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Easter symbols. When the rabbit began to lay eggs?

the lightest spring family holiday, of course, Easter. Nice chickens and chickens with painted eggs in baskets decorate tables this day together with traditional dishes and pastries. And you know why we paint eggs, we look for them under bushes, we eat chocolate hares and we make chickens? And how the nice rabbit with a hand bell on a neck which lays eggs got for a holiday? Is not present? Then give about everything one after another.

the Light holiday

the Main symbol of a Christian holiday - egg, surely colored, initially in red color. But today what only you will not see flowers and patterns on an Easter egg. The ancient people long before Christ`s birth identified egg with the beginning of life, the birth of all live, from the beginning of spring, compared to image of the Universe.

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Tradition to give to PDT eggs originates in Ancient Rome when Mary Magdalene came to the emperor Tibery after there was Ascension. As it had nothing with itself, except egg, she also presented it to the emperor with the words Christ has risen! . Having doubted in told, the emperor answered that both not mozhetkuriny egg to become red, and the person cannot revive. Tibery did not manage to say it as egg began to change color...

On other legend seven Jews after Jesus Christ`s death sat at a table. Boiled eggs and roast chicken were a meal. Having remembered about the executed Christ, one of attendees told that Jesus has to revive as there will come the third day. However the owner of this house, without having believed, objected: Only if the made chicken recovers, and eggs will change color, then it will be able to revive . And, about a miracle, chicken recovered, and white eggs became red. So the Easter egg became a sign of Revival of the Lord and a symbol of Easter.

And according to the German historians tradition to paint eggs went from requirement to cook eggs that they remained before the termination of a post longer. And for difference crude from boiled - they were painted.

And where hare?

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Why the rabbit lays eggs?

In culture of the countries of the West Easter symbol - the Easter hare. By old German tradition it leaves as a gift to children a nest with surprising color eggs.

The custom appeared in the eighteenth century. Ordinary chicken could not lay such beautiful eggs. Germans wanted to add the fairy tale. So in Saxony the rooster, in Bavaria - a cuckoo, in Hesse - a fox, in Alsace - a stork brought eggs. Here and the hare began to rush too. Over time it forced out other competitors and became the main symbol of Catholic Easter.

Nobody plainly knows from where the custom went to hide eggs. And some experts on history connect it with a name most... Goethe. They say that it he thought up it entertainments for the guests. After children and adults found eggs in a garden under bushes, there was no doubt left that Easter eggs are laid not by hens, but hares. From his easy hand in Western Europe and America chocolate and marzipan rabbits - a favourite delicacy both children, and adults. Only us you will not carry out


By the Russian traditions near colored eggs chicken sits more often. It - a prototype of mother who hatches out and preserves the baby birds, being a symbol of a kind family, the protecting love. The careful brood hen stores also Easter eggs.

We - that perfectly know who actually lays eggs! Therefore we buy, we sew, we knit, we bake, we draw and we make the most various chickens by Easter holiday.

Good and love to you this light day!