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Than the avocado fruit is good?

Having inspired by the recipe to a guakamola which was found in ShZh began to be interested in avocado and was glad to how many useful properties this fruit possesses that it is from America and grows on a tree which is necessary the relative to all to the known laurels.

History of use of avocado contains not less than 7 thousand years, but actively began to cultivate it in the middle of the 18th century, however, the fruit quickly enough extended on the planet. Avocado got to Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, and presently gets divorced in 50 countries of the world.

On - scientific, that is in Latin, avocado is called Persea americana - Perseus American. And the name is really given in honor of the antique mythological hero of Perseus, however, by analogy with the certain Egyptian tree mentioned by Teofrast and Hippocrates. But what the plant is, I did not manage to find out, alas.

In translation from language of Aztecs of avocado is yaichkovy tree . And all because observant Indians have a type of the fruits which are in pairs hanging on a tree caused association with the known men`s bodies. But there are also others nicknames for example, alligatorova pear .

On one of versions, it came from a pereinachivaniye Spaniards difficult to pronounce Aztec akhuakatl to the word similar to sounding in their native language of the name of a toothy animal. But me other version according to which the British who paid attention both to a pear-shaped form and on rigid " so named avocado is more to liking; pimply a peel of characteristic it is dark - green color. And here oil of naval cadets it was named precisely by Spaniards - for a sytnost. Indians for the same reason nicknamed cow of poor people .

Of course, this Burenka feeds it is very nutritious moreover and is curative. So, avocado is considered the champion among the products which are well influencing functioning of a liver - is very valuable, agree. Besides promotes normalization of arterial pressure that too is quite good. It is useful at a number of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, diabetes, anemia, the broken metabolism etc. of

About vitamins and minerals, I think, and it is so clear that are available in considerable quantity (and the thiamine, in it is more than Riboflavinum and vitamin E, than in any other food). Thanks to this avocado possesses the rejuvenating properties, and also protective - from oncological diseases (first of all, protects prostate gland).

Also the fact that the use " is important; alligatorovy pear women during incubation of the child reduces risk of development in it of congenital anomalies. On the caloric content of avocado it is capable to replace meat and eggs, and except a sytnost, possesses also qualities of aphrodisiac. Here such, frankly speaking, interesting bouquet properties.

In America this fruit is appreciated so that in some countries (in Mexico, Brazil) on the ancient custom which remained up to now it is given to relatives on birthday. And women are since ancient times very not indifferent to avocado for the fact that they from it get beauty oil . But besides the cosmetic purposes, this oil is used at treatment of burns, eczemas, skin rashes and periodontosis.

Generally, advantages at alligatorovy pear it is a lot of. And all - it is important to remember some precaution: in - the first, the laxative effect of the use of vegetable can be undesirable in certain time; in - the second, it can cause allergic reaction in especially sensitive people. So it is worth testing at first it in small doses. But if everything is all right, then, as they say, on health!

About recipes with avocado there will be a separate conversation. Also it will begin, of course, with American cuisine...