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What contraceptives happen?

exist a set of contraceptives Today. Some of them are less effective, than others. One have heavier side effect, others - less. Without application of contraceptives of 80 - 90% of women would become pregnant within the first year of sex life.

A main goal of application of contraceptives - the prevention of undesirable pregnancy. Undesirable pregnancy can cause not only negative emotions, it can be hazardous to health and put in a serious financial position.


1. Contraceptive tablets (oral contraceptives). the combined preparations are most popular

Now. Thanks to the low content of hormones they cause less than unpleasant side effects; besides, it is considered that the probability of emergence of serious complications at their reception is lower, than when using tablets which were issued earlier, with the high content of hormones.

Oral contraceptives interfere with conception, blocking a normal cycle of secretion of hormones and preventing thereby an ovulation. Available in tablets progestogen complicates implantation, suppressing development of a mucous membrane of a uterus; besides, it causes a condensation of the slime which is contained in a neck that complicates advance of spermatozoa.

2. Condoms.

Now this most widespread contraceptive applied by men.

Condoms are usually packed into plastic or a foil and differ in a variety: one are covered with greasing, others multi-colored, and on the third there are a small ribbing or ledges which as it is considered, stimulate the woman at sexual intercourse stronger. Condoms happen or to the roundish end, or to the small tank on a tip for sperm reception.

3. Intrauterine contraceptives (Naval Forces).

of Naval Forces, or, in popular speech, the spiral is small plastmassovo - metal adaptation which through a vagina is entered into a uterus cavity. Believe that they interfere with implantation of the impregnated ovum, causing local inflammatory reaction, and block a spermatozoon, without giving it the chance to impregnate an ovum.

4. Diaphragms.

the Diaphragm represents a superficial roundish dome from the thin rubber tense on an elastic ring. The diaphragm serves as a mechanical barrier, it is entered into a vagina and have so that it completely covered a uterus neck. In view of insufficient reliability of this barrier the diaphragm is greased spermitsidy, killing spermatozoa which managed to nestle under it.

5. Cervical cap.

the Cervical cap is similar to a diaphragm, adaptation, skintight to a uterus neck, which keeps on the place thanks to suction.

Cervical caps as well as diaphragms, create a mechanical barrier to sperm. They are more effective, than diaphragms because they adjoin to a uterus neck more densely.

6. Spermitsida. Spermitsida`s

, or chemical vaginal contraceptives, are very various: foams, jelly, creams, pastes, tablets. Spermitsida`s

work in two directions: their active chemical component kills spermatozoa, and the filler containing this component creates the mechanical barrier blocking access to a uterus neck.

7. Contraceptive tampons.

This latest contraceptive which was widely adopted now represents the soft tampon of one-time use entered into a vagina. The tampon has rounded shape, is impregnated spermitsidy, its size about 5 x 2,5 cm. Contraceptive tampons are on sale in drugstores without recipe and they do not need to be selected by means of the doctor.

8. Sterilization.

the highest degree of protection against pregnancy, except for full abstention, is provided now by sterilization - the surgeries making impossible conception. Both women, and men can be exposed to it.

Exists many surgical methods of sterilization of women. Almost all of them are brought together to blocking of uterine tubes to prevent merge of a spermatozoon and an ovum. Now bandaging of uterine tubes per se is made seldom as this procedure is less effective, than other ways of blocking - partial excision, imposing of clips, etc. of Vazektomiya`s

- excision of a semyavynosyashchy channel at men. It is a simple surgery which consists that the channel is cut, and the ends tie up. As at the time of a vazektomiya mature gametes are already available, usually there has to pass some time before semen becomes sterile.

However, resorting to sterilization, it is necessary to remember that this process unilateral and the return operation does not exist.

Sometimes disturbs people that someone, having found in them contraceptives, will understand that they have or assume to have sex. Such situation is quite real for the teenagers who are afraid that parents learn about it. But it is not necessary to be ashamed of it or to be afraid. I do not think that someone will be pleased BY UNDESIRABLE pregnancy. Therefore I urge you to be more careful and to be protected. There is a lot of ways of contraception and now you know about them a little more. I think, my article will help you to decide what contraceptive you will choose.