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The old laptop is better new than two? Whether

Should be bought the laptop which was in the use? Or, maybe, it is worth overpaying and buying new with a guarantee, service, in packing, removed directly from a show-window of shop where you intentionally came to spend money. Let`s try to understand...

Of course, everything depends on what laptop you want to buy: its cost, characteristics, the main objectives which yours should carry out to the mobile assistant etc.

a Price row / at laptops in firms is limited by a framework from 300 to 800 c.u. For example, today it would be possible to buy for 315 c.u. / at the IBM ThinkPad T20 laptop with the Pentium processor - with an III frequency of 700 Mhz, 128 Mb of random access memory, the winchester 12 Gb, DVD - the drive, the liquid crystal screen 14. 1 inch on diagonal, video memory 8Mb, the built-in modem and the network interface card and some other options.

For 745 c.u. - very much even modern Hewlett - Packard compaq nc8000 with all necessary for comfortable life frills : Centrino - 1400Mhz, 256Mb, 40Gb, DVD+ / - RW, 15. 1`` SXGA 1400x1050, 64Mb video Radeon 9600, Bluetooth, Wi - Fi, Card - reader...

A guarantee on second-hand laptops give from 1 to 3 months. With a guarantee 3 months the laptop usually is 30 - 50 dollars more expensive, than with a guarantee 1 month. If within a month there was a guarantee case, then the laptop should be born on firm where it was got, but not to hand over in official service - the center of the producer. Therefore it is necessary to be vigilant and to buy the laptop from that firm which at least has office, and in this regard hardly in case of any problems it will be dissolved in " air; as it can make numerous the Internet - the shops which are working only with delivery and not having the corner in the city where it is possible to arrive and take away the laptop.

It is possible to buy the new laptop since the sum from 670 c.u. For example, model of the Russian producer Prestigio Mobile 150 Celeron M 1500Mhz, RAM 512Mb, HDD 40Gb, 15. 1 CD - RW/DVD, to Video 64Mb of everything costs 672 c.u.

Or the new laptop of the Taiwan production Acer TravelMate TravelMate 2492NWLMi Celeron M 1460Mhz, RAM 512Mb, HDD 60Gb, 15. 4``, DVD - RW, 64Mb it is possible to buy Video for 751 c.u.

Frankly speaking, having seen such low prices of new laptops with not the weakest characteristics, I was already ready to finish the article with an unambiguous conclusion - purchase of the new laptop more favorable, safer, more expedient and to reflect there is nothing. But later to me other thought came: to visit office of some firm which is engaged in sale / at laptops and to listen to their arguments in advantage second-hand technicians. Having come to office of the Minsk firm, the first heard phrase was following:

What car you buy: new Volga for $8000 or five BMW of ten-year age? Comparison Nothing itself!!!

was remembered " At once; black " rocket; from the movie Bumer and korch from the movie Kopek .

Interestingly how many then can cost new Hewlett - Packard nc8000? The answer was in the Internet on the next Belarusian website - 1830 c.u. at the price on / at 745 c.u. with the same characteristics. Nearly 2,5 times cheaper! At the same time their age - on average from 1 to 2 years. All this time they gave up in leasing to the European and American companies, i.e. were used accurately, carefully (the concept liability exists and abroad) and only on working needs. After the termination of period of validity of the contract of leasing laptops come back the companies - to the lessor where laptops test, check and market at residual cost to the third countries. So they get to the CIS.

For them residual cost, and for us economy by 2,5 times!!!

Having examined an external condition of laptops, any defects me it was not noticed: the matrix is bright, there are no beaten-out pixels, the case without scratches, the keyboard is not rubbed. Though, anyway, it is necessary to glue stickers with the Russian letters since there will be, as a rule, either an English, or German keyboard layout pattern.

If to speak about laptops of the previous generations (PentiumIII or IV), the prices for which begin from $300, then competitors beushka has no since new such do not make any more, and the circle of tasks which can be carried out by such cars is quite wide: it and work with Word documents, Excel, accounting appendices etc. and rather comfortable (on speed) viewing of pages on the Internet, and reproduction of musical files, display of movies, photos and a lot of things are many other things.

One more interesting moment why among all / at laptops which are on sale in Minsk, are not present either Prestigio, or Acer, nor Roverbook etc. of

Is possible, the answer is covered that so long laptops of these brands just do not live?

Perhaps, me sellers from the Internet - shop where I addressed for consultation just professionally loaded. Or all - was created objective opinion - to judge to you. But I will prefer to new Volga second-hand foreign car. All is also told these.