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My child does not want to study. What to do?

Ya think, such problem arises in many families sooner or later. Some parents from it just wave away, others try to force the child, someone accuses teachers and school, but look honestly - it does not work! A problem it is necessary to eat, solve it. There is a question: how?

So it happened that my parents never paid for one tutor for me kopek. I remember, in the 3rd class I with the grandmother sit in the room, and my parents in kitchen solve to me a problem of mathematics and argue. Mother solves as it is solved in the 3rd class, but at her the answer does not meet with the answer in the textbook. The father solves the trigonometrical equations, the answer meets, but mother proves to it that I still do not know it, and the teacher will understand at once who did homework. Funny I do not remember how all - this situation was solved then, but over the years I understood how it is possible to help really people when they cannot study something.

Let`s return to how to help the child with training? If it is honest, I am not confident that all know what is mathematics, algebra, geometry, Russian, drawing etc. Moreover, I am sure that hardly anyone - that for himself cleared up it. At school of it precisely teachers do not do. And here your child comes to study, and this the first that will stop him, and perhaps forever! He does not understand! Its gears stand still, but it force to work in this area somehow. And here all problems also begin! Understand that he is not capable to cope with it, it is the TRUTH. The only exit - to clear all this!

I think that time you read this article, this problem really concerns you. Be not too lazy to buy the good simple dictionary or use dictionaries on the Internet. Just take that area in which your child, for example, to the mathematician does not succeed, and clear it for yourself! All main definitions and concepts, just for the sake of interest at least look in the dictionary and check whether correctly you understand them. Understand it. I am sure that you will find a lot of new and interesting to yourself. I cleared up it in 27 years and to much was surprised.

Explain with the following step it to the child. But not in a manner: Listen here, the small knave! And simply, quietly. If the child asks you a question which you cannot answer, it is not necessary to shut it a mouth. Open the dictionary, find and clear what you do not understand, and then explain it to the child. Ask it to give examples with this word or concept, to make offers until he does not understand it. It is extremely important not to be irritated, and to continue quietly.

Yes, you will spend time, but, having cleared it is once, and then still, having taught the child to do it independently, you lose problems on for the rest of the life! Besides, you will save the mass of money on tutors! How you consider whether such game is worth the candle? Whether you for yourself are ready to buy tranquility forever, having spent on it some time now?

what is described above is an essence of the checked technique which proved the efficiency not once and not in one ten countries of the world. The technique is called Technology of training and her author - L. Ron Hubbard.

By results of researches on the basis of which this technique was developed, it was revealed that the person gives up study or loses to it interest after to it the word which value he did not understand meets, or misunderstood. In this regard there is a wish to pay attention to results of survey conducted among school students by results of which it became clear that the majority of them do not understand that names of objects which they study mean.

For a start, perhaps, it makes sense to understand in what mission of school. And excellent definition is given, in my opinion, by L. Ron Hubbard: The School is not that place where give children that they did not get under feet adults during the day. It would be too expensive pleasure. The school is a place where develop ability to study and where children can be prepared for a meeting with real life, to teach them competently to cope with it and to prepare for taking in hand the tomorrow`s world in which today`s adults will be already elderly people and old men .

If to look at education problems, considering this this, then their decision looks not such and difficult - to achieve that children understood word meaning which they learn at school. With Russia with it can help Applied formation of the CIS .

More than 1000 " groups; Applied education now work in 67 countries, and more than 500 of them opened only for the last 7 years. Besides, teachers from 42 countries, including India, Japan, Palestine and Swaziland, were trained in technology of training. If to consider that these teachers in turn prepared the colleagues and students, then total number of those who benefited from technology of training since the International center was open, makes more than 20 million now.

Progress to you!

Source: www. clearwords. ru