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What do we know about a birch and than the nettle is useful?

Here also there came long-awaited May. And city dwellers will carry exhausted in the winter and the megalopolis of a body on seasonal dachas. I want to share some recipes how to put these bodies in order by means of only 3 vegetable components (which with ease can be found if not on the seasonal dacha, then nearby): nettles, birch kidneys and pine needles. In May these spring doctors have the special force which they are ready to share with us.

Birch kidneys contain essential oil, pitch, tannins, saponina, ascorbic acid, flavonoids, betuloretinovy acid, glucose, phytoncides.

Collect kidneys in the early spring in May - April, during swelling when they are especially smolist and are fragrant, but it is obligatory before blooming. It is possible to use fresh kidneys, and it is possible to dry up them, 2 years are stored in such type of a kidney.

Birch kidneys are applied in the form of infusion, broth and tincture at renal and cardiac hypostases, arthritises, rheumatism, at skin diseases, hemorrhoids, also as anti-inflammatory and vitamin means.

For preparation of broth the teaspoon of dry kidneys is boiled in a glass of water within 15 min., insisted within 1 hour and filtered. All portion is drunk during the day in three steps. Such broth possesses exclusive diuretic action. All portion is drunk during the day in three steps.

For external application should take 1 tablespoon of dry kidneys and to make in 1 glass of the boiling water, to boil 20 minutes, to insist, filter. It is possible to prepare broth and differently: To make 1 tablespoon of dry kidneys as tea, 1 glass of abrupt boiled water, to insist 1 - 2 hour, to filter. To use in the form of lotions, wipings, compresses. Such broth will help to get rid of spots, eels, reddening of skin. It is possible just to make a lotion on eyes which takes off fatigue and tones up skin around eyes.

Birch kidneys for ointment collect as soon as they begin to bulk up in the spring. Prepare on natural butter: a layer of kidneys, a butter layer, again a layer of kidneys - thickness about a finger, and again as much oils. It is better to take ware clay or ceramic. The pot is put for days in moderate dry heat - in a hot oven, without allowing it to be heated higher than 90 C. To wring out carefully. Such ointment is rubbed in sore joints for the night, sometimes laid over atop fresh birch leaves, turned in dense fabric, strongly fixing a bandage that it was not displaced during a dream. But long ointment is not stored. It is applied at rheumatism, arthritises.

The pitches and essential oils emitted in air by a pine , are very useful to all people, and on people with diseases of respiratory system, such as bronchitis or bronchial asthma, make rather curative impact. Useful properties of pine needles are caused by contents in it the flying essential oils consisting of chemical compounds of aldehydes, alcohols and other chemical compounds. These essential oils possess the strongest bactericidal action. Also the pine contains the mass of vitamins.

The needles of a pine have a broad spectrum of activity: anesthetizing, zhelchegonny, disinfecting, bactericidal, diuretic and immunostimulating. Also very widely the pine is used in cosmetology.

From pine needles remarkable vi taminny drink turns out. For its preparation to you needs a glass of svezhesorvanny needles of a pine. The needles need to be filled in with liter of water and to bring to boiling. To allow to be drawn within a day. To accept on a half-glass in day before food. No more than 3 months.

Needles infusion : 20 - 25 grams of the crushed needles are made boiled water (1:5), boiled about 10 minutes, then 10 more minutes insist, accept this dose within a day. Infusion is accepted at diseases of respiratory organs.

Coniferous bathtub . Very well calms, gives a full-fledged quiet dream. Also rejuvenates skin and increases its protective functions. It is necessary to take a bath on night of Vann have to be slightly cool, the water temperature of 34 - 35 degrees. Procedure 10 duration - 15 minutes, at most 20 minutes. Use broth or infusion of needles. Broth preparation: to fill in two handfuls of needles with 1 liter of boiled water, to boil 10 minutes, to filter and pour out in the bathtub filled with water. Infusion preparation: It is possible to take not only needles, but also bark of a curative fir-tree, about 0,5 kg. At most to 1,5 kg. Everything is filled in with 3 - 4 liters of water and boiled in densely closed ware within 10 minutes. Then allow to be drawn during 4 - x hours and pour out in a bathtub.

Broth from needles at a hair loss . 10 - To knead 20 grams of needles in a mortar or a bucket, to fill in with a glass of water and to bring to boiling. To boil 10 - 15 minutes on weak fire, to remove from fire and to allow to be drawn - without the subsequent heating. After cooling to filter broth. To rub in roots of hair after washing 2 - 3 times a week.

The nettle is very useful to an organism, it possesses a big set of curative and medicinal properties. Known still for a long time, the nettle is often applied as the wound healing, diuretic, kroveostanavlivayushchy, all-strengthening, laxative, vitamin, anticonvulsive, expectorant means. Also the nettle is a valuable source of vitamins.

How to prepare broth from a nettle : 1 St. to fill in a spoon of dry leaves with 1 glass of boiled water, to insist, having wrapped up in a terry towel, to filter. To accept at rheumatism, gout on 1 tablespoon 3 - 4 times a day to food.

It is also possible to prepare anti-inflammatory infusion for rinsing of an oral cavity . to make 10 g of leaves of a nettle ½ a glass of boiled water to insist 10 min., to filter, then to okholodit. To rinse a mouth after meal.

For compresses and washings of purulent wounds prepare infusion : (Together with a stalk) to fill in 2 tablespoons of a nettle with 1 glass of boiled water, to insist 20 - 30 min., to filter.

For strengthening of hair after washing of the head to rub in roots of hair infusion from nettle leaves: To fill in 1 tablespoon with 1 glass of boiled water, to insist 1,5 hours and to filter.

There is no opportunity to give all medical factors of these plants, but, believe, them still very much and it is a lot of. Not for nothing these plants are widely applied in traditional medicine many years, they store in themselves a set of useful properties. But herbs are not suffered in the attitude towards themselves of the familiar, thoughtless address. And it is not necessary to be engaged in treatment without consultation of the doctor.