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How to get enormous ADVANTAGE?

Ya wrote the name, looked at it and itself was surprised to power of Russian. Not gift of 80% of Nobel laureates - Slavs. And most likely if it is good to understand with remained 20% that we will find in them either Slavic roots, or the Slav who put forward idea or possession of the Slavic speech.

Our language gives enormous advantage which we unfortunately do not want to use.

In the word ADVANTAGE, the answer to a question is put as to receive it.

The answer is simple: PRE - PROPERTY - what is BEFORE what you own .

Everything is already told these, the explanation is farther.

There are steady levels of Consciousness, it is easy to determine them by independence degree.

Unconscious levels:

Zero level of Consciousness - the people who are artificially deprived of independence. (examples - loonies, prisoners, children...)

At once I will specify - children on this level are placed not by me, and their parents. Children see mistakes of adults and adults on forgive them the mistakes . And when children grow up and gain physical force, by force escape on the first level and there get drunk from fallen down for free freedoms . Further instead of the conscious movement on levels wait for a new freebie.

the First level of Consciousness - people completely dependent in a consequence of strongly distorted picture of the World, the distorted idea of, of people, situations. ( an example - the unemployed )

the Second level of Consciousness - people dependent in the acts and thoughts, dependent on others. Sometimes understanding that can influence a situation, but rarely it is seldom using ( examples - workers, employees, officials, governors ).

the Third level of Consciousness - people the understood either surrounding or internal Worlds but which are not guessing that ability to understand one of the Worlds can be used in other World ( examples - businessmen, people of creative professions )

Conscious levels (independence levels).

the Fourth level of Consciousness - the people living favourite, interesting or business which is considered correct. Those who brings benefit and himself and people around; who solves as how to do; whose activity not of

the Fifth level of Consciousness - people the forming present and the future.

the Sixth level of Consciousness - too, probably, exists when I reach I will tell :)

On these 6 levels easily to understand where you are and to what party to move.

Is the general regularity traced upon transition from level to level.

It is expressed by the simple phrase:

have to bring to
of Action benefit repeatedly.
This thought is very well visible to

when comparing actions of people from the second and third level of Consciousness.

the Person from the second level - works for the sake of achievement of material benefits (property).

the Person from the third level - does serious work which will be then at - to carry to it necessary property . (a pra - property).

Everything is rather evident. But people all the same persistently seek to receive concrete things, absolutely inadequately exchanging them for the invaluable time of life.

And all because there is a delusion that if you see everything from outside, then being in a situation you will be able to identify it. The truth is that the situation looks not as outside from within .

If you understood it, then will be able consciously to move from level to level.