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How to look slept?

From a lack of a dream skin look dim and pale, regardless of that, you walked late, or worked, or just could not fall asleep from - for experiences. However there are small cunnings when drawing a make-up which will help you to look slept.

1. Twirl eyelashes

This small cunning renders considerable effect on tired eyes, doing them more expressive and less sleepy. To twirl eyelashes, use waterproof ink, it holds a shape of eyelashes better. There are also special nippers for twisting of eyelashes. In conclusion, apply light translucent powder which will prevent emergence of black traces from ink on the lower eyelashes under a lower eyelid.

2. Moistening, moistening and once again moistening the Fat moisturizing cream quickly nourishes with

skin, smoothing small wrinkles, and reflects light, pretending skin healthier.

3. Blush of a pink shade Even if you do not like to use

blush of such tone, after sleepless night not to do you without them. Pink instantly recovers complexion and does you younger.

4. Hide redness and a swelling a century

Before applying cosmetics on eyes and eyelids, make a tea lotion, it will clean redness, the feeling will leave that sand got into eyes, eyes will not be irritated from light and wind. Further finally to put eyes in order, it is necessary to bring eyelids a pencil of pale pastel color. It will refresh area around eyes. The pencil light-blue color on an internal century will thinly neutralize dim red eyes. The eyeliner of corporal color naturally will hide redness.

The eyeliner of dark color will only draw attention to swellings.

5. Hide circles under eyes

the Masking means for area around eyes has to differ on texture from a similar face treatment and to be easy and creamy. Something firm and dry will instantly draw attention to tired eyes. Choose means of yellowish color, on tone is lighter, than your skin, apply on area under eyes and to places where the shadow lays down.

If eyelids are inclined to emergence violet a streak, then use shadows of color of an ivory, but not masking means.

If you did not sleep, do not worry: it is possible to look good under any circumstances.