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How to prolong life of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

How to prolong life to live long reduces shortens length of the reason depends influences extends main fully can provide important longer more costs well more long is capable duration

pvkl the Long-liver that less - whose good is longer remembered by people.

pl Life as the river - is not so important its length as width and depth.

and All dream to live long - but nobody wishes to be old.

p Is very important to prolong not the period of vital decrepitude, and its full-fledged part.

p In extension of life is still important also preservation of functions of an organism

without which the person can live, but not full-fledged life.

lp Than takes more people from life - it comes to an end in that quicker.

p The more the person is mistaken - the less lives.

p the Size of life is measured not for years - and the done good.

p Mind, self-control and cheerfulness - the main support of longevity.

and Life lasts wisdom.

and the Long-liver - the egoist, in good understanding of this word.

p Longevity is on friendly terms with quiet character.

z the Long-liver - the wise person knowing and feeling the organism which is understanding that it is necessary for its good work, making essential efforts for extension of life, having by nature makings to longevity.

and depends On the person correctness of life more - than its length.

p One of the main reasons of longevity - observance in all of a measure.

and the Old age leads the person up a blind alley - when he cannot understand that it is better to continue to live or die. z the Nature protects

more and prolongs life prolific - than clever.

z Women live longer also because they, having bigger experience in cookery are capable to organize to themselves healthier nutrition.

p Long lives that - who gets on with an old age.

and Longevity in many respects depends on mind.

and For longevity can be respected, to a large extent it is a merit of the person. This careful attitude to health, care, a practicality, steadiness, ability to dose loadings and rest

and Painful people live longer.

z To an inevitable and dangerous illness - an old age painful lyu -

of di come skilled, constrained to unhealthy

requirements, well knowing the organism.

and Painful people, seeing life, ahead making all efforts to study the organism, to protect and treat him are involved and come by an old age skilled and armed.

and Many healthy fellows on whom in old age suddenly leans diseases, without having experience and without seeing sense at the end of life it to get - perish.

z After the person understands as his organism is arranged and

will begin to use correctly it - it gives it the second life.

and Length of life is measured not only years, but also amount

of happiness. z That pain - the more loss of health and reduction of life is more often, more long and stronger than

at the person.

and Longevity is always deserved.

d It is impossible to live long - without care of the health.

and Long-livers - are courageous.

p For extension of life is very important to look less back and to live more future.

d Longevity - is impossible without the correct relation to an organism.

pd Longevity is in many respects obliged to lack of overloads.

and Death in old age often is simplification.

and Feebleness and diseases in old age do life intolerable.

and At the wise man knowing how to prolong life in extreme old age comes the moment when he considers it not expedient.

and the Fool dies when his organism - is destroyed, the wise man - when is developed his resource.

zp It is impossible to live long - without possessing good sensitivity on harmful effects on an organism and abilities of their prevention.

with At long-livers grandsons of the grandfather and the grandmother.

p Longevity is in many respects obliged to cheerfulness. zp the Restraint armed with knowledge of an organism and how to treat it - can make by

the person with poor health the long-liver.

p Longevity is in many respects obliged to observance in all moderation.

p Longevity is in many respects obliged to knowledge of psychology.

and it is necessary to be concerned more about that is not much to live, and it is useful.

pz the Youth caring for old men thereby prolongs

life to itself. And not only because it becomes tradition.

It promotes mass appearance of long-livers. In old age, comprehending age of long-livers, we encourage ourselves an age difference between us.

d Not to reserved fools shorten life - harmful pleasures.

pd Life shorten artificial dopes and especially, such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes.

and Good people live less. z Kindness and conscience soften with

an instinct of self-preservation and egoism - that facilitates a purse and shortens life.

p At achievement of prosperity should not pass to expensive food - they, as a rule, worsen health and shorten life.

zp eat More properly reasonable or poor people who use cheap not subjected to processing natural by products which keep health and prolong life.

p shortens Life - fear of death.

and Life shortens nonsense.

vp the Car, reducing time - shortens life.

about Happiness does life shorter - but a person lives longer, the grief

extends it - but he lives less.

and Life extends expectation.

about Favourite business extends life twice.

p not dying child in soul of the adult - prolongs to it life.

and Clever prolong to themselves life due to studying of the organism, ability to it to listen also the correct selection of conditions for it and waste products.

z Silly in a modern civilization survive on support of the nature, instincts.

and At silly is usually best of all health.

and Clever do a bigger reserve for maintenance of the descendants.

and Clever will easier keep from addictions through awareness of their malignancy and poor health to that a hindrance.

and Keeps and prolongs to the person life - self-control.

p Important in extension of life - fight against aging of soul.

z the moderation in pleasures is capable to Slow down internal clocks.

vp the Reasonable, strong-willed analyst prolongs to himself life.

and Diseases, forcing the person of to protect - can quite prolong to it life.

p Life lasts wisdom. z the Nature protects

more and prolongs life prolific - than clever.

p Aimless life - is shorter.

and For the sake of the standing purpose of people cares for the health necessary for its achievement more - than earlier cared for extension of own life.

and the idea is capable to Prolong life.

and Length of life in many respects depends on a psychological spirit.

d Prolong life positive emotions.

and Life prolongs laughter.

and Smiling people - live longer.

pd Life expectancy in many respects depends on a way of life.

and the Girlfriend of longevity - walk.

p to Extension of life is promoted by a normal and healthy sleep.

d Significantly shorten life stresses.

p In extension of life is very important the correct care of teeth.

p Life prolongs communication with interesting and good people.

pv Significantly prolongs life - healthy nutrition.

zpv Life are shortened by envy, condemnation, offense, irritation, rage, hatred It is necessary to resist to it through philanthrophy, respect, tolerance p Life prolongs

and decorates optimism.

and Life shortens an overeating.

p Life are shortened by vanity and haste.

and Life on asphalt cannot provide to the person longevity.

p Life shorten quarrels, the conflicts, scandals p during lifetime on wear - the longevity is impossible for

. z Life the hobby is capable to prolong


d Guarantee of longevity - the movement.

and Life shorten debts.

p Life can be prolonged - being displaced to vegetarianism.

p Life prolongs a spirit for a positive.

and Life prolongs success.

and Life are shortened by meat, greasy and fried food.

and Extension of life individually - it is necessary to listen to the organism, to analyze, draw conclusions.

yu People who do not know where to put themselves - dream to live long.

yu shortens Life - a long tongue.

yu Long lives that - who has many enemies.

yu shorten Life - youth entertainments.

yu Long-livers are Godforsaken people.

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