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Russian prison today. Or reflections of the convict. Marcel Davletov of

of Reflection about a chanson, prison, freedom and God.

(amateur performer Marcel Davletov) of

B I was 2002 the head of public organization and in the activity it is possible to tell passed road to one high-ranking official. then against me illegally brought criminal case and illegally arrested. At arrest I was strongly beaten, I received cherepno - a brain tramva, the nose was broken, edges and kidneys hurt I regained consciousness in reanimation, from hospital sent to a pre-trial detention center (prison) at once. Being in a pre-trial detention center I began to complain of actions of militia, but it had a boomerang effect, the investigator who processed my case said that if I do not admit the guilt in fabricated also I will not refuse the complaints to actions of militia business I will not live that up to court. But I did not admit the guilt continued to do what did. Here also the commotion began.

In prison put me in the special case where thorough criminals usually accommodated though on the first term it was not necessary. They had a special chamber there - it is a chamber on two people, with me put moron the convict for threefold murder, but the heaviest that from the street in meters of two from our lattice towards a chamber the loud-hailer of radio was directed and from 6 h morning to 11 o`clock in the evening in a chamber on full sounded every day radio, walls stone and a sound being reflected in a chamber from walls created effect of a wave and sound porridge it there was a gloom. For interest try to come with any receiver to yourself into a bathroom or into a toilet, include it at full capacity and sit there at least hour if sustain. In a chamber we did not talk, and shouted I tried to close cotton wool ears, but it did not help and then us constantly checked and forbade to do it. I understood what long so not to sustain and began to act, I went on indefinite hunger strike and Thank God, I was helped by one escort and my complaint with the announcement of hunger strike was secretly sent to prosecutor`s office of the Russian Federation. Thank you that there are good people - it conceived the actions, also I wrote in the complaint that I can not live up to court then I was transferred to the general case about the general a chamber to convicts. I will tell

Ya to you that prison not the zone on prison everything is much simpler, there is no such rigid mode, but at the same time all the same bondage. There was a lot of time to reflect I then already began to compose some songs to which you listen now.

I here bring me on court and I in the courtroom saw the prosecutor, this is the young girl, beautiful and frankly speaking I liked her. Judged me nearly a month, I had no lawyer therefore I was protected, and here is how I did not sustain that and wrote a note to the prosecutor that eyes of unions beautiful and that it the good person, I give this note to the escort, and that young did not understand that it is impossible and transferred a note directly in the courtroom to the prosecutor, the prosecutor I look read a note, reddened and gave a note to the judge. The judge shocked speaks: Twenty years work as the judge, but it for the first time that the prisoner through the escort love sent a malyava to the prosecutor in the hall the people laugh, to the escort reprimand. Then in an album I came back home I wrote the song I understand you as memories of it.

In court I did not admit the guilt and sealed to me on full the coil 4 years of imprisonment though the investigator spoke I admit guilt it will be conditional, but there is it will renounce once that it on all life. Transported under guard me on a zone, here and the real zonovsky life began.

As came around I on a zone, call me to the big chief and that says to me that it is senseless to complain here, the best for me it to write recognition of fault I will be released on freedom on UDO (early release) at once, I answer it let I until the end of term will stay, but I do not admit guilt. the chief says that he watched my business and that put obvious poppycock also condemned me for anything, but it is system and I should reconcile to system and told that from outside installation came to strengthen control of me. As I had the higher education the Moscow academy of culture and school of arts sent me to zonovsky club the musician.

the Zone at us special was, the chanson was forbidden to be listened, sung here, on the TV watched the transmissions approved by administration, generally the " mode; twirled on full. On a zone I composed many songs to which you listen " now; Letter of mother I Depart Alone in my house Dear Contrary to the prevention of the administration I began to write complaints on the criminal case and complaints to the mode in a zone again and it led to the fact that me closed in the DRILL (ShIZO, EPKT, a punishment cell convicts it on a miscellaneous call)

What is the DRILL? - it is a solitary confinement of 24 m, it is impossible to sleep, lie in the afternoon, letters from outside are impossible, 5 cigarettes a day, peredachek it is impossible, on will of letters it is impossible, generally nothing is impossible, from books only the bible, usually many do not maintain such torture, open veins, or the head from running start about a wall, or mental hospital the roof flies, and so me in it To the STORM half of year was frozen, and I wrote " there; Dear Letter I Depart (You watch an album and songs Between heaven and earth and still by heart learned some songs and the Bible, also a trick to me there only it is serious - for dinner, for lunch the rat got out of a hole and at me from hands ate, manual pancake became, I gave a nickname to it Larisk of type spoke with it. Trick yes? Just all convicts know what is the DRILL and that means to pass through it, I then sitting in the STORM pledged the word to himself as I will be released that I will write an album and I will sing these songs what people would know how much pound it is dashing.

