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As it is possible to kill laptop?

the Laptop - a product rather strong. However in some circumstances the mobile computer can be rather simply it is killed and any a swagger - a major - the fire, a tornado or an earthquake - for this purpose is not required. The main dangers to the laptop are much more trivial.

COFFEE. And also the cook - Coca, tea, a forfeit, Pepsi, champagne and other drinks. At their hit on the keyboard consumer properties of the last worsen - keys begin to stick . But such option of succession of events still can be considered successful as very often in that case often there is a short circuit destroying the keyboard, and in the worst option - also the motherboard on which the keyboard adapter is mounted.

Believe, I know what I speak about: once itself by means of Fairy washed the keyboard from a glass of Pepsi. Everything ended successfully: after active washing by means of a shower, a fair share of a cleaner and the subsequent long drying, the keyboard restored the properties. The computer - the truth, desktop - too escaped. But the few users are so lucky.

In a case with the laptop it is not necessary to count on such succession of events. At least because hardly you will manage to wash from drink the keyboard by bathings all computer. The motherboard of the desktop computer can be quite simply replaced. For this purpose there is enough ability to hold in hand the screw-driver and some accuracy. And here only engineers service - the center will cope with replacement of the motherboard of the laptop (at least because such materinka at retail are not on sale). Certainly, such damage will not be considered as a guarantee case therefore it is necessary to pay also cost most spare parts and work on its replacement. At cost it will be a little less price of new system.

Though, most likely, the liquid which got to the laptop will cause short circuits not only in the motherboard, but also in other components of the laptop and it is necessary to say goodbye not only to the mobile computer, but also to data on the winchester which it is frequent more expensively than the system.

If you do not want that the cup of coffee or a glass of Pepsi cost you many hundreds of dollars, drink nothing during the work behind the keyboard.

BLOWS AND VIBRATIONS. Of course, the laptop is stronger than any desktop system. This computer is calculated on frequent transportation during which the laptop is exposed to blows and pushes, vibrations and other mechanical influences. Moreover, the laptop can even work in such conditions which ruined usual system was even when transporting. But nevertheless it is better not to test your system for durability, and to take care of its safety.

It is better to transport the laptop in a specialized wardrobe trunk in which the computer is reliably fixed by belts, and from external blows it is protected by layers from foam rubber or other material, similar on properties. By the way, even in such wardrobe trunk it is better not to hand over the laptop in baggage, and to take with itself as hand luggage.

If you work with the laptop on the way, then it is better to switch off the computer at emergence of vibration of the plane, rocking of the car of the train or hit of the car on the bumpy road. In the switched-on computer most we will wound the winchester which head during the work soars in several microns over a disk surface. From external mechanical influences there can be a contact of these components that does not do well to either a head, or a disk. For other mechanical elements - in the winchester, usual or in the laser disk drive - jolting is also undesirable. Failure of the winchester almost unambiguously leads to loss of the data which are on it, and these data usually repeatedly surpass the cost of the computer in cost.

Guarantee certificates do not extend to mechanical damages of the laptop so if vibration and blows damaged your computer, it is necessary to repair it for an additional fee.

NENEFILTROVANNOE FOOD. Not for nothing sales of uninterruptible power supply units in our country at many companies go often better, than anywhere in the world. In our power network there are hindrances of the most different plan, from smooth and insignificant deviations of tension from 220 V put to it to hindrances honor in all areas of a frequency range and - that is the most dangerous to any electronics including laptops - short pulse rises of tension to values in several hundreds of volts. Such impulse which came from the socket, for certain will burn power supply unit or maybe the computer.

Care will not prevent: feed the computer through UPS or, at least, via the surge protector. Relevance of this recommendation repeatedly increases if you intend to use the laptop not in the big city where problems with power supply are rather rare, and in the housing estate. Here the uninterruptible power supply unit superfluous will not be. During a thunder-storm surely disconnect the laptop from a network. If you want to work by the light of lightnings, use power supply of system from batteries.

Many forget that there is one more channel, the sudden peak impulse of tension in which can ruin the computer: phone line. In usual conditions for bigger safety of your equipment be connected to a telephone network via the devices similar to surge protectors known to you for a power network. At every turn such are not on sale, but if you plan to wander about the Internet, being in the country, and will use for this purpose wire connection, then it is better to find nevertheless such telephone " filters;. During a thunder-storm surely disconnect the laptop not only from a food network, but also from the telephone socket.

AMATEUR REPAIRMEN. Any equipment needs under repair and the laptop not an exception from time to time. For example, the lamp of illumination of the display has several times a smaller resource, than the laptop, and at long operation fails. There are in the computer also other knots, with a smaller resource or subject to faster wear. But at emergence of problems with the hardware do not address the services " at all; national handymen !

Of course, some of them can have a wide experience of repair of the electronic and electric equipment, basic engineering education and undoubted talent. But for the qualified repair of the laptop of it not enough. Technical documentation (which in open access usually is absent), the special knowledge (which are usually received on specialized and very expensive courses), the diagnostic equipment (the avometra is more difficult), the equipment for the soldering (too seldom meeting outside special workshops) and - are still necessary that, maybe, it is the most important - existence of spare parts. So your mobile computer will hardly be repaired even by those handymen who well cope with problems at desktop systems.

And the fact that after their address the company guarantee is cancelled is even worse. Also the probability that even at additional expense your " laptop is too high; to reanimate company experts will not manage even. Percent of an exit of not maintainable laptops at national handymen it is too big.

STEALING. the quantity of situations when mobile computers appear " is Rather high; are mobilized foreign persons without the knowledge of the owner. The laptop is too delicious production for thieves because of the small sizes and high cost. There will be not so many objects worth thousands dollars - except laptops and jewelry - which the thief can easily carry away in hands. Therefore outside the dwelling, whenever possible, do not leave the computers unguarded. And not only in public places and in vehicles, but also at own office.

Almost each mobile computer has the Kensington MicroSaver lock, simply a loop in the case for which the laptop it is possible to fasten a special steel rope to a table, sitting or an electric heater. I recommend to get such rope and to actively use it at operation of the laptop in any places where there are not only you. Of course, a rope it is possible to have a bite scissors on metal, but - agree! - not any small pilferer constantly carries those with himself.