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What is necessary in order that the breast kept a beautiful form and a healthy look?

the Main weapon of any woman - her beauty. Therefore always to remain young and beautiful, it is very important to watch over the health and appearance constantly. The special attention is required by care of a breast, the first look of the man falls on this charming part of a body.

So it is necessary in order that the breast most long kept a beautiful form and a healthy look?

cannot carry At all linen which pulls together, presses, rubs or it is pricked. Skin of a breast is almost twice thinner, than on a face therefore demands to himself a reverent attitude. The bra has to correspond accurately to the size - the linen should not be a little at all. The close bra can break blood circulation that quite often provokes development of diseases of mammary glands. The dragging-away effect the linen from elastic fabric has, but it has to be strict by the size, it is not less in any way!

Will not solve a bra of the bigger size which some girls put on to add to a splendor bust, a problem - its fabric will gather in folds, and it looks ugly. The linen with inserts from silicone, foam rubber, gel, bras with air inserts will help to achieve effect of a magnificent bust. It is necessary to take small cunnings into account: strictly horizontal seam on a bra does a breast of more roundish, cups with the vertical or slightly inclined seams slightly will part a bust, and cups with seams in the form of the letter T will raise a breast.

It is necessary to refuse dense forests - ap with metal stones. The hard linen on metal stones, though very seductive, pulls together a breast and leads to microinjuries. So if stones, then only plastic or from baleen - they do not break microblood circulation. At night the breast has to have a rest from a bra therefore for the night it should be removed. For sports activities it is necessary to choose special linen, but not that, what is not a pity . The sheaves supporting a breast very gentle, and at big loadings the help is necessary for them.

For sport there is a special linen which is not constraining movements and well keeping shape.

It has to correspond to five conditions:

to be by the size,


entirely closing mammary glands,

from natural material (at active physical activity sweating increases, and the synthetic linen does not allow a time to breathe),

and at all not on stones (at the sharp and active movements of a stone injure a breast).

Ideal material for sport - elastic cotton.

To avoid the problems concerning health of a breast it is necessary to treat the choice of linen seriously. And if there are any questions connected with health and beauty of a breast, then mammologists, oncologists and psychologists of the charitable " program can set them; Together against breast cancer by phones of the All-Russian free hot " line; Together for the sake of life : 8 - 800 - 200 - 70 - 07 (for Russia) and 783 - 70 - 07 (for Moscow).