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Appearance of an interior of the central room in the house - a drawing room.

Well, here and you already moved to the personal apartment or the house, and already without problems it is possible to invite friends on a visit. However there was other question how to place them? Kitchen same not the place for a big circle of friends, certainly, in it you will be able to meet one girlfriend or the friend, but not a celebration. In a drawing room the main thing, is the semantic center. For example, in old times such center was the fireplace. And today the device of a fireplace will bear in itself the same key value. Except that fire always embodied rest and admiration. But the interior is closer than such look to heart to romantics and it will not always be excellent entertainment for guests. But the science does not stand still and the equipment every moment becomes better and better, and today the semantic center the important thing of each family &ndash is considered; TV. Just around it place other elements of an interior including a sofa and chairs today. They need to be placed so that all attention was paid to the main part of a drawing room. It will be required to try to exclude old templates of placement of furniture in the area of a wall. In case the space gives the chance, be not afraid to experiment and your interior design of apartments will be always excellent. Now the option with creation of small islands of communication enjoys special popularity, as addition to it serves the little table. Of course, just behind this little table there will also take place friendly tea drinking and romantic drinking of wine. Each person will not refuse to relax in the evening on a cozy sofa, to listen to favourite music, to read the book, however it is worth getting the suitable place for audio - video equipment, books. Perfectly for this purpose cabinet furniture approaches: wall, bookstack and souvenirs and bedside table. As a rule, such elements of furniture give to a drawing room the cozy and rendered habitable look. It should be noted also that excellent design which the private interior designer, made not an indicator of harmony and a cosiness yet indoors which are reached only by means of your uniqueness.