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What has to be an easter table?

Easter are the most joyful Christian holiday. Before the termination of the Lent remained to time a little therefore it is necessary to hurry to stock up with the original, tasty, checked recipes of a holiday table. This light and long-awaited day the easter table has to be not less colourful, elegant and appetizing

What hostess does not seek to flash the culinary abilities before the beloved, relatives, friends I think, I will not be mistaken if I assume that in light day of Easter guests by all means will gather in your house. Besides skillfully prepared dishes which recipes I will share a bit later not superfluous will be to resemble of useful tips :

1. Easter is a spring holiday, and the spring is the sun, freshness, ease, brightness of paints and love Respectively, all dishes should be prepared with soul, with love, with desire to create. It is not necessary to hurry at all, to try to make several cases at the same time. Laying of an easter table has to be sustained in light tones (blue, lilac, lime, yellow, white). On a table will not prevent to lay a beautiful light cloth and to put candles.

2. In the center of a table it is also possible to put a bouquet of fresh flowers (tulips, snowdrops, narcissuses etc.) or pots (for example, with crocuses). Flowers not only will be pleasing to the eye, but also will fill the room with light spring aroma.

3. What easter table without traditional colored eggs and an Easter cake? Ways of painting and decoration of eggs (as well as baking of Easter cakes) there is a huge set. Meanwhile, colored eggs will look more brightly and more originally if to lay out them on a plate with fresh greens (to build a so-called clearing and to create something similar to a spring grass).

4. Not to do also without drinks... The best decision for an easter table - cahors wine or any red wine. Also vodka, various tinctures, cognac will approach (on the fan).

5. The easter table is a rich variety of meat dishes: cold appetizers (a jelly or jelly, boiled pork, cuttings), and also hot (the meat baked in an oven, fried ribs, a duck or chicken with apples, etc.) . The main thing - to show the imagination On the contrary, will be inappropriate fish or some vegetarian dishes: The post behind, is a high time to enjoy a festive culinary delicacy!

And now several of simple easter recipes :

Easter is marmalade.

to us it will be required by

to b: 200 g of cottage cheese, 150 g of sugar, 200 g of butter, 1 yolk, 100 g of multi-colored fruit jelly, vanillin, raisin, walnuts.

We prepare:

1. To shake up oil with sugar and vanillin the mixer, gradually adding cottage cheese, and right at the end - an egg yolk.

2. To mix the received weight with raisin.

3. Slightly to grease a deep form (dish) with butter.

4. To lay in it curds, slightly pressing down. To put in cold.

5. When Easter stiffens, to shift it to a flat beautiful dish. To decorate from above with pieces of fruit jelly and nutlets.

Easter Easter cake.

to us it will be required by

to b: for a support - 2,5 glasses of flour, 5 glasses of milk, 50 g of dry yeast. For the test - 4 glasses of flour, 5 proteins, 15 yolks, 400 g of butter, 1 glass of sugar, raisin, fruit jelly, marzipan weight or mastic, sugar topping.

We prepare:

1. To prepare a dense support (the yeast divorced in the warmed-up milk, flour). After it will rise, to add still torments, yolks, butter, sugar, fruit jelly.

2. To mix dough.

3. To put to the warm place.

4. To add whipped whites, to knead dough.

5. To shift in the high form oiled and sprinkled with a sukharny crumb (to allow it to rise).

6. To bake in an oven until the crust of an Easter cake blushes.

That the Easter cake was rather festive, it needs to be decorated. For this purpose we will prepare glaze :

of 250 g of icing sugar, 1 beaten egg white, a flour pinch. Stirring slowly, to kindle glaze on a water bath and to grease with it a ready Easter cake. To decorate from above with sugar topping, fruit jelly, raisin, nutlets, from mastic or marzipan weight to cut out florets, butterflies and td. Instead of glaze it is possible to use traditional meringue (whipped whites with sugar).

With a holiday of Easter you, friends! To in total you the lightest and kind! Pleasant and sincere feast!