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Whom was legendary Freddie Mercury? Part 3

Mercury and the producer Reynkhold Makk got acquainted in 1979 when Queen registered in Munich in one of the legendariest studios - The Musicland . In this studio the producer Dzhiordzhio Moroder wrote down the well-known hits which changed style of the disco.

Mercury was pleasant the city at once, he lived two years there and found many friends. As well as New - York where it had an apartment too, Munich was Mecca the gay - cultures. Freddie was pleasant the local quiet atmosphere and the fact that it can do everything that wants, without fear to be a convict. Usually it was reserved and did not like to expatiate on this party of the life, but not in Munich. Here Freddie at last could be oneself. He liked to be in the brisk area under the name Bermuda Triangle in which there were numerous clubs of homosexuals. Makk remembers: I think, one of the reasons of its frequentations of Munich was that in it conditions for the gay - cultures were more favorable and open than where - or in the world .

But some of his friends claimed that Freddie planned to give up the hobby and to make a family. In it there was nothing unreal - Mercury lived seven years from Mary Austen, and they wanted to get married. According to Makk, Mercury`s dream of a family had deep roots - during study in a boarding school he was for a long time torn off from the family.

Makk remembers: Freddie few times spoke to me: Perhaps, I will throw the " soon; blue features . I do not think that it was strange. He understood that it has homosexual inclinations when to it there were twenty four - twenty five. Before it had no deviations. Could happen to it anything. I saw how he behaved in the company of women. Freddie was not indifferent to them. It is rather opposite...

Once, about five years ago, me was brought by my accountant and I had to pay surtaxes. I discussed a problem with Freddie, complaining of this circumstance. What he answered me: Devil take it, it is only money! Why to go crazy? You have all it is only possible to dream of, - a fine family, children. There is what I will never have .

Makk was struck with the speed with which Mercury worked. Only six hours were enough for it to write the potpourri from fate - N - beaters. The song became a hit in many countries and took the second place in the British lists.

is Told by Makk: Freddie could write a thing in twenty minutes. Before it appeared in studio, it in the head had only one ready line. But in the course of work the others came. It was amazing.

Ya exclusively well got on with Freddie. I liked to work with the genius. It had a surprising perception of music. But I was fascinated not only by his musical talent. It was an excellent guy, very attentive. He sincerely was interested in me, my family and children .

In Munich Freddie fell in love with Winnie - the nice German, the owner of restaurant. Their relations lasted all the time while Mercury lived in this city. Makk remembers: I think that the episode during their first meeting was one of the reasons which attracted Freddie. Winnie did not know whom was Freddie. When Freddie told that at doors of bar they are waited by a limousine with the driver, Winnie answered: And me somehow to a bulb. If you want to be with me, then we will go . Freddie`s wealth did not seduce it at all, and it was pleasant to Mercury.

Freddie wanted to have long-term communication. It was very thrifty, I remember how it helped to move away Winnie restaurant. Freddie told that he when he comes back home, tests awful boredom. However it was not absolutely so. It was very occupied by all efforts on arrangement of the house - in this Freddie was very pedantic. It constantly checked whether pictures are correctly hanging that becomes in its garden with flowers. In Munich he very much liked to go shopping and to shop for the house. My wife and Freddie usually went behind purchases together. He bought many pictures and porcelain.

The love inspired Mercury. Music and verses came to it quite easily, but when it was in love, wrote even quicker. Nothing was written by him only during a depression. Therefore - that at Queen there are no gloomy songs, even ballads are deprived of grief. And though many consider that the words The Show Must Go On are full of pessimism, I do not agree with it. For me the song is full of love to life .

Freddie preferred to have a rest the last seven years in hotel of the Ration - the small farmer house hidden on the island of Ibiza. Besides music Freddie Mercury had two more ardent passions - sex and expenditure of money. In several minutes he could spend so much how many other will not earn for all life.

In the eighties Ibiza was one of the most popular solar corners for young people - fans of carefree life, free sexual morals and orgies on the beach. Mercury wanted to taste freedoms of the idyllic island, to hide from the world and to stay by itself. He loved the privacy provided by hotel and reveled in relaxing holiday.

When Mercury was going to leave Munich, Makk not too was surprised: Reconstruction of his smart house in Kensington was finished, and Freddie decided that silly to leave it empty. But I do not think that when he left Munich, he knew about an illness. It occurred a little later. Probably, in 1986. And precisely - in 1987 - m on Ibiza. Then it had spots on a face. I asked it: what is it? But he laughed the matter off. Freddie did not need sympathy and believed that he will be able to fight because it had many forces plus tremendous will. He could not touch cocaine, having accepted it much the day before and not to think even of it. It had an amazing self-control. I think, he felt that he can resist to an illness, otherwise would not fight so long .

Despite deterioration in health, Mercury continued to work and consider new projects. Makk speaks: He wanted to create big orchestral composition. Freddie liked to combine different ideas. Its work with Monserrat Kabalye was interesting, but I do not think that their voices were well combined. She sings in style which is not inherent in fate .

Freddie Mercury conducted sexual life rough, full of adventures, sometimes changing lovers every night. There were enough persons interested to keep it the company in a bed especially as Freddie as he admitted, possessed huge sexual inclination . But Mercury wanted romanticism - to have the constant partner who could divide with him that fantastic world that he created around himself. It needed the person capable to give it love, care and empathy.

Mercury was torn apart by these desires almost all the life. I can oversleep with anyone, - he was praised once. - There are days when I live only sex .

Months-long tours became for it searches of the next adventures. When other members of group went to a striptease or to a disco, Mercury went in blue areas. To the Nye - York it found especially attractive: It is the city of the Sin from capital letter .

Mercury never directly admitted the bents. He foggy said that it has relations both with men, and with women . Usually he told also the following: If it is interesting to someone, then let learn. They can think anything of my bisexual image. I want that I was surrounded by secret . The majority of his admirers or did not suspect about its homosexual communications, or refused to trust rumors. And for many fans it was an ideal of the potential husband.

Why Mercury never admitted that he was a homosexual, laughed the matter off and left from the answer, we never learn. Some considered that he did not want to offend the deeply religious parents. Others - that, being reserved, he never devoted anybody in a detail of the life. As the proof to that serve not numerous interviews in which he told about the private life. The third considered that as the true businessman, Freddie decided not to advertize the addictions as it can tear away from him part of admirers. The reason was in another .

According to Ric Skaya`s book Freddie Mercury