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Harm of sushi

of Sushi represent a national dish of Japan. Sushi are small thin layers of fresh fish of a different grade or other seafood which settle down on flat cake of the rice welded in the special way. From above sushi are wrapped in a narrow strip of seaweed (hole).

Initially sushi were not such refined dish. Fish was located in rice to be stored as long as possible. Seaweed provided even more better storage of fish. Then sushi began to differ depending on in what area fish, and from what it was breeds was caught. Besides, depending on localization of settlements of sushi differed on fillings. In other words, in seaside villages in sushi there was more seafood, and in central - there is more rice. Nevertheless, the main rule of sushi remained invariable - rice and fish, plus any stuffing (a cucumber, cream cheese, avocado and other).

do Modern sushi of anything, but the rice basis is present always. Sushi can be made with use of chicken meat and even meat. Rice for sushi has to be prepared in the special way, it has to be kruglozerny and it is easy to stick together. For making sushi it is possible to use both the usual round white rice, and special which is on sale together with sets for sushi.

Advantage of sushi is undoubted as both rice, and seaweed, and fish are useful the minerals and minerals. However you should not forget also about harm of sushi which generally is related not to features of components, and to a way of storage and preparation of this Japanese dish.

Harm of sushi - parasites

In sushi is always used crude fish. That is, if fish is infected with any microorganisms, then they and remain in fillet because fish does not pass thermal treatment. Many believe that microbes and parasites who are in crude fish are destroyed by the salt which is contained in this case in soy sauce with which season sushi. Nevertheless, such opinion is wrong. Salt does not eliminate harmful bacteria. Qualitative fish for sushi has to pass control and be exposed to frost properly as the strong cold kills microbes. By the way, fish for sushi to Russia delivers in refrigerators. In other words, if fish for making sushi was not caught in the next reservoir, then danger to catch parasites is minimized.

meanwhile if there is everything - sushi easier to learn to make danger to catch an infection, then independently. On condition of independent preparation precisely there will be observed maximum precautionary measures. Besides, for home-made sushi it is possible to use light-salted and smoked fish.

Probably, one of the most harmful ingredients of sushi is table salt. Most of all salt contains as it was already told, in the soy sauce served to a dish. There is an opinion that salt in soy sauce not only is harmless, but also is useful. It`s not true. Only two teaspoons of soy sauce contain more than one gram white " poison; and the daily need of the person for salt makes no more than five grams. For this reason if not to refuse soy sauce at all, then it is necessary to limit its use.

Harm of sushi - caloric content

Caloric content at sushi quite high as the main component is a rice, and rice is grain. Of course, it is possible to gain excess weight and sitting on one yogurt, but eating it on 50 packs a day. Danger the use of rice consists that it includes bystrousvoyaemy carbohydrates in the structure. However sushi contain also acetic essences which slow down absorption of carbohydrates.

Summing up the result, one may say, that all can be harmful. The main thing - correctly belongs to the food.