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On a lump the siren will begin to cry?

In May of this year in Israel are noted two Days of Memory: On May 2 - Yom and - Shoa, on May 9 - Yom and - Zikaron.

Yom and - Shoa - Day of memory of Accident of the European Jewry - the Holocaust. In Israel to this date the special relation. In each Jewish family, without exception, there are victims of Hitlerite fascism.

All who remember it citizens of all countries over which the black wheel of genocide swept surely light a funeral candle this day. Light candles and remember Jews and Poles who did not go as herd, in the furnace of Auschwitz, and lifted revolt in the Warsaw ghetto. They had neither a weapon, nor products, nor clothes. And they were exhausted to the last degree. Hitlerites covered a ghetto with blood, having sent bombers for punishment of the semi-unarmed, hungry, brought to despair people, and opened fire with front tools at quarters, enclosed with a barbed wire.

Risen were doomed and knew it.

The Soviet army postponed approach to Warsaw though promises such were from command of the Belarusian front. But there was a commander and over the front general. Blood of the died prisoners on Hitler`s hands and on Stalin`s conscience.

Already there are a lot of years this day, the 27th Nissan according to the Jewish calendar, in the museum which is located in the territory of the former extermination camp Auschwitz, there come the Israeli school students to the mourning actions devoted to Memory of the victims of the Holocaust. From the different countries politicians and public figures gather to honor one million killed and the burned people from all countries of Europe in furnaces of Auschwitz. A few years ago at this funeral ceremony there was at the same time a President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of Israel Shimon Peres. They passed with all arrived Death Route and, having inclined the heads covered with piles listened to a prayer for the dead Kadish .

Risen died, but their spirit did not die those terrible days, it remained in souls of the people continuing to battle for freedom and happiness of the Jewish people. The spirit of the unsubdued people was the main caliber of colleagues and friends of those Warsaw suicide bombers who were safely rushing with a three-ruler on armed cap-a-pie perfect groups CC.

This spirit made Jews winners of unprecedented War for independence in 1948. The new repatriates who arrived from Europe which just finished World War II, having descended from the ships or secret tracks having overstepped the Jordanian and Lebanese limits, practically at once went into battle, under walls of the Saint of Jerusalem. The former fighters of Red Army who passed to Berlin and Belgrade soldiers from armies of the countries of the anti-Hitlerite coalition and the former prisoners of fascist concentration camps won against armies of five Arab countries at once. These countries and their centuries-old royal dynasties did not want to recognize and accept the State of Israel which is just formed by the United Nations General Assembly in the neighbourhood in any way.

Day of declaration of independence of Israel , by Y and - Atsmaut, celebrates 5 iyara according to the Jewish calendar. And the day before in Israel the Day of memory of the dead in wars of Israel and in acts of terrorism - Yom and - Zikaron is celebrated by . This year it fell on May 9 therefore traditional celebrations by Victory Day were postponed for other days. In Haifa, for example, on May 6 there took place the most mass parade of veterans in Israel, and as always, hundreds of people gathered for this procession, residents congratulated participants of war, handing red carnations to the applause of all audience. Parade came to the end with a concert and dances to the accompaniment of brass band.

The day before Yom and - Zikaron in 20. 00 and in the morning in 11. 00 the siren sounds. All country fades, people stop where were during this instant. In the evening in Jerusalem, in the Museum Poison va - Sh (Memory and a name) there take place memorial service and soldiers give salute in memory of the dead. And everything, life goes on further, and nobody to himself on the heads pours ashes. Imperishable memory!

The country knows - it has to live and work as if we have no enemies and permanent war. And our valorous Israel Defense Forces which have no ceremonial uniforms and are not present on them awards, - to prepare as if we have no world and around one enemies.

Imperishable memory to all, died in wars for freedom and advantage!