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Mass court: Neklyaev, Rymashevsky and members of their staffs of

are accused At once 6 democratic activists will appear before Frunze the court of Minsk today.

On May 5 in the Frunze court of Minsk consideration of the case of candidates for president Vladimir Neklyaev and Vitaly Rymashevsky, and also activists of their campaign headquarters begins.

Together with Vladimir Neklyaev and Vitaly Rymashevsky judge members of a staff of Neklyaev Andrey Dmitriyev, Alexander Feduta and Sergey Wozniak and the authorized representative of Rymashevsky to Anastasius Polozhanko. Charge in " is brought to all of them; the organizations of the group actions which are roughly disturbing the public peace or participation in them . The maximum punishment under this article - till 3 years of imprisonment.

Till the last moment it was unknown whether the candidate for president Vladimir Neklyaev who for last week strongly was ill will be able to participate in process - at the politician radiculitis became aggravated, he had to complete a course of special pricks.

The politician`s wife Olga Neklyaeva the day before declared that to postpone process from - for states of health will not be.

According to Olga, Vladimir Neklyaev intensively worked the last days with lawyers, prepared for process. The politician does not plead guilty though he does not deny that urged people to come to October Square on December 19 on peaceful protest action. Vladimir Neklyaev left more than a month for a pre-trial detention center of KGB so-called to the American from where it was translated under house arrest.

In the same process the candidate for president Vitaly Rymashevsky will appear before the court. It is known that if Vladimir Neklyaev to October Square did not reach - he was beaten before loss of consciousness by people whose faces are still found out by a consequence, - that Vitaly Rymashevsky was also on both squares where there were main events on December 19. The politician says that he partially will admit the guilt.

It is A lot of with what from what is in my charge, I cannot agree. And on the other hand, it is impossible and to disprove some things, in particular, that I also urged people to come to the square. Therefore, we will not challenge some points, we will challenge others - the politician says.

Vitaly Rymashevsky did not beat glasses and did not break the Government house door, and even tried to stop those who did it. It is known that during these events to Rymashevsky till it bleeds hurt the head. The candidate for president was arrested on December 20 and stayed several days in a pre-trial detention center of KGB. In the same place, in to the American held also other defendants on this case - most political scientist Alexander Feduta who was released on recognizance in April.

And at this time police officers and migratory service came to office of the VYaSNA human rights organization and declared that the signal allegedly came to militia that to the apartment carried by suspicious boxes.

At office of human rights organization the presentation of the report of Committee of the international control of a situation with human rights in Belarus had to take place at 19:00.

The presentation represented a videoconference with the speaker Neil Dzharman.

Present at office Spring it was forbidden to leave the room. At the same time the journalists who arrived later, including the Russian federal TV channels, in office did not pass.

After assumed bomb it was not found, all attendees, including representatives of the International observation mission Victoria Gromova and Lyubov Zakharova (Russia), asked to pass in the May Day District Department of the Interior.

Police officers emphasized that they are not detainees, and are only sent to the District Department of the Interior for giving explanations about the reasons of the stay at office of " human rights organization; Vyasna .

While part of human rights activists from the International observation mission took away in the District Department of the Interior, the improvised presentation of the report for the come journalists took place on the street, directly about office Vyasna . On it the president of the Center of development of democracy and human rights, the member of council at the Russian President on assistance to development of institutes of civil society and human rights Yury Dzhibladze, the representative Missii Alexander Mnakatsanyan (Russia), the board member of the organization - the member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on Human rights, the expert Missii, Vladimir Chemeris (Ukraine) acted.

After the end of the presentation, attendees were comprehended by a fate of the human rights activists who were in office Vyasna . They were also detained.