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What tariff plan for the Internet is necessary to YOU?

Very important question for everyone the user`s Internet - tariff plans. Providers call them differently, but in general the sense put by providers in these definitions is almost identical and is reduced to four main groups of tariff plans:

1. Basic tariff . The system is very simple - what is the time carried out on the Internet - for so many and paid. The option is in many respects convenient for those who carries out to Networks 1 - 2 hours a day. However, there are some nuances depending on tariff policy of provider in relation to the clients. Some providers subtract from your account some sum of money irrespective of your presence at the Internet. This sum represents a certain similarity of a monthly fee. But if you carry out time on the Internet more certain limit - you will not pay this sum. Thus the provider insures himself against those who having once registered and not going on-line, keep a mailbox and a possibility of connection to the Network at any time.

2. Tariff of unlimited access or Personal Unlimited . If you choose this tariff plan, then, having paid for a certain period of time the fixed sum (most often - in a month), you have an opportunity to be in the Internet round the clock. This option is suitable for those who spend on the Internet all the free time, or those whose work is connected with need of continuous access in the Internet. This tariff plan the most widespread in the West. However, at obvious advantages of such tariff, there is a number of shortcomings. The first shortcoming - use of the Internet causes accustoming, some kind of syndrome of dependence on the Internet . The person so gets used to the Network that he has a desire to replace the solution of problems of real life with leaving in virtuality. The second shortcoming concerns bad providers - problematical character of dialing and instability of communication, especially in the evenings and at night. The announcement with provider about introduction of a tariff of unlimited access is accompanied often by the expensive advertizing company of which carrying out significant increase in its clients can be result. Not any provider will be able to provide technical capabilities for connection of all clients. And it turns out - the contract with provider is also he does not object to your stay to lines 24 hours a day, but one trifle is for this purpose necessary - to phone to its modem entrance. And if at detection of such problem you undertake careful studying of your contract with provider, then be for certain convinced that the provider does not guarantee you a possibility of dialing at any time. The provider undertakes to render you certain services which providing he also does not refuse. You cannot phone - there is no fault of provider in it.

3. Tariff day or night unlimited access . Almost the same, as the previous tariff plan, is only calculated on providing Internet access in a certain time of day. Therefore cheaper. Those consumers who prefer to connect to the Web in morning or hours at dawn make one group. Other group is made by those who like evening and night more.

4. Special test tariffs . Providers declare such tariffs at introduction of new phone lines and modem entrances. Internet access at such tariff often costs users in purely symbolical sum. The tariff, as a rule is entered for a period of several days about several weeks.

It is also necessary to mean that sometimes access to the Network is paid not for time of your work in the Network, and for a traffic i.e. the amount of information which arrived from a network. This question needs to be specified as in there are the specifics - in responsibility of the parties (criticality of an idle time), payment methods (an advance payment, without acceptance of the payer, upon rendering service) and the account (traffic).