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These simple calories. Whether so they are terrible?

are known to All who are familiar with diets what is calories. Calories, in understanding of the person participating in responsible action for loss of weight are represented not differently as main universal the evil. Perhaps, - those substances which we use daily calorie content is equal to zero on 100 milliliters of volume only in water and air. So they are calories and whether so they are terrible actually?

the Calorie is the unit of measure of energy equal to amount of heat which is required for water heating. Yes, waters, and though earlier term calorie it was used for measurement of energy, work and warmth, now it is applied to designation of power value of the products eaten. And, probably, with an ulterior motive - as it is known, most of all in a human body - liquid for which maintenance of constant temperature energy is necessary.

Is considered to be that calories are the energy necessary for life. Therefore on packing of products the number of calories is specified in tables of power value near joules - unit of work and energy.

So, calories measure energy of food and drinks which we take, and this energy is necessary for normal, active, joyful and happy life.

How to use knowledge of calories for the good, to count them and to reduce effectively and without serious consequences, without having done harm to the health, having made, thus, the first, but very firm and steady step towards to loss of weight.

our organism uses energy on what you do not even think of: from breath and blood circulation to blow to keys when writing the comment - at all these, usual and not power-intensive, at first sight, actions of people loses calories.

Effective loss of weight happens in case the number of the spent calories surpasses quantity used with food.

What number of calories is necessary for the person?

several ways to define how many calories it is necessary to receive healthy, to the adult for the whole day Exist.

1. Mifflin`s formula - San - Zheora the Formula was created by

in 2005, and, according to the American Dietary Association, is the most exact and optimum calories for calculation necessary for the modern person today.

The formula has two interpretations:


10 x weight (in kg) + 6,25 x height (in cm) - 5 x age (advanced in years) + 5

of the Woman:

10 x weight (in kg) + 6,25 x height (in cm) - 5 x age (advanced in years) - 161

After calculation of total of calories it is necessary to consider the coefficient designating degree of activity of life depending on intensity of work and physical activities and to increase the received result by this number:

1,2 - Minimum / lack of physical activity;

1,3 - Workers mainly brainwork;

1,43 - the Workers occupied with easy physical work;

1,7 - Workers of an average on weight of work;

2 - Workers of hard physical work;

2,23 - the Workers occupied with especially hard work.

2. Harris`s formula - Benedikta Was received by

in 1919, and for the modern person whose rhythm of life considerably accelerated for the last century, is a little adapted - following it, it is possible to gain weight, but not to keep its invariable. Also has man`s and female treatment:


66,5 + (13,75 x weight in kg) + (5,003 x growth in cm) - (6,775 x age advanced in years)

of the Woman: + (9,563 x weight in kg) + (1,85 x growth in cm) - (4,676 x age advanced in years)

As soon as you learn

655,1 how many calories are necessary for you, it is possible to reduce the diet to the necessary quantity.

Unfortunately, most of the people wishing to lose as soon as possible weight reduces daily consumption of calories to critical figures - from 250 to 500. It is necessary to be careful at sharp decrease because to arrive, thus, means not simply to risk the health, but also to do it irreparable harm. 1000 - 1200 calories a day are the lower limit of norm of the calories received in days for normal, full-fledged life.

towards to loss of weight can consider as the second step acquaintance with the table of caloric content, that is power value of products. If the table can be present not on all products, then the number of the calories which are contained in 100 grams of a product can be found always. On the products made abroad production caloric content specified in joules (J) often meets to transfer one size to another absolutely simply:

1 J = 0,238846 calories.

1 calorie = 4,1868 J.

Also, thanks to the Internet in which it is possible to find almost everything that it is necessary for us it is possible to find tables of power value of many products. Certainly, having dinner at restaurant, to count dish caloric content slightly more difficult, in this case, it will be possible to determine caloric content offhand or to control the appetite.

Popular wisdom says that it is quite enough that food which will go in in a palm to be sated.

Also many nutritionists claim that from - for a table it is necessary to rise with easy feeling of hunger.

To drink a glass of water before food, not to overeat to have feeling of weight after food, to cut the habitual portion by half (to divide a lunch with the friend, to give a dinner to the enemy) much more simply and more pleasantly, than to puzzle, trying to veil with an accuracy of gram what you are going to eat.

You look at the diet not as on the enemy limiting you in pleasures and depriving of pleasant moments of life, and as on the partner caring for your beauty and health. Avoid vysokaloriyny and, as a rule, harmful products. Once itself reminds of existence of fruit, vegetables, whole cereals, useful and energetically valuable products.

Grow thin with pleasure!