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International day of dance: what dance - mine? The review of the directions in fitness - clubs

All know that dances give to a body necessary physical activity, improve work of heart and vessels, evenly develop all groups of muscles.

But the most important, dance is a fine emotional discharge. In a human body pleasure hormones therefore the good mood in time and is after classes guaranteed are produced!

In the International day of dance which is celebrated on April 29 I submit to your attention the review of the dancing directions which offer sports and fitness today - clubs for the adults who do not have certain skills.

of Belly dance

of Belly dance (oriental dance), or belly dance, enjoys popularity at the Russian women long ago. Here almost all groups of muscles, including those which are a little involved even at occupations by aerobics - deep muscles of a back, a muscle of a pelvic bottom, a stomach work.

The main movements of oriental dances happen at the expense of oblique muscles of an abdominal tension. In several months of occupations of Belly dance the waist becomes much thinner, and buttocks gain elasticity. Thanks to the fact that muscles of a humeral belt are involved in belly dance the shape of a breast improves. All departments of a backbone participate in the movements, the good bearing is as a result formed.

Belly dance - excellent replacement of anti-cellulite massage, promotes it effect joltings (a special element of dance which consists in vibration of muscles). Thanking to jolting there is a massage of internals of a small pelvis and zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Belly dance helps to normalize arterial pressure, to learn to control breath.

the smooth movements by hands, wrists and shoulders, a rhythm hurling back heels are characteristic

of the Flamenco Of it. Though a flamenco - dance Spanish, it includes elements of many directions of national dance (Gipsy, Arab, Latin American and others).

This dance is unusually emotional. The flamenco is also quite big, very much payload for legs, but on condition of regular jobs. In the course of trainings the beautiful bearing is formed. The back is direct, the head, intense hands is slightly raised - all this does muscles elastic, shoulders are tightened and the neck becomes straight.

Many experts claim that at occupations of a flamenco at women solderings in bodies of a small pelvis resolve. So the flamenco is a good way to restore the health.

the Irish dance

the Irish dance possesses enormous power and an expression. Huge interest in it is connected, first of all, with an unusual pose of the dancer. Dance is executed on semi-fingers, the top part of a trunk and hand are not mobile. The main accent - for fast and vigorous work of legs.

But to learn to hold the case motionless, many efforts are required. In general unprepared dancers should consider that power loading of this dance serious, especially at the beginning when muscles did not get stronger yet and did not get used to a rhythm.

For this reason lessons of the Irish dance begin with warm-up of all muscles.

Is proved that occupations by the Irish dances positively influence work as respiratory, is warm - vascular and nervous system of your organism, allow to lose weight. In the course of training all groups of muscles of the lower extremities are in a special way involved.

the Gipsy dance

dance is under construction on improvisations. As well as the people, the Gipsy culture are freedom in the movements, sensuality, independence. Generally work goes on plasticity of hands, hips, gait, manners. The age of engaged - the most various, but especially involves the Gipsy dance of people is more senior, those who already felt taste of life who had the real feelings. Music on occupations not clockwork, but melodic, a little sad, concerning.

Not without reason the most popular studios of dance include Classical dance in the list of the " directions sooner or later; to the classic . Most of teachers - choreographers is sure that it is the basic level for any dance allowing to prepare a body for the most various loadings. In pure form the classics for adults meets seldom now, but it is possible to carry to this look baud - the ballet.

Training in classical dance develops coordination as it is necessary to combine the movements by hands with the multidirectional movements of legs. At the same time the teacher demands that the movements were accurate, intelligent, correct (made on muscles). Naturally, it is necessary to carry out them artistically and with inspiration!

First difficult and unusually. Hands try to execute the movements intended for legs and vice versa...

Bases of classical dance strengthen back muscles, allow to correct bearing shortcomings. Exercises at the machine extend muscles of a back, legs, hands, necks. And, unlike the directions of fitness, do it physiologically, without injuries, observing all laws of physics of a body!

The main problem zone of most of women - legs and hips. Mastering bases of classical dance, you can cope also with such complex challenges as elimination muscular and fatty riding breeches cellulitis, the pumped-over calves and quadriceps.

Lessons of classical dance exert huge impact and on development of the personality. Breaking psychological barriers and physical difficulties (laziness, weakness, pain), you develop endurance, will power which are so necessary in modern dynamic life.

the Jazz

the Most surprising direction of the dancing present is the jazz. It develops plasticity and feeling of a rhythm, its distinctive feature is a free plasticity of a body, harmony of movements, balance, isolation of movements of separate parts of a body. The jazz is necessary for development of coordination and ability to precisely reproduce the desirable movement. Dancing the jazz, the person notes improvement of memory, imagination and the imagination. The group includes such directions as Afro-the jazz, the jazz - a modernist style, the blues - the jazz.

Today`s jazz - dance is rigid rhythms, an emotional pressure, even some aggression. At it there are elements hip - a hopa, a break, a rap, funk. Dancing figures combine the difficult transfers of hands and the intricate movements of a body which are keeping within an intensive rhythm of music. This dance develops flexibility, plasticity, endurance, and also forms a beautiful bearing and grace.

Choose style lovely to heart - and enjoy, being improved!