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Money from the Internet - the myth or reality?

Buying the computer, I considered it unnecessary the modem so far, but friends and newspapers dinned into the ears earnings of the fabulous capitals through the Web. Having given in to mass hysteria, I went to firm behind the modem. The huge number of people approved, which distribute money to a nakhalyav. Bought the modem chistchto already received the first attract from bourgeois sponsorovo for reasons to earn a little . Actively I use the Internet 4 years - did not receive cent though gave about $1000 for use of the Network. But about everything one after another.

So, most checked and effective partner programs for your websites were considered as way of earnings. Was not able to do the websites, did not care for promotion, well from where to me was to know about such subtleties promotions. The broker was already chosen - CJ. At that time in newspapers wrote, that it most checked, honest and solvent. You, probably, understood at once that at me nothing left. And in general, now I do not hear any successful review of work with this broker. Generally - a total failure. Banners are not necessary to anybody, except me.

Having understood that not to earn money with such way, I began to find texts of those who already (allegedly) earned, without having own website. In the main way free earnings there was a surfing - viewing of advertizing banners in the specialized program (ViewBar). Spedia is considered the best sponsor. net which as spoke, regularly pays to all regions. Again waste of time and money (Internet yet not free). Earned couple of unfortunate cents for reading letters, for viewing through vyyubar they persistently did not set off though I did everything as it is necessary. Subsequently and for letters ceased to charge - God forbid not to gather for the minimum sum for sending the check. For reading letters regularly paid AllCommunity at which I managed to earn only 0. 3 cents, and spam it dispatches really regularly, almost whole year! For filling of questionnaires - any letter suggesting to fill in the questionnaire on a paid basis did not come to soap. Bourgeoises do not need our opinion!

Having been disappointed in the first experience, I began to choose sponsors a little more carefully. I returned to development of the website again. Gradually found me (through e - mail) the offer to earn $500 by means of Nitroclicks. Having read the letter is attentive and having a little thought, I decided that it is possible. The principle of work consisted in the following: on the website Nitroclicks. com constantly were tasks for performance - most often it were tasks of type to subscribe to newsletter, to visit the website and to log in, etc. The design of the website, the number of his admirers inspired trust. One surprised - abnormally high price for a task ($1-5) and too high minimum sum to payment - $500. I began to work actively - performed all available tasks, attracted 16 referrals (same naive as I). Money was without any arguments charged, appear, things are going swimmingly. But when I reached $378, tasks ceased to appear, and the profit on refer also ceased to arrive. I contacted them through e - mail. It appeared, those who earned less than $330, still worked indifferently, and those two that earned more also lost an opportunity to earn still - to treasured $500. I hope, you already understood policy of this cheating. All accounts on which enough money was registered were just frozen. The annoying that nobody received any explanation, and all letters which wrote to administration were just ignored. There is a question: and why not to allow to earn, say, $450, and already then to freeze the account? Yes because if you earned almost all money, it would look as a frank cheating, and you would ring round all instances that you were given due, and so everything looks much more harmlessly! Well, it is necessary to pay tribute to an ingenuity of developers of the project.

After that I understood that, except as on the website, it is impossible to earn. Wanderings in information searches in the matter were inevitably reduced to the partner program of porta shop. ru. Decided to try. The minimum sum to payment was not really big, quite accessible - $25. I persistently began to earn these pennies. On reaching the specified sum I sent the corresponding request for receiving money. Answered that all calculations are made at the end of the quarter. By then I gathered already $40, and I sent the letter with a request again to send me the earned money. The inquiry was just ignored. And money from the account somewhere suddenly disappeared! I did not receive any explanation, any instructions on violation of the rules of the program. No money on the account specified at registration waited for me. Here and so me threw once again!

You understand that after such number of unsuccessful attempts the enthusiasm at me ran low. From everything a conclusion: to earn on the Internet from partner programs and other already free ways it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! And in it nobody will overpersuade me. Bourgeoises, maybe, also pay, but only not to us, and Russians adhere to old tradition of an ubiquitous freebie and deception. Therefore, misters Internet surfers, do not look for in the Network of free money, do not trust any most logical to arguments - you will be all the same deceived. Communicate, study, have a good time better more - the word, be engaged in useful and interesting affairs.

Try the writer on this website!.... and it is not a FREEBIE, and work any more! =)