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Grades or hybrids? What seeds to choose? Professional advice, part IV

During the whole sowing season at gardeners and gardeners arise the narrowly targeted questions demanding simple and laconic answers.

answers the most often arriving questions the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the founder and the President of " Agricultural firm; SEDEK Sergey Dubinin.

Than hybrid cucumbers it is better high-quality?

Hybrid cucumbers, first of all, of are much more fruitful than

high-quality. They are more bolezneustoychiva and possess a large number of positive signs. At hybrids man`s and pistillate flowers are distributed rather evenly, and man`s even help to receive big harvests as the pistillate flowers pollinated by insects yield qualitative fruits. At the same time man`s flowers help to be pollinated also to pcheloopylyaemy cucumbers on plants of other grades where few man`s flowers. For this reason hybrids with a large number of man`s flowers quite often place in a proportion 1:7 to cucumbers where it is not enough man`s flowers or they are absent at all.

Grades of cucumbers usually have at the beginning of the development on the main stalk only man`s flowers, and in a large number. Man`s flowers take away a large amount of energy and plants hamper the growth, and do not give cucumbers. Female flowers appear already at sufficient height after cutting of the main lash on lateral escapes. Therefore grades begin to fructify later, and lashes are oppressed by abundance of man`s flowers. It is desirable to delete flowers, and it demands time.

With hybrids there is no such problem, though they have all flowers - both man`s, and female - it is necessary to delete 1 meter that the plant gained strength to lash length. Therefore hybrid cucumbers yield earlier harvest that is very important for receiving the first vitamins.

In the previous releases about it it was told more than once, and I want to repeat: hybrids of various cultures have no relation to genetically modified production! Very many gardeners are frightened off by the term hybrid and they refuse acquisition of very good seeds and landing material, missing an opportunity to receive big and even enviable harvests!

How to select grades of the Beijing cabbage and a Chinese cabbage pakchy?

the Chinese cabbage (pakchy) has very wide circulation in the east, especially in China and in Korea. As well as the Beijing cabbage , it is used both in salads, and at preparation second courses and as an independent dish. And the Beijing cabbage, and pakchy - it is very tasty.

These cultures only begin to gain distribution in Russia, and yet not all gardeners know them. And in vain, because both that and other cabbage fast terms of maturing have therefore it is possible to receive several harvests on the kitchen garden .

But there is one but which many gardeners face. The grade of the Beijing cabbage has to be selected on seeding terms . There are grades for spring crops, is for summer and is for autumn. For example, names the Spring beauty of F1 and say Spring nephrite of F1 that it is a grade for crops in the spring, and the Autumn beauty of F1, Autumn nephrite of F1, Autumn excellent F1 - for crops in the fall. There are also universal grades, for example, of of Ms. of China of F1, Orange heart of F1, Naina of F1 which can be sowed both in the spring, and in the fall.

If you seeded an autumn grade in the spring, then there is a high probability of the fact that it will go to an arrow as he does not love too hot weather and long light day. Besides, and the Beijing cabbage, and pakchy do not love landing by the outgrown, extended seedling, especially if landing happens in hot time.

is more detailed about terms of crops of the Beijing cabbage - in the article The Beijing cabbage in your kitchen garden .

Why the onions planted sevky go to an arrow?

Often gardeners make such mistake. Buying onion sets , they choose large onions, but not small. And to receive better bulb, it is necessary to stop the choice on small to a sevka . It seldom goes to an arrow and gives bigger bulb, than large.

Ya would recommend to land onions by means of seeds. In this case you receive bulbs, much bigger by the size. For some reason gardeners use this method seldom. Such grades as the Farmer, the Farmer early, the Farmer late, Delight, Supra , give very good bulb at crops of seeds through seedling.

For cultivation of onions from seeds it is enough to have a small box. You put it on a window sill and you sow seeds. Then at change in soil you cut off tops of plants, and subsequently you receive very good bulbs weighing 150 - 200 g, and at desire it is possible to receive bulbs weighing 300 and even 400 g. Grades the Farmer and Senator it allow. From a sevka such bulbs cannot be received.

And, the fact that of a plant it is not necessary to dive is very convenient in this case . Present, quite densely having seeded seeds in a small box how many bulbs you can receive?

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What types of cucumbers the most fruitful?

special hybrids which are capable to give to 60 - 90 cucumbers from one plant for once Are. Zelentsa from 2 to 4 cm in size are removed. Usually I on the site tear off them such size. In this case at conservation in standard (250 ml) mayonnaise to bank from 100 to 130 cucumbers are located.

But in this case cucumbers should be torn off once a day , and sometimes even twice a day, depending on weather. If you tear off cucumbers once in two days, then at you will be do not pass - gherkins, and just gherkins of 4 in size - 6 cm. It is very good preservation too. If you break on 3 - 4 - y day, then the size of cucumbers will be 6 - 8 cm. It is already preservation of the third look. Besides, these cucumbers can be started up also in barrel salting.

I want to notice that Filippok of F1, the Son of the regiment F1, F1 Moth otselektirovana specially to receive a harvest pass - gherkins. In this case they yield especially big harvest. They differ from usual cucumbers in the fact that in a stage pass - gherkins they more tolstenky, and even the small cucumber of 2 in size - 4 cm has an appearance of an adult cucumber . On usual grades which put most of gardeners small pickles thin and have an appearance of an ovary, but not a cucumber. And for conservation pass - gherkins usual grades approach badly as in them it is not enough " meat; there is not enough pulp.

In more detail about cucumbers on one sting - in the article Cultivation of cucumbers. How to earn from what is demanded always. Part IV. Pass - gherkins - cucumbers on one sting .

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