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Dreams come true? Yes! Dreams of a grant on education come true on one million!

Exist a set of the Russian and foreign programs, funds, organizations which give support to those who want to study. But prevents to get a treasured grant often improper age, profession, lack of special knowledge and other conventions.

All-Russian competition Dreams come true! passes without excess formalities and gives chance to win a grant to all who want to study. More than 1 million rubles in the form of grants on education were already received by winners of the competition Dreams come true! as which organizer the JobsMarket company acts.

Competition Dreams come true! started in May, 2010 on one of the largest portals in the RuNet devoted to additional education of edu. jobsmarket. ru.

In May, 2011 the first anniversary of a competition is celebrated. A year ago the JobsMarket company began to realize dreams of the young and active Russians wishing to get additional education.

By the present moment there passed 9 stages of a competition in which about 17 thousand people from various regions of Russia took part. 34 participants became winners of a competition and owners of grants on education already.

The annual prize fund of a competition for 2010 made 1 200 000 rub

Simple conditions of participation, transparent process of vote, honest summing up attract an increasing number of participants to the project.

Alla Anatolyevna of Noskov, the CEO of the " company; Jobs Market :

Problems of job search and creation of career are in most cases connected with an illegibility professional I - an image inadequacy of a professional self-assessment, lack of confidence in a role of the professional. These problems can be solved, during additional training which solves problems of professional confidence.

A competition of grants on training Dreams come true! it was conceived not only as the charitable project allowing Russians to increase the educational level. This project has also social mission - creating favorable conditions for development of career of millions of Russians. The psychological instrument of realization of this mission is put directly in process of participation in a competition:

an Opportunity to get a grant removes all barriers connected with financial inaccessibility of training, the contestant has an opportunity to choose safely any courses, programs of training that as a result forms more accurate image of professional future

Writing of the essay on the subject Why to me a grant on training? is also urged to help to formulate more specifically to the participant the professional future, to make its image by more tangible

the Choice of interesting programs, reading their contents gives effect of understanding what knowledge is not enough for the contestant for a bigger success in career, creates prerequisites for planning of career

the Invitation of friends for vote also has the symbolic aspect: the image of the dream formulated in the application for a grant amplifies the fact that the huge number of friends it is looked through, vote for this dream and write the wishes to the contestant.

Thus, participation in a competition allows each contestant to approach the dream, to become more successful in career, and the most active and persistent to receive money for training .

" project; Dreams come true it is unique and has no analogs. Unlike many the Internet - competitions which discredit themselves unrealizable promises, paid conditions of participation, unreal prizes and the opaque scheme of the choice of winners experts competition Dreams come true! really helps to fulfill wishes of winners.

Reviews of winners of a competition:

of Dinar Pulin, the accountant, Yekaterinburg

In my opinion, this competition is original and, certainly, is designed for ambitious persons. It gives the chance to realize the unlimited abilities in all areas of human knowledge, and it is the truth, - DREAMS really COME TRUE!

Anastasia Weinstein, PR - the manager, Moscow

This project allowed to feel powerful inflow of forces and energy and to believe in own forces even more. Besides, competition Dreams come true! opened for me perspective opportunities and projects, expanded a circle of contacts, having acquainted with interesting persons, professionals of various branches of business.

Maria Dulneva, the lawyer, Yekaterinburg to

Ya is very grateful to organizers of the program of grants DREAMS COME TRUE! the project helped me not only to believe in itself, in the forces and to feel taste of a victory, but also to get acquainted with new interesting people - participants. And I wanted to learn English earlier, but there were some doubts, the competition gave me confidence in my choice!

Roman Nekrasov, IT - the expert, Voronezh

the Program of grants on education from edu. jobsmarket. ru gives to many people chance to receive both initial knowledge in the area, and the higher education, and on the Internet I did not meet it yet! Thanks to the " program; Dreams come true! Feelings are tremendous, never before saw so interesting program of delivery of grants on education.

To participate in the competition Dreams come true! Russians aged from 18 till 55 years, registered as users of the edu project can. jobsmarket. ru. It is necessary to write only the essay on the subject Why to me a grant on education to choose one or several educational programs and to invite friends to vote for the application.

Winners are defined by vote for the contestant by users of the website edu. jobsmarket. ru.

Authenticity of registration of users is carefully verified by the administrator of a competition in order to avoid falsifications. Unfair registration are blocked. Vote takes place openly, publicly, and therefore falsification of results of vote is impossible.

of Interview with winners following the results of each stage of the competition Dreams come true! are published on the edu portal. jobsmarket. ru are also available to all.

Winners of the competition Dreams come true get a grant on partial or full compensation of training in one of the chosen programs, to a course, a seminar, conference according to the declared subject and the won sum of money.

Edu project. jobsmarket. ru started in May, 2010. Less than for a year of work the portal became one of the websites, most popular in the RuNet, on the subject Additional and business - education . About 1000 event managers place courses, seminars, trainings, programs of additional education and professional development and regularly update the schedule of programs.