When me derzhaliv To the Storm caused and several times suggested to admit in writing the guilt and if I make it promised to release (ahead of schedule) on UDO, but I refused. And one more history - at us on to the zone the chanson was strictly forbidden, i.e. it was impossible to listen, and there was also a club and on holidays there for convicts concerts gave repertoire of songs there was strictly under control, namely any chanson in general only purely a patriot. I helped with this club by musical part and on the quiet, secretly wrote down there on audio the cartridge of the songs in a chanson Letter I Depart etc. (see an album Between heaven and earth also gave this cartridge with records to close friends, and this record quickly on a zone dispersed, listened to it secretly who where could. And here at one of concerts, got me that songs such sing, I stepped on the stage and self-willedally sang Letter I Depart and still some songs in style the chanson, a packed house at a concert convicts, was shocked even were afraid to clap, me naturally after a concert tied and in a punishment cell, on a zone of a dvizhukh convicts already because of me raise revolt what for some songs to punish for a lawlessness a punishment cell? I am urgently called to the administration (administration) because on a zone the situation was heated, and these are from above the 3000th persons. and the chief speaks like we you we will let out from a punishment cell, but you all declare that not you wrote these songs, and also at night on a zone abrupt frisk was on all corners looked for and withdrew my records, get and show me two poelitelenovy bags with audio cartridges which withdrew from convicts, I answered as I can refuse what God gave me? after that I was let out after all from a punishment cell and type for the song Letter of mother speak to me you like here prepared for escape and you call other convicts to run, to maraza yes? And for it to me a label (sign) with a strip on a uniform, it is inclined to run, and all this 24 hours, even it to be noted at night that I on the place, also special supervision, and plus completely forbade to participate at concerts and to appear in general in zonovsky club, generally here such stories.

Was released I in November, 2006 and there were I in pure the field while I sat lost the apartment, all relatives and friends forgot me and at liberty know the attitude towards jailers what. There was no place to live to me really. Brothers real offered me the help and it would be possible to LIVE KAK B OIL, but it is a way back because it is NECESSARY to FULFIL IT AFFAIRS..... And to LIVE ON CONCEPTS Yes not my bag it.... Though now I can return....... also will accept in circle the without problems since respect for not a rasspaltsovka and market earned by beautiful, and life THERE CORRECT WITH WHICH it is not A SHAME AND it is not TERRIBLE to go AT WILL...... But I refused and did not accept it. At first lived at the railway station, then I got acquainted with one bum former the convict, and he brought me to live in the bum the town which was in pry to a zone of our city. Lived in a plywood lodge the warmed polyfoam, light of electricity was not therefore lived by candlelight, water was for kilometer, heated an iron oven potbelly stove . Few times ate a sobachatina and let will forgive me who loves these animals, but when for hunger the head to be turned and face the choice to die or live with hunger, I do not consider it as a sin, it when for the sake of a trick or cruelty it do a sin, and here it was necessary to survive or what it is better to steal and plunder to go to eat?

generally cheerfully was, we understood each other who lived there about a word floor because almost all bums who lived there were former convicts, but it is more from affairs departed. At that time me held the main thing, Vera in God and the fact that I began to write down the first album after release I came back home . After a while I got a job in musical shop and there itself in the evenings after work wrote arrangements and texts to songs, nobody helped me only were kidding and spoke Yes, why it is necessary? I came to work from a bomzhatnik, but nobody knew that I live there, I looked purely, but one gave me from me a smoke smelled, and little girls sellers asked - From where it smells of a smoke? I type said that I in the smoking shed earn additionally at night, it was a shame to admit that I am a Bum. With the God`s help, exactly in four months after release in February, 2007 I finished a recording of the album I came back home . How many I remember always prayed that God helped me to write down an album and what God would help me to find real a family and it happened. As that incidentally the girl came into our shop we got acquainted, I to her sang the songs and as that imperceptibly fell in love with each other there is such song Two loneliness and so it about us. here again God helped

I, at at one acquaintance with whom together term pulled relatives for a year left also it understanding that at us a family talked to them and us let to live on the apartment, there at us the son was born.

In the city with the child was heavy and cops began to show unhealthy interest in me the person I was known and popular as on a zone and at liberty in the city, then brothers constantly on a visit came to communicate and it " too; pressure in a family therefore was tired of all this, left and we went to live to the village to the wife`s relatives. There already the daughter was born, and in the same place in the village in recreation center I wrote down the second album after release Between heaven and earth which devoted to the birth of the daughter.

Ya I consider myself as very happy person because I love seven children and they love me and therefore that in I God I believe. the albums I gave

