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Whether the microwave is harmful?

of the Microwave appeared in our life rather recently. And for many they became the most important equipment in kitchen after the refrigerator. Of course, what to speak, warm - a couple of minutes, to defreeze - slightly longer, but all the same not to wait for the whole day until the piece of meat in a sink thaws. In many microwaves it is possible to prepare practically everything. We got used to them!

But whether you reflected, whether the food from a microwave is harmful or it is useful? To me as to young mother, it was necessary to reflect at least because in a microwave it is very convenient to heat children`s food.

So that managed to be found out.

The microwave oven - the household appliance allowing to carry out heat treatment of products by means of microwaves. These are usual radio waves with a frequency of 2450 MHz. Microwaves, getting into a product, force molecules of a product to fluctuate. If more precisely, then not all molecules but only water molecules fluctuate. At the expense of it there is a heating of foodstuff as water contains in any of them. In the product no essential changes happen so the food from a microwave is not harmful at all, and it is even useful - in difference, for example, from frying in oil in which under the influence of high temperatures cancerogenic substances are formed.

Therefore speaking about harm microwaves, usually mean potential influence of the microwave oven - radiation on the person. This radiation in itself can negatively influence health, however reliably protect the case of a microwave and special glass on its door from this influence of the person. On all microwaves this glass is obligatory screened frequent metal gauze. To specially thrust a hand into a microwave too it will not turn out: in any model the door is supplied with the lock, and it is impossible to open it in furnace operating time. And here if the case or glass are damaged, or there is other malfunction, then it is not necessary to use such device. You should not also try to repair a microwave: the expert has to do it.

There is no unambiguous opinion on whether microwave ovens are harmful, among scientists. On the one hand, researches showed that in the dishes prepared in microwaves nearly 75% - 98% of vitamin C remain. At traditional ways of preparation safety of vitamins does not exceed 38 - 60%.

And, for example, in the USA it is considered that mass use of microwaves lowered stomach cancer cases in the country. There claim that microwave ovens keep vitamins and minerals in products as prepare quicker and it is not obligatory to add water.

Very few researches about influence of microwave cookery on health were conducted, but there are data confirming and the fact that microwave ovens are harmful.

At the same time the Spanish research published in 2003 in the Magazine of Science about food and agriculture declared what in the microwave oven to prepare worst of all as least of all vitamins remain. The coauthor of this research assures that broccoli loses up to 97% of vitamins and minerals and important substances.

Anyway, experts advise to buy latest models of microwaves by which production the last remarks concerning radiation were considered. And to those who already has a microwave oven - an oven advise not to use it constantly and whenever possible not to use it when nearby there are children.

Microwaves to be afraid - not to go to kitchen!