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Do we have a rest on holiday? Travel to the underwater world of

was Begun to whirl by life? Day by day there is all same? Work - the house - work - the house - on a vicious circle? Prolonged dismantling in the relations already set the teeth on edge?

A time in holiday.

And not just in holiday - it is not simple to sleep off - will fail on a sofa, to stay in front of the computer and then to return to a habitual rhythm in a condition of fatigue from it rest and with some bewilderment: And all? And whether there was a holiday

A in holiday in the most capacious, vividly promising and truly updating sense of this word. That, having escaped from series of gray daily occurrence and having cardinally changed scenery, to plunge into absolutely other world full of unforgettable feelings, surprising events and new unusual experience.

You sometime tasted diving delights? Or spearfishing? And karpfishing? Well, just real fascinating fishing Or rafting on the mighty rivers of Primorye?

Really not? Then you had also not a rest at full scale! It is worth correcting this annoying omission. And the one who already managed to enjoy similar exotic by all means will envy you because you have all this still ahead - the adventures and stories exciting mind, uncommon skills and unexpected opening refreshing soul in yourself the newest abilities.

Occupations by spearfishing, fr - diving (immersion on a breath delay) and a skuba - diving (immersion with respiratory devices) are extraordinary popular today. It is only enough to pass special training where you will be taught to dive with the minimum risk and maximum efficiency with an aqualung and without, to hunt on a breath delay, will open secrets of behavior of different types of fishes, will tell about features of equipment for divers and hunters. (Long flippers, an underwater suit, the gun, an arbalest - classical surroundings.) Having seized knowledge, under the leadership of skilled instructors it is possible to go safely under water.

Fantastically beautiful, surprisingly diverse underwater world of Primorye with a magnificent relief waits for you in the water area of the cape of Gamov. As a part of group of underwater hunters in the bay Hero you will be able to spend unforgettable time. Rocky relief, heaps of blocks and large boulders A dark and gold perch, a greenling, a mullet, a flounder and even a rudderfish - itself cannot choose hunting to liking.

Fishes behave very carefully, at the slightest danger dart off with a huge speed. Water absolutely transparent that complicates to the hunter a task and gives passion. But, by the way, any fish is more careful to the objects which are on a surface than to those that at the bottom. So your patience will be by all means rewarded. For neutral buoyancy it is possible to add to a belt of freights.

Quietly you plunge and move very slowly among eelgrass thickets you find the suitable place at the bottom among separately growing bunches of seaweed where the skalnik passes into an equal bottom, and you do zalezhka. The gun on an outstretched arm, a body is absolute not movably Be caught, a small fish, big and small!

If you want to get to a real paradise - both terrestrial, and sea - that to you to Bali. This magic island of Indonesia - the special world full of bright paints, special power and surprises, - is washed by the warm Indian Ocean. Its main inhabitants - pelagic predators, large fishes, sometimes more than 100 kilograms. Tunas, treval, moves - moves, barracudas, karanksa, mackerels live in coastal waters constantly, the zheltokhvosty rudderfish appears periodically. Fairy tale in reality! This Mecca of underwater rest is appreciated by the most skilled hunters of the whole world.

And it is possible to go to Palau - one of the most beautiful places on the earth, the island state located in 800 km to the East from Philippines to the North from Indonesia. A marvelous landscape - emerald caps of 328 islands in the turquoise sea. From height of bird`s flight they remind the calligraphical Japanese letter.

The most known surface part of Palau - Rocky islands: as if the huge coral heads rise from lagoon waters. Their calcareous bases are undermined slowly but surely by water and marine organisms, and on heads the tropical vegetation behaves violently.

Not for nothing Palau is called a pearl of the Pacific Ocean. Ideal rest. On quality and on a variety of immersions local waters do not have equal. 700 kinds of corals, 1500 species of fish, sharks and unperturbable huge manti, solenovodny crocodiles, dugongs, sea serpents, zebrovidny moray eels, fancy holothurias, two-meter worms and huge scallops - a symbol of beauty of the nature, the underwater wonder of the world.

Probably, not to think up more successful combination of esthetic pleasure to the exciting portion of the adrenaline mobilizing the hidden reserves of an organism. Such rest will not just return you the lost cheerfulness, a positive spirit and uncommon working capacity, but also considerably will lift your personal status and in own eyes, and in the opinion of people around.

The person with the ocean has mysterious relations