to friends, gave couple of concerts and on it everything, I at all never composed in order that will become famous or to be heard by many, just I cannot but compose, it does not depend on me and I never composed in order that someone will like, Ya tore also tried to tell and sing the songs from heart honestly without thinking of that, it will be pleasant or not to someone.... My friend this year 2009 in where that in July exposed my albums in the Internet, and I tell many thanks to the numerous websites which just exposed my albums and songs and advance my creativity, I tell many thanks to all the numerous listeners in the Internet, thanks to you I understood that my creativity is necessary for you and is not indifferent for much, you helped me to believe in yourself and to continue to sing and compose further, in very short time my albums and songs got to a prvy rating on the websites about a chanson in the Internet. Now the contract with producer firm Moscow is signed, offers from serious producers as Russia and because of a boundary arrive, record of a professional album in Moscow began, generally I move what I am more surprised than glad to because did not think in general of career of the singer or musician, just lived, sang, composed.... it is more for itself and very close friends. So it turned out....... It is visible so to God it is necessary....... Once again many thanks to the websites and them already over 600 (and maybe it is more) who post my songs at themselves and the MAIN THANKS to ALL my LISTENERS WHO WRITE me THEM the SAME MUCH DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE PLEASE THAT SOMETIMES I JUST DO NOT MANAGE to ANSWER ALL AND WRITE me NOT ONLY B My WORLD but also on other websites I PROPERLY LOVE ALL OF YOU AND NOT FOR THE SAKE OF the RATING AND VOTES BUT BECAUSE YOU are ALSO YOU my FRIENDS WHO JUST HELP me DISINTERESTEDLY AND FROM HEART, IT YOU HELP me NOT ONLY to SING, BUT ALSO to LIVE.....

. I feel sorry for

Ya about one day that carried out on a zone and in prison because exactly there I understood who I am is actually and what I cost if at liberty you can cover the essence with good clothes, money, a position, beautiful conversation or a show off beautiful, then on a zone it will not pass there you will be visible all the interior namely who you are is actually, I am not sorry because on a zone I became on the present believing the person and rethought all imaginary values of will. Therefore I say to all of you what is not present any criminal romanticism also do not listen when speak to you having spread wide fingers and letting snivel bubbles for the criminal world for steepness all this fairy tales and a show off goat and the more and more loudly shouts the person (sings) for it, the more I am sure that he is a goat at will and a goat on a zone - if the person longed for the present and there passed this heavy way he for it will not shout, he either will be silent or will tell you that it is not necessary there and lousy there. And it to sing the main thing for it it is cheerful and with a hokhotok will not be like - drank, stole, sat down also all for kicks, these are clowns sing who it did not see and on the skin tested nothing and I do not understand as in general for it it is possible to compose cheerfully? I do not write prison music and always I remember that I have children and they will grow up will listen to my songs and on them will learn to live, think, think, judge the father. And you listen to what can will teach our many songs to which we listen every day in a chanson or on a platform? I do not say that all not that and all songs not those, but bulk sing about the lower place, sing about a high, sing about blatnik perkhotny and I feel sick when I listen to it and I think really who it composes and sings it do not understand? Someone will listen to their songs - will go the old woman will rob, will steal, will kill, vodka as the pig will get drunk and will rape whom. As it is so possible people!?! It is always necessary to remember. what to compose and sing it heavy responsibility before people and God and that lyuboyo your sung word can become the reason of trouble or happiness. Not to me to judge of course and to God, but I try to compose and sing remembering it. Sometimes write me, Why such negative? Why about sad to sing? And you did not reflect why around there are so much heartless people and persons? But because we are disaccustomed (and not only songs) to FEEL PITY.... It is simple to FEEL PITY properlythe excess, and we turn away and we pass by when with a row to someone it is PAINFUL because it is a negative and we SONGS the SAME to it are accustomed....... And then, when it becomes PAINFUL to ourselves we are ANGRY why nobody helps us!!!!???? And YOU REMEMBER - YOU to WHOM JUST LIKE THAT ON KIND HELPED? And turn pain to me will concern everyone...... And pain is tears.... And so and I ON me LET AT LEAST ONE WILL BEGIN TO CRY LISTENING to my SONGS AND WILL FEEL THIS PAIN IN COMPASSION TO HIMSELF, ANOTHER AND WILL REMEMBER GOD, THAN MILLIONS WILL JUMP AND GUFFAW UNDER CAREFREE TUNES... And SONGS..... IT MEANS I NOT FOR NOTHING LIVED............. Also SANG NOT FOR NOTHING.............

is Watched by me at these clowns and listen and I think, to take away from you money, the apartment, glory, the car, friends, relatives and to fling in prison or a bomzhatnik and to tell sing and compose that be cheerful such urkagansko - rollicking and I am sure that generally many of them will fall below a plinth and will forget about songs because their show off clumsy there will not pass and therefore that there is necessary to live only for THEMSELVES, but also for those who you surrounds and before to respect them, but not themselves and not to love the show off, and will see we them really unvarnished on their essence real - who are they are.

I plan to write down a new album with new songs Now. God grant I will write down it. I do not complain, I feel sorry for you those more who listens these pvsevdo criminal also listens to songs these dead texts, I think that not all is lost in our platform and a chanson and I am sure many think as well as I. I do not know as God will solve. For now all.

I Wish well to all, happiness, good luck and, above all love and Vera in God! I once again thank all websites and all those people who helps me (them much, I am afraid to list and to forget someone)

of P. S Many think that they are free HAVING money, the power, a position, glory but it so - they on freedom as in prison because DEPEND on it and SUFFER losing it, FREEDOM it when you irrespective of everything and all arrive on CONSCIENCE and live not on CONCEPTS and PROPERLY. Just I wish you to be people to respect and love each other and the main thing to forgive Rage human and God grant to you to understand it.


1. Album I came back home 2006

2. Album Between heaven and earth 2009

3. Album Cranes 2010.