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What to put in an open ground in the summer? Professional advice, part I

During the whole sowing season at gardeners and gardeners arise the narrowly targeted questions demanding simple and laconic answers.

answers the most often arriving questions the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the founder and the President of " Agricultural firm; SEDEK Sergey Dubinin.

What cultures can be put in an open ground at the end of May and during the summer?

the wide choice of cultures which can be put in an open ground at this time Is. For example, green and pryano - flavoring cultures (a basil, parsley, fennel, a coriander and others) land in several streams during the whole summer.

To put streams it is possible the Beijing cabbage, a cauliflower, broccoli, pakchy, for a kohlrabi. It is possible to plant even a white cabbage of such early ripening varieties as Bella of F1, Explosion of F1, Flash of F1. For example, Chinese put only early grades of this culture having much more gentle, fragrant, tasty leaf, than the late grades intended more for storage.

Many gardeners hurry with crops of carrots and beet and often receive the outgrown and burst root crops. Early landings are necessary only for the summer use, but not for storage. It is better to sow carrots and beet of the main harvest at the end of May - the first half of June.

At late crops it is possible to receive good harvests of a radish, a garden radish, turnip, a swede, daikon. It is better to sow them at the end of June when reduction of light day begins. Then plants at the correct crops do not give an arrow, form not outgrown root crops and are well stored.

It is possible to plant also cucumbers. On 1 sq.m 1,5 - 2 buckets of organic fertilizer will be required. It will be at first necessary to protect plants not only from cold, but also from wreckers, and the film for this purpose will approach.

It is better to choose hybrids, than grades as hybrids are tied quicker by zelenets. It can be pass - gherkins which already with a length of 2 - 4 cm have an appearance of the created, juicy cucumbers and very well are suitable for preservation (Filippok to F1, F1 Moth, the Son of the regiment F1); the gherkins (The cheerful company F1, the Amicable family of F1) which are amicably yielding a big harvest; pimply cucumbers - alligators the reaching 20 - 40 cm in length (An alligator of F1, the Emerald stream of F1 and others).

It is possible to put any bean cultures also: peas, beans or haricot. Peas need to be sowed the conveyor, every 10 days that tasty peas and shovels were on a table during the whole summer. It is possible to choose peas of shelling grades Children`s pleasure, Senator with very sweet peas, and it is possible - peas of sugar grades, such as Dreams, the Honey shovel which have sweet also shutters.

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How to grow up potatoes from seeds?

Crops of potatoes through botanical seeds, in my opinion, very good and cheap method of reproduction of healthy potatoes. Botanical seeds which are received from the berries of potatoes which are formed of flowers are for this purpose used. For receiving seeds it is necessary to choose only healthy plants. But it is better all - to buy such botanical seeds. I recommend sortopopulyation the Empress, Velina, the Farmer, Assol.

In one gram - about 1500 - 1800 seeds. Seeds are on sale in 0,2 - gram packing. They are sowed by the principle of other solanaceous cultures - pepper, an eggplant, a tomato. But at the same time with potato seeds it is even simpler as it is possible to pass an intermediate stage of sword-play in separate capacities. Seeds can be sowed in the first decade - in the middle of April in usual boxes, but is a little more dense, than tomatoes.

The planted plants very gentle and noble, they are afraid in total of the sun, winds, cold weather, wreckers. Therefore landing needs to be covered with nonwoven fabric. The plant has to adapt to life in soil. Nonwoven fabric over plants needs to be held as long as possible until plants get stronger. Further leaving same, as behind other landings of potatoes: an earthing up, watering, top dressing, processing from wreckers.

When using this method it is possible to be engaged independently in selection, selecting tubers from the best bushes on these or those signs: chromaticity, productivity, precocity and so on. At observance of all agrotechnical methods of cultivation of potatoes from botanical seeds you receive healthy material for reproduction on the beds within 4 - 5 years.

In the first year you receive small tubers, and the next year - a full-fledged harvest of healthy and good tubers. The received tubers can be different: from the pea size to the size of plum, and sometimes more largely. Anyway, it is better to store collected tubers for the subsequent landing in the refrigerator that they did not lose moisture.

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How to grow up tomatoes if there is no opportunity for cultivation of seedling?

If you have

no windows suitable for receiving good seedling, and all of you - want to receive a harvest of tomatoes, then you can use a bezrassadny method of landing of tomatoes. For these purposes it is necessary to select only the earliest grades, such as the Alpha, Flash, the Pretty girl, the Penguin of F1 and others. In this case the harvest of early ripe tomatoes will even be higher, than at a traditional rassadny way.

For this purpose in an ordinary film hotbed over in advance prepared beds the arches (see a photo) covered with nonwoven fabric are established. It becomes at approach of warm days at the end of March or at the beginning of April. Within several weeks the soil gets warm, and at this time you prepare banks, empty plastic bottles which will be used as additional shelter.

In the second - the beginning of the third decade of April (depending on weather) to the got warm soil you can land 3 - 4 seeds of a tomato under bank or under the bottle cut across. From above the tunnel is closed by a film. It turns out that your tomatoes grow under threefold shelter: bank, tunnel shelter, hothouse shelter.

After seeds ascend, banks can be removed - they are necessary only for receiving shoots. The plant remains under double shelter. Further you can regulate temperature in the greenhouse depending on temperature on the street, leaving the tunnel or closed, or open.

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