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" appendix; Tyuryaga . Degradation of society? Today I want to discuss

very concerning me, and I am sure, as many other people a subject. This article about one appendix on the social network VKontakte which growing popularity personally very much puzzled me. This appendix is called simply and clearly, Tyuryaga .

Judging by the number of players in the " appendix; Tyuryaga it is rather popular and its popularity grows with an impressive speed. This appendix wins first place on attendance and enters in 10 - ku on growth rate. For April 18, 2011 Tyuryagu 6 139 509 person added and the quantity adding constantly grows. The appendix has every chance to catch up and overtake the popular game " in the past; Happy farmer (7 252 052 people) . Game voice the Russian fate - the musician, the leader of " groups; Leningrad and Ruble - Sergey Shnurov and the Russian stage and film actor - Boris Repetur.

Proceeding from interview with the head of the " company; " Kefir; Andrey Pryakhin carried out by the blog Socialore, spent only 21 thousand voices for promotion of the appendix that about 5250 dollars. Surprisingly small figure and on it is the reason

of O Tyuryage I heard long ago, but somehow there were no wish to contact this game. But after I heard the question of one student asked me: And what moniker at you in a tyuryaga? . I at first felt ill at ease and at the same time it is very interesting in what trick this game and why many play it?

The main objective of this game is in becoming cool authority filling headdresses and driving terms.

So, I made small sots. poll consisting of one question: Why you play in Tyuryagu? . On what I received the mass of answers:

Because she reminds me tamagoch. I can raise the character, fill to him headdresses, shave, etc.

Because I like to fill headdresses .

Because here I hear thieves` concepts: heating, trip, pusher etc.

Some hit question with a question. As if were ashamed of something.

One my companion answered: It is boring for me therefore I play .

But at the same time, any of them, probably, did not think that on most - that business them was attracted by alternative to development in secular spheres. Where it is much simpler to be improved in not difficult to science a slangy lexicon and to be kingpin among enslaved by game, than to cause a stir in really significant merit in real life.

Popularity of this game shows a condition of our society. Became fashionably to watch soap operas, movies of thieves` subject and to play the " appendix; Tyuryaga . Our society is more and more loyal to treat those values about which earlier seldom spoke in decent society.

Many want to get acquainted with the convict`s life that the nobility how to behave, having come to be in a real tyuryaga. Telling itself here such proverb: Do not renounce prison and a bag .

And here let`s have a look at this game from the simple observer. I want to open for you eyes and to tell: You already in prison! Your avatar and an avatar of your friends is hidden for a lattice. You can humiliate the friend To Spit in a skilly to substitute To Throw yeast in a parasha . Or in general to put the friend, having invited him in Tyuryagu .

The famous Russian theatrical actor and the writer Evgeny Malinin, in one of the works used as an epigraph such phrase If adults begin to play seriously game, then game can become unexpected their Life . What did the author want to tell these a half of the life itself given to great Game - game in theater? Really he foretells what gave a lot of time and forces to?

I think that Evgeny Nikolaevich spoke absolutely about another. Under the word game he understood not game in theater or game in gamblings, in a casino. Malinin said, that when long you live in the invented world, it begins to replace to you real life. Some active participants it - a line of games which can napamyat call all characteristics of the " can be a striking example; Persian but very few people are able to remember when there was World War I.

" appendices; VKontakte are not an exception. Such appendix, as Tyuryaga League of speed and to them similar led to the fact that players learned a thieves` cant and details of the car practically napamyat. But whether they from it became cleverer, is more educated? Think.

You do not become more abruptly from the fact that you have the 120th level in Tyuryage . You become just closer to prison. Now the prison for you is abruptly. To abruptly humiliate people ( to spit in a skilly to throw yeast in a skilly etc.) abruptly to sit and to hold the zone - in a word - abruptly to be a convict!

By the way, and you did not reflect as brought up on Tyuryage and it similar people will behave in real life? Politely and tactfully? I for some reason doubt People come round with

still not late. Play normal toys, read books, self-study. You do not resemble that cattle which only both know a thieves` cant and put all under the answer . They are so limited that do not understand real threat which is born by this game.

And here " studio; " Kefir; normally earns from you, and I do not accuse them of anything. They just make money, and they as you know, do not smell. Good fellows!

Very much I hope that the people playing this appendix will think again, and their senior companions will be able to estimate real threat and will preserve them against this coolness .