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Education in Russia. What results of 2010?

While the cost of the higher education in Russia breaks all European records, quality of education continue to fall. Hardly it is possible to call results of 2010 in this area optimistical. However, here some of them.

The cost of the highest education in Russia today one of the highest in Europe. For an example, training cost in Technical University of Munich makes about 1200 euros a year (55 thousand rubles), at the Parisian university Sorbonne - from 250 to 1000 euros a year (12 - 50 thousand rubles). In Russia to be trained in MGIMO, for example, costs from 118 to 290 thousand rubles a year. It should be noted that it is not the most expensive higher education institution in the country.

Meanwhile by results of the rating published by the " magazine; Newsweek in 2010, on quality of education Russia is on 31 places though last year we were on 27 - m.

But if an education rating - yet not the most obvious indicator, then here is how it affects the population life.

Certainly that the director or the company do not need employees who cannot make that product which from them is expected. And so, at the time of the beginning of 2010 (February) unemployment rate in Russia was 10,20%. As the head of the Health Ministry Tatyana Golikova reported last Thursday, officially registered unemployment in the Russian Federation as of January 12, 2011 made 1,595 million people, having increased only for the last two weeks by 1,3%.

Unemployment rate in Europe though not optimum, but below - beginning from 10% in France and finishing 7. 4% in Italy.

We will remind that at the plenary session of Civic chamber which was taking place in November devoted to education, the Russian Federation the rector of GU - HSE, the member of the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation Yaroslav Kuzminov noted: In spite of the fact that 80% of youth get higher education and in our country 620 students are the share of 10 thousand people, in the country deficiency of qualified specialists is observed, and deficiency of working specialties makes 60% .

At the same time experts note that the share of the enterprises which do not cooperate with higher education institutions in five years grew from 21% to 71%. In turn, higher education institutions ceased to let out narrow experts in this or that area, giving to students only common cultural knowledge.

According to Yaroslav Kuzminov ... it demonstrates prosperity of pseudo-education in Russia .

I thus, we have an education system which is inefficient today, and continues to degrade, despite active carrying out reforms in this area. And looking at it, the impression is made that fight for education does not achieve the objectives from - for incorrectly chosen point of application of effort. Or, in other words, the true reason is not settled.

It is possible to blame some the Russian mentality, either a geographical arrangement, or invasion Tatar - the Mongol that on education level Russia is not included even into ten (though entered into the three the world 20 years ago), but from it changes little. The reason of this trouble is much simpler and more prosy. In order that to cope with it, not obligatory to turn back time at all, to expose universal plot, etc., etc.

When we asked experts in the field of education the question What is necessary that education in Russia became better? here that the President of Applied formation of the CIS Ekaterina Komarova answered us it: First of all it is necessary to introduce widely use of dictionaries and practice of clearing of words. It has to become as natural how to brush teeth in the mornings. It is necessary in order that people understood that they study and could use the gained knowledge in life .

Also we decided to address L. R. Hubbard`s works - one of the most famous educators of the XX century, the person who developed Technology of training which saved many countries of the world where today it is introduced at the state level.

This technology describes the main obstacles in a way of the person to assimilation of the studied information and ability to apply it in life. And so, one of the main obstacles in training are misunderstood words, i.e. words which value the person does not understand or understands not correctly.

As practice, to 9 - mu shows to a class of school most of pupils gather so large number of misunderstood words that them cannot apply the majority of the studied material. The same Technology contains exact methods of the help to students on removal of obstacles in training.

The help in development of this technology can be received in any office of Applied education, including Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Applied formation of the CIS . It is possible to get acquainted with Applied Education also at the Russian Educational Forum which will take place from April 19 to April 22, 2011 in KVTs Sokolniki .

It should be noted that only for 2010 more than 7 000 teachers in 66 countries, and " were trained; Technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard helped more than 2. 7th million people worldwide.

Process of training is not reduced only to that atop one data to heat up others. It is in that in a new way to understand something and to find more perfect ways something to do .

L. Ron Hubbard

In a word - the decision is. It was necessary to use it. In this case, perhaps, we will be able to take pride for the country.