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Who built pyramid of Cheops?

the Pyramid of Cheops constructed in 2560 are the only wonder of the world from seven which remained till our time. Though the beginning of construction of a pyramid is still not defined - exact sources are not found. Height of a pyramid makes 138,75 m. The mass of stone blocks are from 2,5 t. to 15 t. The number of such stone blocks - 2,5 million pieces

In 1984 in Washington in 1984 there took place conference on results of studying of secrets of pyramid of Cheops. On it the chemist from Switzerland Joseph Davidovits who put forward the theory that the pyramid is put from artificially manufactured blocks acted. Investigating stone blocks, he found a human hair in one of them. It is possible only if the stone was made by a molding method. Besides, Joseph Davidovits found a stone on which the manufacturing techniques of these concrete blocks were traced. It issued an inscription on this stone as the to no - Hau. In Davidovits`s performance there are many controversial issues - what the concrete filler where and how took a stone crumb was made of? Why they did not leave drawings of production of such blocks?

By researches of the American engineer Raimonda D. Mannersa it is established that facet pyramids in ancient times were concave in a middle part, are covered with limestone and given a high polish. Concavity of a side made about 1 m and was intended for focusing of sunshine. Means at that time there had to be the following phenomenon - when the sun rose in 6 degrees from a zenith, temperature on a surface of mirrors made several thousands of degrees, and columns of the heated air rose up. Such light was well seen for example from the Moon. Over time the shining facing was broken and it decorated Cairo palaces and mosques.

Besides, stones of a pyramid are laid so that the gap between them makes no more than 0,5 mm. In this interval white cement which is stronger than a stone is poured and does not allow to get into gaps to moisture. Modern technologies it is unattainable even under that condition if these stones were cast.

Diagonal of pyramid of Cheops absolutely precisely coincides with the direction of a meridian (4 minutes).

Whether Egyptians cost pyramid of Cheops? Any authentic data that the pyramid was built by Egyptians except that Herodotus wrote down in the book no. The American archeologist Robert Shokh found on sphinxes traces from a water erosion. Only rains which are not in Egypt now could leave such marks. These rains went on territories of Egypt in 7000. Means pyramids and a sphinx existed Egyptians much earlier. Our ancestors lived during era of the dokeramichesky Neolithic at this time and did not think of construction of such constructions therefore - that only began to leave caves. Perhaps, this pyramid turned later into a cult construction with some Egyptian completions. But who then real builder?

At the competition Land Art Generator Initiative won against the " project; Lunar elbow constructions for the United Arab Emirates power plants in absolute proportions of pyramid of Cheops. Nine pyramids - one on the center and eight on a circle, will be made of solar batteries and will be able to generate to 1,74 megawatts. Whether was one more mission of pyramid of Cheops - energy development? The more we look narrowly at this wonder of the world, the more arises questions.