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And they wanted to reduce taxes by it? The most ridiculous tax deductions.

the Rating of the most ridiculous tax deductions declared by the American taxpayers. Uncle Sam was delighted not!

5. Candies and flowers for secretaries

the Public defender from Santa - Klara, California, tried to keep the cost of candies and flowers which it gained for secretaries.

But - a surprise! Tax authorities consider these goods as personal expenses which are not necessary for trade and business - especially for the public defender.

4. The

underwear the Professional musician playing in Rod Stewart`s group tried to receive a tax deduction for expenses on man`s underwear as scenic clothes.

In addition to underwear went leather trousers, hats, a vest - on total amount of $695. Though it was authorized to it to subtract some especially shouting the court categorically rejected elements, underwear.

3. Feathers of an emu

the pilot of airline and the masseur moved Once to the State of Tennessee and 20 hens and two emus bought. It can sound as the beginning of the fairy tale, but it not so.

of Steam sold eggs from time to time - on dollar for dozen, and feathers of an emu. They decided that it is business and tried to receive a tax deduction on the cost of forages.

Unfortunately, they forgot to specify the income from it business . The court decided that it is impossible to call it lawful trade or business and, therefore, expenses are not considered as business expenses.

2. A class on scientology

the Self-employed seller meat - and seafood from Sacramento, California, tried to keep training class cost in Church of Scientology as business - expenses, saying that it was necessary for his career.

20 - a dnevny class cost it about $1500. the Court decided

that the butcher could read the same book at home and that this class was not absolutely necessary for its work.

1. Prostitutes

Sex with prostitutes, probably, is not considered lawful medical expenses. Who could think?

the Lawyer from New - York kept account of the visits to prostitutes and tried the cost of these services for the sum of $65934 to include in a tax deduction as expenses on medical care. Also he tried to hold about $5000 for pornographic books and magazines.

Unfortunately, the Tax court of the United States found out that payments to prostitutes are not lawful and, therefore, are not deductible.

As for a porn, the court decided that these sums were suffered for the general welfare of the applicant, but not according to the recipe of the doctor or on concrete medical indications .