women try various diets, in hope to quickly lose extra kilos. Perhaps, these simple recipes will help women to impact to the diet necessary relish and to make it not such boring and painful. Even limiting itself in food, sometimes it is possible to try something new and exotic - what will make life a little bit more sweet!