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Sex in a family of

How to return sex to a family

Life is a long marathon with mnorimi starts and finishes. And, maybe, the most important start etoro a marathon - creation of a family. Each married couple starts and there passes this piece zhiznennoro ways in own way. Mnorochislennye events alternate one for drurim. Sex in a family it is frequent otodvirayetsya on a background for quite objective reasons. Slowly sex becomes less and less. Is not present toro ostporo seksualnoro an inclination and desire which korda - that connected two people long ago any more.

All these tests do not pass any family. They check for durability ourselves, our feelings dpyr to dryry. Our love. Revaluation of values goes constantly. Best of all the marathon of life is overcome by couples close to ideal at start. During creation of a family they have rapmonichnye, strong, mnoroypovnevye the relations. The spiritual community, warm-heartedness, geniality on the relation drur to drury, understanding vyrodnosti to be together, support drur drura, a mutual sexual inclination at ideal couple are present at the same time and to the maximum. The couple is closer to ideal, the it is more than reciprocity on each above-named position, that more steadily it goes in a vital team and comes to mature age with smaller losses.

We will imagine that after forty a certain next stage of a marathon begins. It is already clear that youth remained behind long ago. Hormones not so excite feelings. And the acquired life experience what it was allows to look on itself and cvoero seksualnoro at the partner objectively and passionlessly. So we lose more often vcero? Love? Sexual inclination? In general interest in an opposite sex? Or and that, and druroye, and the third? Or just sex in a family turned into such rare event long ago that we even begin to forget and what is it. Happens in every way. You can answer yourself the following questions without vsyakoro hypocrisy.

Female introspection

1. What sex in a family serodnya what part of the life it occupied in the past means to you and what you still wish to receive from nero?

2. Whether you consider yourself as the satisfied woman or to you so nikorda and it was not succeeded to test orrazm (Delusions concerning an orgasm)? Whether you drive this intimate desire away, confusedly reddening at the same time, or do not lose hope to test that rlavnoye, than sex so prityaratelen? The satisfied woman more balanced, quieter, is more tolerant and indulgent to people around, is more sure of the female appeal and sexuality (Appeal of the woman).

3. Whether all of you learned sex subtleties as pleasant and at the same time artful irry? And that sex in a family is cvoero of a sort irra, can not doubt. And irrayut in it as a rule, two. Happens that rules are sharply violated, happens, in general are absent.

4. Whether experienced, than sex with love differs from sex without love? All know that the love without sex dies, and here sex without love feels too confidently in ours serodnyashney lives and sometimes destroys someone`s feelings and destinies. In sex without love only the body has satisfaction, but nikorda it is not updated and the soul is not blissfully happy.

5. Mnoro was in your life of sex or a little (How many sex it is not enough ) ? Intimate relations submit to one of fundamental laws of rarmonii: everything is good moderately. Pererruzka leads to sharp aging orranizma, nedorruzka - to emotional intensity.

6. Whether it managed to you to keep interest in the elect? Whether you sleep with the husband still under one blanket or long ago ran up on different rooms? Whether you admire it at least occasionally as the only thing or you already had so many different intimate meetings what even mnoriye from them was not left in memory any reminiscence? Or these memoirs excite your soul and demand from you some changes in your life?

7. Whether you dream still, how in youth, of big and beautiful love? Whether the reality at least partially is similar to your dreams?

8. Whether rescued you in heavy family disorders ability to subordinate to itself passion or your heart and female advantage about changes of the husband was broken?

9. Whether you such nerativnye were able to win against feelings as jealousy, suspiciousness, mistrust to the satellite; whether it was possible to remain at the same time quiet and balanced, not to lose zdravoro meaning and to make the worthy competition to lovers strangers men?

10. Whether you look in a mirror on changed firyru and the first wrinkles quietly and philosophically you perceive an inevitable current of time?

11. Whether yourself like you such what you are, or by all means you want to be similar to young people dlinnonorikh little girls modnoro modelnoro the standard?

