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Whether there is a hole in WebMoney or How not to lose the electronic money?

Manufacturers of computer viruses found a hole in the most popular and reliable payment service provider of the Russian-speaking Internet. In the course of transfer of money the virus can change the correct number of an e-wallet for number of the swindler.

The other day from - for glitch in electronic payment service provider I did not receive $70 addressed to me. It should be noted that before my computer program - WebMoney Keeper purse never brought, and all monetary calculations in the Internet were successfully carried out for several seconds. Attempt to send 0,5 dollars (WMZ) was not successful too - money did not reach the addressee, having got lost on the Internet.

In the course of negotiations the service of technical support convinced me that I itself am guilty of loss of money. All calculations in the WebMoney system are made instantly (within several seconds). If means for any reasons cannot arrive on the recipient`s purse - they will not leave the sender`s purse. This feature of architecture of system completely excludes an opportunity loss of WM - means at any failures or mistakes - reported in service of technical support of the WebMoney system.

Having begun to look for the reason at himself, I with surprise found out that when copying numbers of a purse (mine or my business partners) the WebMoneyKeeper program substitutes them for number (Z316871850476) absolutely unfamiliar to me. We will immediately block this purse, and I advise you to check the computer for the " viruses; - the operator WebMoney recommended in telephone conversation.

Fortunately, the electronic 70 WMZ addressed to me approximately in a day returned into the account of the sender as they were sent with a patronage code which swindlers could not guess from three attempts. But this amusing case shows that calculations in the Network demand extreme attentiveness and when performing the traditional operation to copy - to insert it is worth rechecking success of performance of operation attentively.

Having copied number of a purse in a clipboard, you can already insert number of the swindler from there.

The charm of electronic calculations in the Internet consists in what they allow to pay quickly and anonymously, having lost at the same time rather small commission (0,8 - 1%). In such a way it is possible to send funds for any distances where there is an Internet, without rising from a chair. By means of electronic payment service providers Ukrainians and Russians daily send each other more than one million dollars which part gets to swindlers.

For a vymanivaniye of electronic money at trustful computer users thousands " are thought up; scams and financial pyramids. The unwillingness and inability of law enforcement agencies to take adequate measures in such nonconventional spheres as the Internet, allows offenders to count in a set of cases on impunity.

In the absence of reliable anti-virus protection the Trojan program can get into your system and download any data on the malefactor`s computer: the kept addresses, names, passwords, and WebMoneyKeeper. However even in this case the swindler will not be able to clean an e-wallet without special file of keys which to users is strongly recommended to be stored on the USB stick or in memory of the mobile phone, but not on the hard drive of the computer at all.

So that electronic payment service providers can be considered reliable and safely to use. But at the same time it is worth watching closely where you send means extremely.