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How to grow up cucumbers - alligators in the greenhouse? Professional advice, part II

During the whole sowing season at gardeners and gardeners arise the narrowly targeted questions demanding simple and laconic answers. The most often arriving questions are answered by the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the founder and the President of " Agricultural firm; SEDEK Sergey Dubinin.

How to earn from the kitchen garden and why not all manage it?

Once I began with

the business with 3 hundred parts of a kitchen garden which presented to me on a wedding. On these 3 hundred parts I built three greenhouses, covered them with a film and landed tomatoes. Still I remember that put 67 grades. All fall picked out from them seeds, and sold in the market in the winter. It was the beginning of my business. In the first year I earned 10 000 old rubles. By the way, at that time bread, for example, cost 13 kopeks.

My last annual salary in public service the leading engineer of the " airport; Domodedovo made 2 000 rubles, that is, working at 3 hundred parts of a kitchen garden and selling results of work in the market, I earned five times more. Here to you and result: 3 hundred parts of the earth on the waste ground grew in one of the largest selektsionno - the seed-growing companies of Russia. And so everyone can succeed!

I chose business on seeds of vegetables. Later began to be engaged in flowers seeds and seed potatoes. There are also many other options of garden business. For example, how many shanks of currant it is possible to put on a ground of the size of a desk when landing at distance 3 - 4 cm from each other? And how much is currant in the market? Here to you and business.

Try to buy good garlic in the market! It is very difficult. Garlic was always scarce goods. Grow up it, sell and earn very good money. Even on horse-radish it is possible to make good money. And it grows as a weed.

Once you think, and you will find the mass of options of business on a kitchen garden. If you have a site, then each square meter on it can be delivered on monetary rails!

Even in business where, apparently, all places are taken, it is possible to find the niches. For example, in the same potato seed farming. I begin to revive loved by the people " now; To Sineglazk about which very many farmers are interested. There is no healthy material of this grade now, and we it let`s reanimate through the revitalized material (meristem). Four years are required on its reproduction. Also SEDEK begins to improve and make multiple copies useful and dietary color potatoes. In other words, in agriculture of prospect are not limited.

So you create, earn. The main thing - to want and try.

In more detail how to start business from scratch:

As I began the business .

How to use long cucumbers in cookery?

These cucumbers of east type we call

alligators and everyone who saw them and grew up, will agree with this definition. They are very long, are covered with large pimples, have the extended basis similar to a nose of a reptile. It is difficult not to notice them on a bed: both in the greenhouse, and in an open ground.

Such cucumbers differ from usual in the fact that fructify generally on the main stalk, and on lateral escapes give only 1 - 2 zelenets.

Grades are very fruitful. From one plant it is at the same time possible to cut off 4 - 6 large zelenets up to 30 - 40 cm long. The Prichyomsummarny harvest from one plant is usually higher, than at cucumbers - gherkins, thanks to the large sizes of fruits. It is possible to break alligators both 20 - and 35 - centimetric as it is pleasant more.

Alligators much more tasty, than habitual cucumbers, at the fresh use. The matter is that they very fragrant, and at preparation of fresh salads aroma always extends on all room.

But they are suitable also for salting and preservation. But cucumbers of such size are not located in bank entirely, and cut them segments or kegs.

An alligator of F1, the Emerald stream of F1, the Chinese disease-resistant F1, the Chinese heat-tolerant F1 and other hybrids of this type differ in especially sweet taste, and having tried them in salad, you will absolutely precisely prefer them to usual gherkins. I recommend to try.

Alligators - it is one more example of advantage of possession of own kitchen garden. Such cucumbers can be grown up only independently, and here in the market of such fragrant and long alligators not to find. Perhaps, such fragrant and sweet zelenets are only in the Far East, on proximity to China, Korea where similar cucumbers are especially loved.

In more detail about long cucumbers - alligators :

Cultivation of cucumbers. How to earn from what is demanded always. Hunting on krokodilchik .

That means F1 in the name of hybrids? It does not belong to GMO?

Many mistakenly consider that the hybrid of F1 and a genetically modified product is the same. Actually, the hybrid of F1 is a result of crossing of maternal and fatherly lines. Some cultures have a difficult crossing when and father and mother are selected from several parents. And by this difficult crossing such plants which are capable to give higher productivity turn out, are steadier against diseases, and also to inherit other signs conceived by the selector.

It is necessary to remember that from hybrids seeds cannot be taken as in this case there is a splitting to parental lines. It can lead to the fact that the harvest will turn out not the best. Many gardeners forget about it, take seeds from fruitful hybrids, and complain, receiving not what counted on on the beds.

As for GMO, in the work I never faced even the offer to buy genetically modified seeds. In my opinion, this problem is more it is inflated Mass media, than actually exists. In seeds of vegetables you can hardly face it if you buy them from the reliable seller.

You can safely buy hybrids of F1, it has no relation to genetically modified seeds. whether

Exist frost-resistant grades of cabbage?

of Completely frost-resistant cabbage does not exist, but late grades of cabbage are capable to sustain small frosts and can hold a head of cabbage to the Cover, to the first snow. From it it even becomes more tasty, especially for a fermentation, thanks to accumulation of sugars optimum for this purpose. But it is better not to abuse and cut off cabbage as soon as threat of strong decrease in temperature appears.

I would recommend late grades F1 Katyusha, Ulyana of F1, the Russian winter of F1, the Sugar head.

In more detail about ways of use and cultivation of cabbage:

Cabbage to all head .

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