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What to eat to the bodybuilder?

the Diet of the bodybuilder, as well as representatives of the majority of sports, assumes the use of bigger amount of protein in comparison with usual food. It will also be pledge of a gain of muscle bulk. However here observance of balance as consumption of harmful fat together with a protein is undesirable at all is important.

Very many neophytes treat with very exaggerated attention to the diet. And not so much to quality how many to quantity eaten, even without troubling itself studying of bases of the healthy sports nutrition. Therefore they receive deficiency of protein in a diet on the general background of abundance of calories that in a root is wrong and inefficient from the point of view of achievement of a main goal - a set of muscle bulk or creation of a muscular relief.

So what food are in that case the most useful and balanced? Here they!

Egg whites

of Egg is an ideal source of a protein. They are a basis of food of bodybuilders. However egg yolks contain undesirable cholesterol. Therefore just separate the whites from the yolks and consume what? Correctly - of a squirrel !

Protein cocktails

Usual day diet rolling plus several having a snack includes three main meals. Protein cocktails will be an optimal variant for this having a snack. Usually they consist of proteinaceous powder, skim milk and additives from the fresh or frozen fruit. If such drink is made correctly, then it is ideal option for the bodybuilder as has the high content of protein and low content of fat!

Beans (haricot)

During the day the athlete needs a large amount of energy. Beans are its ideal source as release energy slowly. Besides, it is a fine source of proteins and carbohydrates!


Besides a protein, kachkovsky the diet has to include enough carbohydrates which will supply you with energy during training. Porridge is their ideal source! Only do not use instant options as in them it is full of sugar and preservatives.

Brussels sprout

This product is rich with vitamin C, cellulose and contains a minimum of calories. Therefore Brussels sprout can be consumed in significant amounts, without being afraid to grow plump. The usual cabbage is quite good option too if to you not to liking her Bruxelles sister.

Linen seeds

Without linen seeds is not present a diet of the bodybuilder! They are extremely rich an omega - 3 fatty acids and not less useful cellulose. These seeds can be milled in the coffee grinder and then to add to salads, and also to pastries.


enough water Is very important to consume

to wash away toxins which are released during physical activities. For the bodybuilder it is very important to support balance of liquid in an organism. An important indicator of whether enough liquid you consume, color of urine is. If it yellow - you do not consume enough water. And here if it almost colourless - that is a sign of the fact that there is quite enough water drunk by you for maintenance of balance of liquid!

Certainly, in such business as bodybuilding, the healthy nutrition is one of success cornerstones. Ignoring councils of this sort, to beginners it will be difficult to achieve the objective. As for professionals, they know it for a long time and perfectly (therefore look as appropriate). But you should not go in cycles in this subject too. As they say: in everything it is necessary to know when to stop.