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The child does not get on well at school? And how he sleeps?

Children who get enough sleep at night have advantage at school before the peers. Initially chronic sleep debt was attributed only to adults, but with increase of loading in school the lack of a dream was thrown also on pupils.

The huge number of open classrooms, a hobby force children to prolong wakefulness time. Homeworks and an evening side job especially are capable to delay withdrawal time to a dream.

All these factors are reflected in children: working capacity, attention, ability to cope with stressful situations decreases; the risk increases to have an accident from - for absent-mindedness, emotional problems - irritability, a depression, irascibility, tendency to violence appear. There are problems with health, the probability of alcohol intake and smoking increases, reaction speed decreases, the child as if drops out of life.

Numerous researches of a dream of school students showed that children, including teenagers, need more than 9 hours of a dream at night, actually they sleep less than 7 hours! Moreover, only 15% of teenagers sleep necessary 9 hours. One of the reasons of it that school students seek to go to bed after parents. Falling asleep late and waking up early, they reduce dream duration during the whole week. As result - a habit to sleep off on days off. And it is a problem as this habit breaks natural internal clocks of an organism.

Other research showed that not the quantity, but quality of a dream is more important. So, those school students who sleep on the sofa get on well at school worse, than those who sleep on an orthopedic mattress. And it at identical quantity of a dream.

Parents not always think of how their child sleeps whether enough to him it is comfortable? He can not tell that he sleeps superficially or uneasily, but consequences of a bad dream are reflected in progress at school.

The good orthopedic mattress developed by orthopedic surgeons, created by the checked producer - guarantee of activity of the child, his good mood, perception, so, and excellent progress at school.

In laboratory of a dream of the " company; Ascona researches of a dream of the child are regularly conducted, the conditions necessary for harmonious development of a children`s organism are developed.

Researches are conducted under the leadership of the academician, the Dr.Sci.Biol. V. I. Dikul who devoted the life to fight against diseases oporno - the motive device. Its purpose - to develop such children`s mattress which would provide the correct development of a backbone it would be capable to prevent possible violations.

One of possible solutions of the problem of a school sleep debt is transfer of the beginning of school lessons for later time. Several schools of the USA accepted this offer, but there are educational institutions in which two changes and as practice shows, studying in the second change, the school student sleeps more, but it has less free time. There are difficulties with circles and open classrooms: or to postpone them to late evening, or for early morning, to school. Both it does not make sense if it is about a full-fledged dream also health of the child.

One more enemy of a dream - the electronic engineer: computer and mobile phone. By then, when the body is ready to sink into a sleep, the brain excretes melatonin and the feeling of drowsiness appears. The greatest number of melatonin is developed in the dark, and light from the monitor and phone lowers these indicators. Therefore it seems to the child that he does not want to sleep.

That a dream of your child became the most qualitative, implement the following recommendations:

1. A dream according to the schedule. It is necessary to avoid a day dream that the child wanted to sleep in the evening. And it is necessary to go to bed at the same time.

2. For an hour to a dream reduce the number of bright lighting, do not allow the child to sit in front of the computer or in front of the TV. It is better to use this time for preparation for a dream: for example, acceptance of a heat bath will reduce internal temperature thanks to temperature increase of a surface of a body.

3. Decrease in internal temperature - too one of call signs to a dream . During this time do not abuse and do not punish the child: emotions increase internal temperature. It is better to devote this time to pleasant easy conversation.

4. Recently teenagers abuse caffeine. In the mornings it is pertinent, but in the afternoon and exclude it in the evening.

5. Be convinced that the nursery is regularly aired and average temperature makes 20 ⁰ Page. It is better when in the room it is dark, but if light is necessary, let it will be without blue range. Before a dream it is better to be tidied up in the room that there was no excess vanity during preparation for rest.

6. If your day regimen does not coincide, take care of that the extraneous noise did not prevent the child to fill up. At the same time music is too a foreign sound therefore it is not welcomed.

7. That the dream of your child became rather qualitative, seriously treat the choice of a mattress and pillow. For some reason this aspect is in vain ignored at the organization of a children`s berth. Be convinced that the mattress corresponds to parameters of a body of the child because the mattress and a pillow are selected especially individually. The pillow has to correspond to a habitual pose of a dream and characteristics of a mattress. Do not forget that the wrong sleeping surface can not only affect progress at school, but also do serious harm to health of your child.

The berth has to be convenient. Ideal option - an orthopedic mattress: the dream on such surface becomes deep, and your child gets enough sleep quicker, than usually, and shows good progress at school!

A dream - a crucial component of development and training of the child. The body needs a dream therefore it will sleep irrespective of where and with whom is. Therefore it is better to think of that the child had necessary time and the most favorable situation for a full-fledged dream at night in advance. And then vigorous morning will lay the foundation to successful day!

Yours faithfully, Sedov I. S.,

head of Laboratory of Control service of quality of LLC Ascona .