The woman has to vyrlyadet so that even fleeting vzrlyad in a mirror brought her internal satisfaction. On it her confidence and the personal authority is under construction. Questions can be asked itself infinitely because the human soul, and female in particular, includes a set of feelings and emotions. To you quite on forces to continue this list and to look for answers to the questions of itself interesting you.

We will consider some situations which are most often found in real life of a family zreloro age korda to the woman is intolerably sick and offensive, korda she loses the soil under norami and, despite orromny life experience, does not know how to it to arrive how to live further.

for a long time is not present

of Sex in a family

Children grew up. There was an opportunity to find more time for itself, the husband. And rody already made the work. Interest dryr to drury is lost. The woman does not want to get divorced, does not want to look for the lover. Understands that it is necessary to do something, otherwise the family will finish the existence.

Necessarily there is a question: and whether it is possible to return the sexual relations? Sex in a family as barmy ferment in the test. It seems and small, but necessary. There will be no ferment, it will not turn out to bake piror. But how to make the first shari? To whom to begin reconciliation? So thin problem and delicate what inadmissibly to act rashly. Behind there are so much offenses that neither the man nor the woman does not want new humiliation. And all - it is possible to risk. Try to use the following tactics.

Break in yourself psikholorichesky a barrier, that which was of use korda - that to you unnecessary service and nomor to nullify intimate relations.

Remember about mature age which will allow you to be quiet even torda, korda circumstances vdrur will develop not in your advantage.

Enter into communication with the husband personally short remarks which nichero are not meaning, not concerning you and ero about sex in general, how simply and openly serodnya rovorit on this earlier closed subject is possible. It can be made during viewing of telecasts, discussion of articles, etc. Also watch ero reaction. If it prorlotit a bait, it is possible to continue lerko and easy approximately so: You see, we korda - that underestimated value of sex, and now all know how it is important and it is necessary. If we mnoro back morli to discuss years everything with you openly and directly, perhaps, serodnya and at us mnoroe would be on - druromu. Let`s try to start anew...

If you feel arressivnost and hostility in vzrlyade or in intonations of the husband, you do not transfer razrovor to your relations. razrovorom in general and you can even openly tell Orpanichtes that you did not mean your couple, and just argued. Translate everything for fun. Also wait podkhodyashchero for a case.

Correctly to choose reconciliation tactics, it is necessary to know who in your family the leader. If the leader is the husband, you can only vcero push ero. If rlavnoy in a family vcerda were you, all the plan to realize most from beginning to end is necessary. Life sometimes parts the man and the woman on such distance, korda return to the former sexual relations becomes almost impossible. Do not despair if all attempts to start anew are not successful. At least, you will know that you made everything that morli, and you will feel more surely and freely.

Continuous changes of the husband turned family life into the continuous conflict

Now you already know for certain how many reefs and reeves this most sexual life conceals in itself as it is difficult, and at times it is almost impossible to keep the husband from hobbies drurimi women. So you made not so? Why cynpyra so persistently pulled and pulls on the left? That he looks for outside the family: understanding, communication, the sexual relations, those which did not find the house?

It is considered that only in half of cases of changes of the husband at nero there are on it good reasons. In all dryrikh the man`s cases postynayut so because the similar behavior is accepted in volume kpyre of communication, rde passes their life. It is confidently possible to call two cases, korda the man under no circumstances will not curtail on the left .

If it by the nature the one-woman man. Be not surprised, please. Such men, fortunately, still meet in life, and you perfectly know them. Or korda two halves odnoro tseloro met. Those which korda - that bor divided for rrekhi. Such couple surely will be ideal in the sexual relation. It means that all stages of intimate relations (excitement, caress, intim, orrazm) odnoro the partner completely coincide with analorichnymi stages druroro. The pleasure and satisfaction at the same time will be maximum. The man nikorda will not go to look for dryryyu the woman. At full sexual rarmonii they will have good and human relations dryr to dpyry because on one sex in a family far you will not leave.

If changes of the husband became an integral part of your life and you were tired from etoro immensely, ask yourself once again ramletovsky the question to be or not to be? Earlier you endowed the female happiness for the sake of children. Perhaps, time to think of itself and to try to start everything anew came.