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There is no difficulty in training in foreign languages of

, perhaps, such person who would not like to learn a foreign language. Many study it from - for vital need. But sometimes it is not so easy, and everyone faces the same problems. In this article we will consider problems which meet most often at learning of foreign language.

The first and, perhaps, the main problem - uncertainty in the forces that is not complexity, and it is rather a myth. Most of people says that it does not possess abilities to learning of foreign language. Whether so it actually? No, not so. All these people in the life mastered one of the most difficult world languages - Russian which on the structure is much more difficult, than the same Chinese. Only think, in Russian it is necessary to conjugate each verb, to decline each noun on cases, to learn by heart accents (and depending on a case, sorts and numbers of an accent often change). For foreigners to learn Russian is really incredible work. So, the Russian people are the carrier of one of the most difficult languages, and it is not necessary to speak about inability of studying of a foreign language.

The second. Often found problem is an overcoming of a language barrier. Modern learning of foreign language at school and in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, assumes use of communicative approach to training that it is registered in all methodical grants by a technique of teaching foreign languages. That is, the training purpose - to teach to talk in a foreign language. Everything is seemingly good also not all. Actually most part of time at a lesson of a foreign language is allowed not to speaking, not audition, and written performance of grammatical tasks. And what in it bad? Bad generally there is nothing, but being engaged in performance of grammatical exercises, you learn to carry out only grammatical exercises according to a certain scheme, but not to speak language. While our purpose - to learn to talk. But as we the most part of time learned to carry out exercises, we are not able to reproduce well in the speech the learned designs. From there is also a problem of a language barrier which is connected with fear to show the ignorances in language. We do not hesitate to talk in Russian, and there is no such problem. To break a language barrier - means, first of all, to eliminate a speaking defect which disappears not at once and as you begin to feel more surely, communicating with other people. Council can be only one here - say without hesitating as much as possible. There is nothing shameful that the person makes mistakes speaking not the native language.

The third problem consists in a huge number of information which it is necessary not only to remember, but also to bring its reproduction to automatism. To learn words - only an iceberg top. It is also necessary to know their compatibility, what is much more difficult, in the course of training we lean on the native language, and its designs not always coincide with foreign. What it is even more difficult - to learn to think in language of. It comes only with experience and only after very long communication. I will give very simple example from the practice when I happened to conduct French language courses. Verb Nobility . In Russian, it seems, there are no difficulties: I know that you will come today at 6 o`clock and I know this street . In both cases we use the same verb. But in French it is two absolutely different verbs. In the first case it Savoir in the second - Connaitre . You will not be able to use in the second case of savoir just because French can just not understand you. What can draw a conclusion. Besides, there is more colloquial practice. You will never be able to talk, especially it is correct to talk if you learn language only according to textbooks.

I want to give as a result very simple principle, being guided by which, you will achieve progress in development of a foreign language. If you want to learn to run quickly - run, as often as possible. The same and with language. You want to learn to talk in a foreign language - talk as much as possible.

Successful to you communication on foreign language!