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How to lose weight, but not health?

In youth when girlfriends acquired female delights, stuck out of me unless clavicles. Then it was unfashionable. But, I was consoled, years in 30 - 40 the blossoming maidens will grow fat, and I will be elegant. First these hopes were equaled. Even the birth of the child made me only not exhausted. But time on it did not stop - I too. And it is imperceptible, I from tight jeans in more and more spacious seemingly unjustly got over. Is not present

, to obesity it was far. I only ceased to recognize herself in a mirror. And suddenly there was a desperate wish to return itself former! I thought, esteemed and developed the " system; for every day . Despite applied character, in it there are laws, rules and the basic principle. Let`s begin with laws.

Law No. 1. the Steady result is achieved only by a regularity.

Law No. 2. the Figure should not be found at the price of health.

And all damages health inconsistent and chaotic. Means, down with hunger strikes by the holiday ! Down with magic diets of the " type; minus 5 kg in 5 days .

Law No. 3. the Correct diet is a diet .

It is what you eat every day. Any day of the life! Do not keep to a diet - on it live. And live fully, but without surviving, and bring to the health benefit, but not harm. If you choose a diet, it forever.

It is laws - they cannot be broken not to do much harm to themselves.

Now about rules. To me they helped to get rid in 3 - 4 months of 10 kg and without additional efforts to keep result. And on holidays I do not poison a feast with a fast look and an empty plate. And it is all about the principle: is less, to drink more and to move more.

I will repeat, it is necessary to observe it on life but not before holiday . The following councils will allow to realize the principle. Among them there are seemingly axiomatic. But, in - the first, many underestimate them or misunderstand, and in - the second, they work in system.

Council No. 1. To drink water

Physicians - nutritionists consider as norm of 30 ml of water on 1 kg of weight. If your weight of 70 kg, it means that you need more than 2 liters of water a day. Tea, oranges, beer enter here. Coffee, soup, alcoholic beverages - is not present, they do not saturate fabric with water. And frightened shrinkage and spillage the organism if strenuously not to give to drink it, will not give either gram, or a milliliter from the fabrics - at it life depends on it!

Council No. 2.

we Will devour a glass of water before food less, it is checked. As modern citizens overeat is almost universal, it only on advantage.

Council No. 3. Any sugar in tea and coffee

of Coffee - breaks at work is a ritual. Many women are surprised, having counted how many cups of sweet coffee drink in a day just for the company.

Now actually about food. The food on which we want to live all life has to be full and balanced. Means that it is impossible to expel any products entering national culture of food from it. Neither bread, nor fat, nor potato with buckwheat. The Russian peasants ate porridge and bread, washed down with milk and had no obesity. Because spent calories in mad quantity on a hard work. So it is necessary to clean not fat, and lack of culture! And the main sign of lack of culture - is more, than it is necessary for life. For life it is necessary to us very little, we do not plow the earth. So:

Council No. 4. Less portion


in habitually filled plate. If in it the bottom is not visible, let it will become visible. It is possible for you fried potato! But I do not booze, and a handful. It is possible cutlet! One - it is better a half. If edges of a plate drowned, it is necessary not to half, and to put twice less. And at the holiday table put to yourself a piece of cake, only cut off more thinly. It is better, than all to hate, and to break and devastate the refrigerator at night.

Council No. 5. It is more green

to us both proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates, and cellulose with vitamins are necessary. But how many and what? The person, of course, is omnivorous. But everything is closer - to anthropoids, than to cows and wolves. Monkeys willingly eat protein - happen to get. But live in the basic greens. Without competing with primacies in its consumption, we will reduce a proportion of proteinaceous and uglevodisty food in favor of greens.

Council No. 6. It is more crude

we Will displace a proportion in favor of simple and useful: it is less than processed - more crude, it is less fried - more baked, boiled, soared. It is difficult to overdo, we eat a lot of fried meat and very little boiled fish and crude greens.

Council No. 7. Having a snack under control

If I urge to eat

on hours, I will be showered with tomatoes. But at least we will minimize harm. If getting hungry, our first step - to drink a glass of water. We often take thirst for hunger. If passed minutes 20 - 30, and the feeling of hunger amplified, we earned having a snack. But not a roll and not sandwich, but fruit - vegetables. Even if banana, though it and high-calorie. Kefir or other kislomolochka to taste. Yes, it is necessary to fall in love with it! Sandwich it is possible too, I here with cheese and oil on white loaf very much love. Only now - not every day and not on three at once.

Council No. 8. A breakfast, a lunch, a dinner

we Will aspire at least to a regularity. Is fractionally - that is often and gradually is already a platitude, but not council. Which, nevertheless, does not lose the importance. Porridge for breakfast, fruit for a lunch, soup for lunch, kefir for an afternoon snack, fish with salad for dinner and warm milk or tea with honey one couple of hours prior to a dream - it poetry, but not a diet! How many in it rationality, how many advantage - correctness. Correct it is useful.

Council No. 9. Fasting days

Starvation of times the week in general devoted to a gluttony, only to the detriment. Fasting days are good against healthy nutrition. Some practice them regularly, for example, one day a week. Schemes are longer - day a week + three days a month etc., but it is a separate subject. It is possible to unload also on one water, and on a limited set of products. General principle: accurate entrance and exit. That is the day before the facilitated diet on structure and caloric content, and next day careful return to a usual diet.

Council No. 10. Trainings

If to begin to eat properly, the organism at first revolts, and then begins to use cunning - to save calories, if it is impossible to reserve them. Stacks us on a sofa, puts in a chair, moves a little, sleeps more. Here it should be taken away to the gym and to put on a racetrack. Or to whom what is pleasant. Only not for the sake of appearances, and with all the heart! In the hall it is impossible to stroll, glancing in a mirror at the make-up. It is necessary to redden, sweat and puff. Without forgetting to drink water and to observe a diet. Trainings against an overeating do not help to grow thin. Almost none of us are capable to train so.

So, the integrated approach with which we also began is important: it is less than food, it is more than water and the movement. Only this way it is possible to put the body, health and nerves in order.