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How to cope with a stress at work?

Some kinds of activity are officially recognized as the most stressful. Treat those services industry when it is necessary to deal with absolutely different buyers, both friendly, and unpleasant, rough and angry, administrative work when it is necessary to solve problems (personal and others`), to find a common language with subordinates, to be responsible for quality of their work, to develop department, the enterprise. Not less stressful is work at factories and plants (if it is about work on line production), work of the interpreter, emergency doctors.

Besides the stress caused by a certain kind of activity, the stress is added also by a lack of information, an adverse ecological situation, an intensive rhythm of work, frustration, inability to achieve goals. Sometimes requirements imposed to this or that work can not coincide with values, views and the worker`s purposes that also causes the most severe stress.

Hardly it is possible to get used or adapt to a constant stress, and here to develop quite certain strategies on fight against it quite in power to everyone. If you decided to continue work in stressful activity, then we recommend to take the following advice which will help to minimize negative impact of a stress.

The lack of information can provoke a stress, in particular, when this shortcoming is capable to lead to serious problems in work. To fill a lack of information, it is recommended to a thicket to ask the management, to ask questions to colleagues, to exchange experience, to attend the training seminars, trainings, to read professional literature.

Many people in the organization communicate very much and very few and inefficiently, managers are ready to share information with pleasure, but it sometimes just does not come to their mind, to them hard happens to realize that they were just incorrectly understood or misinterpreted their information. Most often misunderstanding takes place to be when people just are afraid to communicate with heads, managers, or out of politeness do not ask them additional questions when something is unclear. Actually it is better to ask once again, but in the future to avoid some mistakes.

If the stress is caused by bad working conditions, you in forces through joint efforts to improve them (for example, to buy the air ionizer, to organize frequent damp cleaning of the room (if in it it is very dusty), to acquire modern equipment (personal computer), to improve lighting, etc.

If besides stressful work in collective there is some stiffness of the relations, people do not make contact with each other, it is possible to offer once a month to all to gather and propose how to improve a situation at office, it is also possible to take the initiative about corporate rest (for example, bowling or billiards), to make open contact with colleagues and to let them know that you are open to communication with them.

If often something disappoints you in work, brings to a dejectedness, learn to relax and switch. So, for example, take yourself for the rule that when you leave office, you leave all problems, unresolved tasks there, and you switch to rest. Remember that the most valuable in life is our health and people close to us.

You learn to think positively. Remember that the thought is material. As soon as begins to seem to you that the situation becomes worse and worse, problems lean one by one, and the purposes are represented more and more unattainable, you focus yourself not only on a stress, but also on defeat. You come to work with thoughts that within your powers to solve any problem, and you by all means will find a way out of any impasse. As a result you will notice that stresses in work will become less as the positive you mentally will delete it.

Surely during the day give yourself periodically several minutes on rest, on distracting, talking to colleagues, to think of plans for the weekend.

Helps to cope with a stress as well music, it is capable to relieve the tension, at the same time music can sound rather quietly, just as a background which will not disturb you in work.