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How to leave off smoking? Endogenous breath will help!

are already told About harm of smoking so many that and there is nothing to add, apparently. Most of people distinctly understand need of refusal of a harmful, destructive habit and try different ways to get rid of thirst for a cigarette. Options a set - from complex treatment in expensive clinics with use of serious medicines, codings, long work with the psychologist before reading special books.

But any way is not effective without the main thing - will of the person, strong desire to leave off smoking and beliefs in own success. Often fragility of a psychological basis also returns weak in spirit in a condition of the smoker - someone within the first weeks, others at once - in months or even years. And then many, repeating the famous phrase of Mark Twain There is nothing more simply, than to leave off smoking! I did it one thousand times! hopelessly lower hands and refuse an unpromising invention.

It turns out, it is all about a personal spirit, and only own will power is capable to relieve the person of insuperable thirst for smoking? So and not absolutely so. Let`s try to understand the dependence emergence nature.

In a brain the beta - endorphin - substance which in interaction with nervous cages provides the natural help at pains is developed, is responsible for feeling of pleasure, promotes fight against a depression. That is is, in fact, natural analog of such known narcotic substance as morphine. The organism of most of people is not capable to develop enough a beta - endorphin therefore they feel need for its replacement - drugs, alcohol and nicotine.

Then if the person receives enough a beta - endorphin - need for compensation will disappear and the person will be able to leave off smoking naturally? Quite so.

How to provide sufficient development a beta - endorphins in an organism?

Development the beta - endorphins is possible

only in the nervous cages provided with energy which is delivered by blood erythrocytes. But generally in line with blood erythrocytes bear very small charge of energy. Besides, at most of people blood is overloaded with slags and toxins. The reason - insufficient providing cages with energy. There is it from - for wrong breath - when it too frequent, is carried out by a breast, and is such which the majority of us consider as norm. The correct breath will not be restored yet, cages will not be able normally to earn.

Still the ancient yoga proved need of training of the correct breath. On this principle also rather new method of endogenous breath on the TDI respiratory exercise machine - 01 " is constructed; Third breath developed by the Russian scientists V. F. Frolov and E. F. Kustov. Scientists managed to simplify the famous Old Indian technicians of breath, to reduce time of occupations and to make trainings available to all.

The respiratory exercise machine works by the principle of endogenous (cellular) breath, creating effect of the rarefied mountain air. After several occupations our organism remembers the CORRECT breath of the newborn - namely breath by a stomach with extremely long exhalation. Venous erythrocytes of blood begin to absorb energy, turn into arterial and organizmnachinat to develop enough a beta - endorphin - the necessary substance inhibiting desire to smoke. The same mechanism works at refusal of desire of alcohol intake and increases resistance to stress on inadequate psychological reactions.

It is necessary to remember that respiratory process proceeds not only in lungs, but also in all cages of our organism. Therefore occupations on the respiratory exercise machine speed up the correct work of all bodies and fabrics, restore ability to self-cleaning and saturation by energy. TDI - 01 is useful also to prevention and treatment of various diseases, increase of immunity and disposal of stresses and fatigue.

To cope with dependence of the smoker on forces to everyone. It is for this purpose rather simple to overcome own inertness and to begin to be engaged in endogenous breath for only 15 - 20 minutes a day short time. And the TDI respiratory exercise machine - 01 Third breath will help you.

Official right of production of the respiratory " exercise machine; Third breath LLC " possesses; Lotus Omsk. On the website of the producer it is possible to find detailed information on a product, to order the exercise machine and the free training videocourse, to study numerous responses of those who are engaged many years by this technique.

can Get advice by phone of the hot line:

8 - 800 - 333 - 91 - 64 (across the territory of Russia - a call free).